Thursday, November 6, 2014

GOP Victory .

(1)> Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell,
and President Obama have a
long rocky road ahead.
It was a landslide for the GOP. The aftermath of the midterm votes is paving an "uneasy" path for President Obama.  President Barack Obama came out swinging on Wednesday just 14 hours after a Republican wave swept over the U.S. Congress in an election that largely repudiated his policies.'Congress will pass some bills I cannot sign,' he said, threatening to dust off a veto pen that he has used only twice in nearly six years.And he hinted at executive orders that will enrage conservatives. 'I'm pretty sure I'll take some actions that some in Congress will not like,' he said. 'That's natural. That's how Democracy works.'Much of reporters' tussling with the president focused on executive orders related to immigration reform – what some tea party Republicans call an 'amnesty' – which he plans to implement this year.He acknowledged that the GOP won Tuesday's elections, but framed the results as a mandate for Republicans to work with him, instead of the other way around.'Obviously the Republicans had a good night,' he said.  What happened on Wednesday is vary much a paradox on what happened *** way back in 2008- and 2009 , if you recall the Democrats came in a sweep and captured the House , combined with significant Congressional gains by this party could gave  Democrats extraordinary muscle to pursue an ambitious agenda on health care, taxes, union rights, energy and national security envisioned by  Barack Obama . The Honey-Moon is gone now . American history will remember this GOP victory the same way Democrats gained the same 60-vote majority . In 2009 America came close with the Obama experiment to have what was called a 'one-party' rule. Despite having control of Congress for the past years, Democrats have a pent-up agenda on health care, public works, energy, employment policy and other matters where they clashed with President Bush. Now the voter's rebelled , as the President said that they are sick of Congress . OK , he got the message now . Wait,  did he not get it in 2010 ?According to the New York Times, the results were so jarring to the White House that it hurt President Barack Obama’s ego. Supposedly, he referred to the results as “devastating.” . Interesting enough the(3)> RUSSIAN NEWS agency even  "predicted " that  ' Obama expected to lead Dems into biggest Senate defeat in modern history'  Either case the voters who went to the polls did not change anything in America , they simple reverted to the (2)>  old party of "red" as did time and time again . Now the epilogue to this far from simple . I have argued that our nation is not a true democracy in any sense of the word. We might have the right to vote , but still we are a two party state that is ruled by a vast MAJORITY of Democrats and Republicans . We just have a political illusion that every time we vote that we have voted for anything different . Yet there still are ballots that have not be counted .

***There should be no doubt that this election must be considered a wave election in very much the same category as 2006 and 2010. (1)> Back in April 2013, everything was going King Barry’s way. He’d fooled the American people twice. Everybody loved him. He could do no wrong. And he had no problem using his popularity, his bully pulpit, to attack anybody who dared to cross him. Even when he was “joking”: “Some folks don’t think I spend enough time with Congress. ‘Why don’t you get a drink with Mitch McConnell?’ Really? Why don’t you get a drink with Mitch McConnell?”(1)> President Barack Obama reached out to the man who is expected to be the next Senate Majority Leader after Tuesday night's Republican midterm wins, and left a message. Obama wants as I am seeing a truce ? If Senate Republicans follow the path of their House counterparts, he could be faced with proposals to repeal Obamacare and budgets that cut entitlement programs - the type of bills that will meet a quick end at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.Obama to voters: "I hear you" (2) >The glum voters who handed Republicans full control of Congress on Tuesday feel the U.S. is stagnating under President Barack Obama's leadership, but put little faith in politicians of either party. But Republicans still have a lot to prove to disgruntled Americans. Six in 10 voters were either dissatisfied or angry with Republican leaders in Congress.Both political parties were viewed unfavorably by a majority of midterm voters.A whopping 8 in 10 disapprove of the way Congress has been doing its job while power was divided between Republicans and Democrats, according to the exit poll. (3)> RT Russia's news in detail predicted this . See

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