Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did Clinton save the Day?

Former President Clinton an effected Speaker rallied support for Obama ,. but how much of you where swayed ?

Over all Bill Clinton's speech was was vary powerful , and much needed in the already muddled Democratic Party system .  To help Obama who needs all the help he can use.  I know that  In  a 48-minute keynote address, the 42nd president defended the 44th president’s record and  rebutted the Republicans’ charges against him.  This was a 48-minute speech about arithmetic. About math. About budgets. Although one clinker Mr. Clinton said that can be rebuffed is the notion about Obama Care has made Health Care affordable is such a misnomer . Health Care across the nation starting January 1st 2013 is scheduled to raise its costs by 9.5 % nation wide . Costs are going up and up . Gas prices nationwide reaching 4 dollars and in California just tipping toward 5 dollars . If the thought that you were better off than a few years ago is in your mind , you have been hoodwinked . NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE GEORGE D. BUSH LEFT THE OVAL OFFICE! It's the same old politics as usual .  # The issue about Medicare is serious enough , if Mr. Obama saved it with some fan-dangling of the budget by extending it slightly to 2028 , it makes no difference . If it runs out of money wise  by 2016 , or 2028 . It's still broke as it is and OUR MONEY is going elsewhere, like Social Security .  I can't fault Obama for trying , I guess his philosophical approach to the system was not what a *** more successful Mr. Clinton did when he was President . FACT CHECK CLINTON. Clinton, though, stuck to the biggest issues of the day: economy, jobs, health-care reform, and entitlements.  He made about the only argument that can be made for Obama, and the one that Obama’s self-assessed grade of “incomplete” suggests — that four years wasn’t enough to fix the huge problems created by the economic crisis Former President Clinton did in my mind a better job than Mr. Obama as far as 'arithmetic and Math' . I admire that Mr. Obama tried to cross the political divide by placing key Republicans at posts in his administration , his choice for Hillary Clinton and his one time opponent Joe Biden as Vice President was to be admired for a man who took a political beating from both of them when he was running for office.


***There are three items that I want to highlight that I think make my point:
1) Clinton focused on his budget successes, whereas Obama’s budget proposals were soundly rejected;
2) Clinton profusely praised the Bushes and reviewed Clinton’s famed bipartisanship (which differs from Barak “I won” Obama); and,
3) Clinton underscored Democratic Party principles and his administration’s achievements, without really mentioning Obama except with the generic “vote for him” platitudes.

 # Clinton’s speech was all about the omissions and clever working. If Ed doesn’t want to get into into it, I sure can.
Let’s start with ObamaCare- he says Ryan’s plan keeps the cuts. That’s true. But it has to, as the cuts are law. That’s how a budget works. But Ryan’s plan is to totally revamp Medicare, which will absolutely require cuts. It’s about $84 trillion in the hole.
ObamaCare raids Medicare to fund ObamaCare to the tune of almost $75 billion a year and does NOTHING to fundamentally change its downward spiral. It ACCELERATES it.
The Democrats keep saying that 4 millions jobs have been created . A month ago, that report showed businesses added 163,000 jobs in July. Job gains at that level were the strongest in five months, but still were not robust enough to keep up with population growth. The unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3%.
Employers probably added about 120,000 jobs, keeping the unemployment rate at its current level, according to economists surveyed by CNNMoney.Roughly 12.8 million Americans remain unemployed. And of the 8.8 million jobs lost, only about 4 million have been added back.

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