Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Truth about North Korea.

 Does he really want a war ? Have American sanctions been
driving North Korea to the Brink? 
Well North Korea may have sunk to a level of madness assured . Now -- if North Korean state media is to be believed -- the man is itching to do so. North Korea cut off a telephone hot line to the South and "declared invalid" the Korean War armistice, as South Korea and the U.S. began Monday a second phase of their annual joint winter military exercises. Later Monday, Washington slapped a series of new sanctions on North Korea, reflecting its deepening concern over Pyongyang's weapons activities. Just what is wrong with North Korea ? Are they in such desperation that they would want a war? If you just think about it. The American media may had given us the wrong perception of the North Korea . Our American government is responsible for the North Korean reactions . The years of sanctions for example , and the starving children of North Korea where a political tool. Recently North Korea formally rejected a U.N. Security Council resolution on Saturday that demands an end to its nuclear arms programme, signalling it would defy international sanctions and pursue its goal of becoming a full-fledged nuclear weapons state. Unfortunately, the U.S. has accepted North Korean nuclear weapons and development of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Now that the first is a fait accompli and the second well underway, pretending to be a satellite launching capability, the only solution is a pre-emptive strike to decapitate the North Korean leadership. It would have been much easier to have nipped this in the bud 20 years ago. The White House made it clear that it would not provide nutritional assistance to starving children in North Korea because their government launched a rocket in violation of United Nations sanctions. It is no secret that the North Korean regime has misguided priorities. The long history of human rights abuses, political gulags and broken promises towards denationalization are widely known – and rightly criticized. Likewise, it is well known the people of North Korea are underfed, malnourished and starving. We know they are powerless within their own country. For them to publicly assign blame, or advocate for change, will result in their own personal imprisonment as well as the arrest and imprisonment of up to three generations of their family. According to Ambassador Steven Bosworth (the former Obama administration official responsible for North Korea), it has been known since last May that a food program was “very appropriate for children.” Despite the evidence, the White House delayed action on responding to the requests for many months and gave misleading statements to the press and public that they were analyzing those reports. It was revealed through the “Leap Day Agreement,” however, that the administration used the growing needs of hungry children to leverage a political deal on uranium enrichment and missile tests. Did the White House or State Department seriously think that tying the humanitarian needs of children to a policy of Korean denuclearization was in the interest of anyone, least of all the hungry kids?


Even then America did not learn, it has played a dangerous game of insults, condemnations, sanctions, threats and provocations. North Korea will have seen how the US and Israel bomb Iran whenever they feel like it, invade Iraq against the will of the UN with impunity and turn on former friends like Gadhafi and fund revolutions when they are no longer useful. North Korea has also experienced US politicians attacking them verbally and threatening their destruction, it is no different for a North Korean politician to threaten to nuke America than it is for American politicians to threaten to nuke them. Seen from their angle, US threats against them are just as worrying (and worryingly credible) from them as their threats are for us.
America does not have some God given right to launch pre-emptive strikes around the world, in fact it has no more legitimacy to do so than North Korea. 

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