Saturday, September 1, 2012

Too many Promises.....

Romney-Ryan  promises a better future, focus on jobs, but can they keep themselves from falling into the  SAME political trap if elected that Obama
fell in ?

 The biggest problem with our political leaders is that they make too many promises in a 'much ado government ' When Obama became our President he stood promising 'change' . Sure enough he had the power to change what he promised , but like all the politicians he was soon swept away  , yes by the system that has been in place for years. . They may have been jerked around Obama   . With the Party of No in congress , which has gridlocked the government from even passing a budget . Even  as I write I do consider our country ruined by these politicians . When politicians make promises, they can't keep  Suffering decades of social and economic neglect,Case in point  , lets look ahead into the future as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are sworn in . During the 2012 election campaign, 'they'  promised to ''fix the problems and build the future''.They too will be endanger of the politician trap that has engulfed the nation into a dysfunctional government ? "During election campaigns, politicians use people’s poverty as their climbing ladder, and once they win election they leave those problems as they are…this is a serious problem that need to be rectified if we want to address poverty to this important segment of society.”


Doesn't anyone in this country have a memory. We have been given promises that have not been kept by every President.
If you look at the increase in debt as a percentage of GDP since 1980, you will see that there is no correlation between sharp increases in our debt and which party is in the White House. Promises aside, we need new blood, not recycled ideas. Less blame and more intelligence .
Obama made promises as well , but was stuck in gridlock.
There are many reasons why this country’s budget deficit will not be cured for years to come. We are still involved in a war in Afghanistan that cannot be won by the US. It is costing trillions of dollars to continue, not to mention the loss of American lives. This country continues to subsidize the oil industry, while it is turning profits of historic levels. The wealthy flat refuse to pay their fair share of taxes, with those “paying capital gains taxes of 15%” not contributing one thin dime towards social security or medicare at unprecedented proportions. Manufacturing jobs will not come back to the US unless Americans make a concerted effort to purchase American made goods, only, which will not happen because we want the cheapest of cheap prices for designer goods, making it impossible for these items to be made domestically. Current jobs being created are not at salary levels at the peak of the last decade, as the residential market collapse wiped out a large portion of high incomes in multiple related industries. All this being said, is this the sole fault of the President? I don’t think so. The public’s opinon of Congress is at an all time low; that’s where the problem with this country’s budget lies. We have all heard these elected officials say that they will create more Jobs , yes the same snake oil they sell to the voters . I have heard Governors  , Senators and the last four Presidents make so many promises on job creation that they have adopted measures that have basically killed American job growth . Consumption drives the U.S. economy. If consumption is stagnant, there is no incentive to expand production. In the wake of the financial collapse of September 2008, companies slashed their work forces—and when personal consumption expenditures returned to their pre-crash level discovered that they could satisfy consumption demand with a smaller workforce, and still can, and if they do not anticipate higher consumption in the near term they have no incentive to expand their work forces. This seems to me the most economical (in the Occam’s Razor sense) explanation for the current high unemployment rate. The greater majority of politicians who assume public office today are the result of calculated insertions rendered by corporate and private interests that are done for very specific reasons. Politicians exhibit a certain behavior. The behavior is making promises they have no intention of keeping. What can we do about this? Well, behavior responds to stimuli. If you want to change someone’s behavior you have to give them an incentive.
It’s no different here. Suppose a politician ran for office. One who was different from all the others. Suppose he didn’t make any promises. Suppose all he said was “I intend to try my best” and “I’m very hopeful that we’ll be able to achieve this”. Would you vote for someone like that? Probably not.

I thought this was interesting. 81% of Likely Voters say that most politicians don't keep their campaign promises. 50% of Likely Voters say it's purposeful, that they know they are making promises they can't keep.

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