Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Women , Two Conventions. Sigh.

Something is missing in the chair . Please explain.

Both the DNC and RNC conventions had their speeches . The contrast between these four speeches is remarkable and they set the tone for both parties and their conventions. The Republicans went to extraordinary lengths to showcase their commitment to small business, personal responsibility and ingenuity. Democrats spent the evening making martyrs out of the poor without ever encouraging them to reach higher than their government-sponsored lots in life. Republicans showed themselves to be the party of making the poor rich, and Democrats are the party of the poor.So with the Republican and Democratic conventions over, the question remains -- who put on the better show? I can say personally  that I liked Ann Romney's, and Michelle Obama's speeches . They both show two women at the opposite ends of a spectrum. While Ann tried to portray the Romney family  as  a down to earth family . $  The efforts of this extraordinarily wealthy stay-at-home mom to show her understanding of average women felt forced. It seemed a self-conscious attempt to appeal to women voters. Frankly, some of it sounded like pandering. And the women Gov. Mitt Romney needs to attract are not the ones who will feel Ann Romney shares their pain.She tried to set the tone with women that Mitt Romney can be their choice . "I love you women!" she yelled, early in her speech, to raucous applause. "And I hear your voices." Next in an effort to answer critics who say Americans can't relate to the couple's privileged life, Romney talked about all the pasta and tuna fish she and her husband ate when he was a grad student, how hard Mitt worked for his success, and what he does to help others."Mitt doesn't like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point," she said, in another crowd-pleasing line.It was harder for her to achieve authenticity when she spoke in more universal terms, about "our brothers and our sisters who are going through difficult times." She cited single dads, working moms, and parents who lie awake "wondering how they'll be able to pay the mortgage or make the rent." Contrasting some facts about their wealth factor . Ann Romney speech was to "humanize" Mitt .  As for all of us who have read into the left's propaganda making Mitt Romney a rich and outa touch candidate .  ## While Michelle Obama was focused on the poverty level of her upbringings , if I gathered correctly Mrs. Obama  message was that she and Barack were poor as dirt and their struggles in their lives were cemented thanks to the land of opportunity as an upward struggle .She also spoke of how morally pure and sweet her husband is and that despite all of the negative sentiment about him, he has absolutely no flaws and tries to include opinions from everyone in his policies, including his political opponents. The difference between their speeches was that of Valenzuela and Ryan , while the Republicans spent the evening discussing their rise from poverty, the Democrats dwelled on their former poverty. Castro and Michelle Obama could have spoken about their first jobs, their struggles (and triumphs), getting through college, the successes they’ve made of their lives, but they chose not to. While they both honored their parents’ sacrifices, which enabled them to have better lives, they did not discuss how they or their parents achieved personal success. Neither Castro nor Obama discussed any experiences in business, and Castro measured his success in terms of holding public office, but never explained how he came to occupy it. 


There was another tid bit . There was much talk that the DNC convention was "godless" , but Did did hear Obama in his speech call upon "providence" for victory . Cardinal Timothy Dolan  who spoke for 700 words at the DNC and 544 at the RNC, also prayed for Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan by name at the DNC, in addition to Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. At the RNC, he prayed for the Republican candidates by name and prayed for Obama and Biden when he mentioned the "president and vice-president." Dolan also prayed for religious freedom at both conventions.Republicans have made much about the word "God" in the Democratic platform. Like the Pharisees, they stand ostentatiously in the front of the synagogue, congratulating themselves on their righteousness. But I have looked, and I cannot find God in the GOP platform.

$ Fox News commentator Juan Williams has been taking it on the chin from Republicans and conservatives for criticizing Ann Romney's speech at the RNC. Williams audaciously suggested that Mrs. Romney looked like a "corporate wife" whose story of young struggle wouldn't resonate with those of us not born into money (Ann's father was rich and so was Mitt's).
## Michelle's dad, in the '70s, his name was Fraser Robinson, and he was a pump operator at the Chicago city water plant.  It's been said that he earned 50, $55,000 back in the '70s.  I went to the inflation calculator.  Do you know what $50,000 in the 1970s is equivalent to today? $282,000.  I left home at age 20 and I was making $12,000, 13,000 a year.  I also made that in 1980.  Regardless, it's the equivalent of $282,000 a year.  Her dad was a Democrat precinct captain in the Daily Machine.  He was political.  He was a ward healer.  And her mother, Marian Robinson, was a long-time secretary at Spiegel's, the catalog store.  I get so, frankly, worn out with this incessant need to try to convince people that you came from nothing, because the problem with it is we want to attach virtue to that, which, of course, it deserves.  But there's a problem, and that is that somehow now if you're not born to the "strugg-hle," then whatever you have is illegitimate. 

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