Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Cyprus effect. Obama's Israel visit.

Any thing wrong here? A warning about American
Capitalism .
The nation  island of Cyprus has sent some markets in a worrisome mode . Do we as Americans need to look at Cyprus a little more closely. Sure the Government sizing your personal assists can be a reality , it's happening all the time in America . Government intrusion into personal banking accounts is not so far off  right here . America is going bankrupt , it's government pretty much dysfunctional . We know that all hell will break loose in the public streets if our nation government did it to us like the Cypriot did.  Warning to us is this . When a nation’s treasury empties, democracy tends to fail. The decision of the tiny island statelet of Cyprus to grab 10 percent of every private bank account should be an alarm-bell to America and the wider West.When will people get their heads out of the sand and realize we are still in a world wide economic crisis? Cyprus is just one place where they have hit a rough patch. They are just the ones in the news right now. In North America there are problems, they just manage to sweep them under the rug and find a way to bail out another big corporation. Until the world acknowledges those who actually are the fuel that drives the corporate world we are going to have these financial crises. Yes, we need corporations and big business, but not at the cost of those who make it work. Just ask anyone who is unemployed in USA because the bail out for the company did not include them as an employee. Balance has been sadly lost.
The time for real Peace is NOW . Should be Obama's
message . Not pandering to the same politic.
There is an Irony here as well. Way back when President Obama took office . If you recall news wise . The President avoided Israel . His first term in office was a trip to the middle -east meeting with Islamic leaders in Cairo Egypt. At Egypt's Cairo University, Obama quoted from the Quran as he expounded on Islam's glories and rights, the legitimate rights of Israel and the Palestinians, Iranian nuclear aspirations, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, women's rights, economic development, and religious rights and democracy in the Muslim world. Mr. Obama was trying to "appeal" to Muslims that America has changed somewhat . It was this vary act that trying to appeal to the Islamic ideal may have given him critical observation . Our President bowed down to the Muslim theocracy in a first in a series of apologetic tours . Four years later , having like all the Presidents before him . Sweeping the middle-east process under the rug . Now as later as ever Mr. Obama heads to Israel like a movie star catering to the Israelis . Its like  saying and buttering them up . Next , he's going to meet with the Palestinian leaders making "jesters" , and "ho hum's". That's  if the President really wanted lasting piece . Our government should be playing hardball really  for PEACE . **Insisting "peace is possible," President Barack Obama on Thursday prodded both Israelis and Palestinians to return to long-stalled negotiations with few, if any, pre-conditions, softening his earlier demands that Israel stop building settlements in disputed territory. With the deteriorating Syrian situation.  it's going to be a wild card around the corner . American-Israeli ties remained sour.   Remember. Two months after Biden’s visit, Obama refused to hold a photo op with Netanyahu when he visited the White House. The next year, when the president agreed to share the stage with Israel’s prime minister, Netanyahu lectured him before the cameras in the Oval Office on why Obama’s (hardly original) idea that the 1967 borders could be a baseline for peace negotiations with the Palestinians was bunk. In 2012, Netanyahu—frustrated that he couldn’t goad  # Obama into saying when the U.S. would bomb Iran—Obama has called the use of chemical weapons in Syria a “red line” possibly prompting U.S. military action. Asked about the matter during the press conference, Obama said the U.S. would investigate whether the weapons were used and that “the Assad regime must understand that they will be held accountable for the use of chemical weapons or their transfer to terrorists.” Obama, in other words, is entering a war zone, not a playground for peace fantasies. Although his visit to Palestinian Authority headquarters and address to Israeli university students on Thursday may yet hold surprises, indications so far are that he has sobered up about Israel’s neighborhood and the real issues it faces.


** For four years the administration has been telling Bibi that construction of settlements on the west bank is contrary to a commitment made by Israel years ago, and is a major roadblock to peace. In private conversations, and in White House meetings the message was the same. In going to Israel Mr. Obama had an opportunity to tell the Israeli people directly what the American position is with respect to West Bank settlements. The position was first articulated by Carter, signed off on by Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton. Then, with the election of George Jr. the position of the U.S. changed significantly - this time supporting West Bank development.
ON IRAN . If you figure that behind closed doors . President Obama has discussed with Bibi about a possible strike on Iran . These kind of two faced diplomacy is at  the center why the United  States is so hated in the Middle- East .  # It seems that the Israeli  government was trying to get America to war with Iran. Possible provoking a preemptive strike by the Israeli's  . Trust me Like Iraq . Iran has no WMD's . It obvious to anyone that it is   another pretext for war that America can't afford.

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  1. Obama could not make friendship at the Israel and in the Palestine at the same time. Surely this will just make trouble.

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