Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On the Democrats.....

Democrats are looser's  too.
When we voted the Democrats into power ( over and over again ) , we thought we were getting progressive leadership. So far we have had "political dead ends". So the political pundits, as always, want to know:  ^^ What's wrong with the Democrats?We all assumed with the election of Barack Obama that some how we would have affordable healthcare . Some jumped the gun on it, yes they believed that they were getting a healthcare system like Canada's . ** Wrong , we did not.  The Democratic party had it's real boost with former President Clinton  who in all respects was a "genius" , perhaps the last of the good ole boys of the Party. Like the Republicans . The Democrats are in trouble , they have no body to take up the mantle in 2016 .Watching the Democrats stumbling around in search of a "message" is the only thing more agonizing than watching the Republicans destroy this country. Pres. Obama is is their last poster boy . Why I am saying it . I just feel that both parties have out did themselves , and the American public has gotten really tired of both Democrats and Republicans. The two party state is a failure . What we got was watered down bills and spineless leadership. Leadership is as important as intelligence and good policies. To get anything done in Washington requires beating the Republicans and getting the message out, and the Democrats have failed repeatedly to do that. As Anthony Weiner put it, the “Democrats come to a knife fight with library books.” The fault lies with leadership in both the House and Senate.The Democrats are highly to blame, but let’s not forget the Republicans. Republicans were given an opportunity they are squandering, by sitting on their hands and doing nothing.The result is that the Democrats have a real image problem. They came in with great promise, raising hopes for change, and now they are shown that they aren't especially more efficient than the Republicans were. The Democrats appear to have compromised too much, and having compromised with the Republicans, the Democratic leadership in Washington have bought into much of the Republican disaster. Why has this image developed? Look at the way the politics look. The Democratic leadership clearly feels that they have to cater to both groups, and more to the late deciders than to the political junkies if they are to win elections. It is not enough that a politician be correct. First he or she has to get elected. The result is that the Democratic leadership is not doing anything to rock the boat. Rocking the boat makes it more likely that the politician will lose the election. Unfortunately, more and more of the American public wants change, and change means rocking the boat.The satirical Onion headline earlier said it all: “Democrats Vow Not To Give Up Hopelessness.” If the voters turn to the Democrats in 2016, it will only be as the lesser of two evils. America needs a less self-destructive Democratic Party, if just to keep Republican officeholders on their toes.The Democrats’ fundamental weakness is that even after four decades of their strenuously celebrating the moral supremacy of every organized minority, our political system remains, more or less, one of majority rule. It’s hard to win a majority if you don’t personally want to be part of the majority because your ego centers around visualizing yourself as better than the average American. If you don’t like the American majority, either in principle or in person, the majority won’t like you. The long-term trends are almost all bad news for the left wing of the party. If Democrats are doomed – then Republicans are damned.

^^ The problem with Democrats is that they're too liberal. Or not liberal enough. They talk too much (or not enough) about abortion or torture or gun control. They're too condescending, too cosmopolitan, too secular, too wonkish, too weak. They've been captured by their interest groups, their contributors, their pollsters, their consultants. They're on the wrong side of a demographic revolution.** Health insurance companies across the country are attempting to increase their premiums for customers by over 25 percent - even though Obamacare was introduced to stem the rising cost of health careAt risk from the rising rates are small businesses and those who do not have their health care plan offered by their employer and are left to find their own insurance.In California, Anthem Blue Cross wants to hike the cost of their premiums by 26 percent and in Florida and Ohio, some insurers want to raise their prices by at least 20 percent - leaving customers several hundred dollars a month worse off.

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