Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paul Ryan’s budget.

Sen. Paul Ryan's budget has too many flaws , is this the
best Congress can do?
It's time for some obstructionism again . Sen . Paul Ryan begins to unravel his budget , which contains the usual repeal of Obamacare . First, Paul Ryan released an update to his conservative vision of America, proposing trillions in spending cuts, mostly to health care. Yesterday, Senate Democrat responded with their own budget, which cuts about $1 trillion, raises about $1 trillion in taxes mostly by limiting deductions for richer families, and throws in a $100 billion stimulus. It's time for a budget , but to repeal Obama-care is a bit too risky on Ryan's part .Paul Ryan is, for whatever reason, batting his head against the wall with a proposal to do away with Obamacare. Ryan's plan actually attempts to cut spending, which means there is no chance it will actually pass. Trust me,  Sen. Paul Ryan's budget is the best we have now , but to blow it up by paving the way for more obstructionism from the ** Democrats is sure to shut the Government down on March 27th. I don't know of any first world nation like America which doesn't have heavy doses of what has been called the Great Society programs. Where are the experts, where are the projections if Ryan were to get his budget rammed thru? What would our nation look like? Would wealth inequality increase? Is this budget of Ryan's more 'voodoo economics' as coined by George H.W. Bush? Name other countries so that the American public can compare and contrast .... all in see so far is the cruelty and throwing the middle class under the bus... and devastation for the lower class and the poor. I don't know folks . President Obama will fight the Ryan budget, but what has he done ? . Just where is Obama's action plan ? . I know that the President has made some  " proposals"  to the GOP . ##  In four years nothing has come out of it . Ryan's plan claims to want to avoid turning America into Greece, but the real goal is to turn us into Peru: a nation with a few billionaires and a land of peasants with a shrinking middle class. Investment in infrastructure and education are no longer deemed the responsibility of government, let alone consumption for the welfare of the public. The government will mainly exist to protect the rich from riots and kidnappings by the poor, but the US will no longer be a 1st world power capable of influencing or shaping the future.

** The White House announced Tuesday it would not release its budget request until early April, and unloaded on the GOP’s 10-year budget plan, which was designed by House budget chief Rep. Paul Ryan. Ryan’s budget would punish middle-class Americans by cutting taxes on the wealthy by a third, claimed White House press secretary Jay Carney. “The burden is doubled or even tripled on everyone else,” he claimed. ## Obama for failing to pass a budget.  was correct that the two times Congress voted on the president’s budget requests, both times they were voted down. But the job of passing a budget resolution is not the president’s. That responsibility falls to Congress, and even then the president doesn’t sign it. As Ellis, our expert, put it: "The president has no role in passing a budget. The president can cajole Congress about passing a budget and advocate for positions and funding levels, but in the end, Congress approves the budget resolution for their own purposes." That’s the difference between this and other claims we’ve rated which blamed Congress for inaction on the budget.

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