Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Politics of the Left & Right Brain.


The left–right political spectrum is a system of classifying political positions, ideologies, and partiesLeft-wing politics and right-wing politics are often presented as opposed, although a particular individual or group may take a left-wing stance on one matter and a right-wing stance on another. In France, where the terms originated, the Left has been called "the party of movement" and the Right "the party of order."----Right we have a 
disorder .

These recent shootings involving Police officers , involving (1)>>"unarmed Black men"  -- bottom line above the (1.2)>>"thin blue line " are a curious problem that reflects that our American Republic is not sound in mind or in body . We are a divided nation based on what the mind "perceives" as interpreted by the Left and Right Media . Who do you believe ? Already the black men who where shot by the police officers are being demon -ized by the Right wing media .  The dirt digging , and damage control has already started .They  have to be made  as in a stereotypical fashion  look like armed robbers , gangsters . To justifiy the police actions agianst the unarm .  That's perception, on the right .  We can't be in denial that we have a violent society ,but the Right never rationalizes as to why there is a gang culture in African -American youth.  While people on the left of the politics are guilty by not showing any kind of sympathy for the 5 Dallas officers who were ambushed in a sort of revenge killing . Each side of the political road "sees what they are told by their political affiliation" , while the reasoning brain, the middle brain is just kicked down the alley.The  "victims" we all know is everyone . I am not trying to be unsympathetic to both sides   The Police Officers who were killed (Dallas)  and the term being used to describe them... as "victims." ,YES They were victims of the system that shot the two black men.The two black -African Americans are not as much spoken as "victims" by the  Right beleaguered system . A case of reverse bigotry ? The psychology here is turning into a word play for some politicians to size during this election year. Nobody, "left" or "right", is calling for real change. There is always talk . I make that statement based on a government level , the people in the nation had enough it seems .  We have had as a nation the same old dialog , it pretty much goes back to the 1960's  during the Civil Rights marches. Like the mass shootings . They're trotting out their same old speeches, and calling for their same old minute of silence, and then will happily pretend nothing's changed. Though extending prayers and condolences is a show of kindness, does this remove the massive wave of hatred that is happening on a regular basis, causing great loss of life? Another political problem is that like the Orlando shooter,  the Dallas Shooter had acquired weapons . (2)>>Here we jump into the issue of gun debate again , but nothing is done . The same old gun debate lurches right in the mix of race , police brutality . If there is anything the left fails to appreciate, and that politicians on the right exploit with unerring tact , so now we have a smear campaign to make the two black men killed by cops  as "criminals" to justify the use of force . Yet we can't shut our eyes that yes there exists serious problems in America's black communities that neither the left or right politicians have done anything to solve . Yet trying to rationalize these last few days is a problem .  I have begun to lose patience with "compassion," be it the conservative
version that sees poverty as a moral disease to be cured with a benevolent dose of 19th-century rectitude, or the liberal version that views poverty as an exotic culture to be scrutinized through the kindly lens of tolerance. Poverty is not a culture to be understood; it is a condition to be eradicated. If black on black crime is a sore thumb to this debate ,   It was incorrect during its creation in the 1980s, when many black pundits, preachers and politicians raced to coin it in every speech instead of putting relentless pressure on the nefarious trickle-down policies of the Reagan regime Black-on-Black Crime can no longer be used to redirect conversations about racism because it is the product of racism. A LOT of money being spent to correct the wrongs that have been done to communities by addressing the poor educational system, offering parenting classes, offering financial literacy workshops and also offering classes on what being a global citizen will mean as economies become more interconnected. Violent criminals do not need to be on the street, no matter how they were created. We are seeing the lunacy of the trigger nuts arguments, that unrestricted access to fire-arms reduces gun deaths. If we had any common sense, this person in Dallas would not have owned one gun, let alone an entire arsenal. (3)>>But we also know that police don’t shoot every single time they can shoot . We can investigate and determine, within reasonable margins of certainty, whether any given police shooting was legally appropriate ?. 
Personally the nation is still divided , snowballing over issues like gun control , mass shootings , police brutality . We must solve the basic problem of human violence - and solve it not through technology or totalitarian control, but through fearlessly assessing our evolutionary history and "human nature" and learning to practice non-violence. There are 100 questions that are not being answered at this time because "the investigation is ongoing" and other legalistic BS. "this is an indication of something much deeper in the society, and that's the racism that permeates the police departments across the country." Here the people on the Right sweep under the rug , the lack of a wake up call in our society over the last decades is serious to presume that our society is heading to a dystopian future.The way we have been going, it is only a matter of time before that scenario eventually unfolds  .
I would not be surprised that we'll soon be hearing this 'history'' and analogy present here being repeated again .

(1)>>"unarmed Black men"  A common retort to movements against police violence has been “Well, what about black-on-black crime?” — a phrase that originated in the 1980s and has been used to cite black people as the problem instead of poverty, poor educational opportunities, proximity and other factors that spike crime rates in all communities despite racial composition. But are police quicker on the trigger with African Americans than they are with white people in similar circumstances? Comprehensive reporting shows that police kill disproportionately more black people than white people — but the numbers aren’t out of line with the disproportionate rates at which blacks commit violent crime. (Black Americans commit homicide at close to eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined.) In other words, crime and law-enforcement actions do not break down neatly on demographic lines.(1.2)>>"thin blue line ". Through public schooling, we were indoctrinated to fear the drug culture as a breeding ground of gangland destruction and to worship law enforcement officials as the only barrier between us and a cocaine-frosted wasteland. We were led to believe that every day police were holding back a tide of crime and terrorism. The so-called “thin blue line” was an indispensable part of a safe and prosperous nation.In nearly all of these cases of overt police force, even when video evidence clearly indicates wrongdoing, LEOs are acquitted by the system. The reason for this should be obvious: The establishment must keep the warrior class happy, content, and untouchable; otherwise, the oligarchs lose power. No corrupt system is going to punish its own unless utterly necessary to its survival, because if it did, it would then have to admit that it is not entirely trustworthy, causing the people to question .  (2)>>Here we jump into the issue of gun debate again , but nothing is done Beyond being yet more videos of senseless violence by police against African-Americans, what these two videos have in common is the police in question excuse their actions by citing the presence of a gun.In both cases, there seems to be no question that the shooting victims were armed. It’s a point that’s already being flogged by conservatives in an effort to excuse these officers. However, and conservatives should be the first to remember this, guns are legal in this country.  Louisiana is an open carry stateMinnesota allows concealed carry. Police officers in these states know full well that people have a legal right to carry. They have, according to conservatives themselves, no reason to believe that a man with a gun is a bad guy. Why, he could very well be one of those good guys with a gun, at the ready to stop crime, that we keep hearing about from conservatives.Here are two American citizens that were killed while doing what the NRA claims is a constitutional right. Surely this must be a gross injustice in the eyes of the NRA! Surely they will be demanding action, petitioning congressmen, demanding the Department of Justice to step forward and make sure that every American has a right to arm themselves without fear of being gunned down by the police! Right? There was nothing to remotely suggest a tazer was used in any article or video. It is never justified to shoot an individual when he is already down and restrained by two individuals. (3)>>But we also know that police don’t shoot every single time they can shoot — When they shoot they might use technology . While robotization of police tech may be new, blowing people up isn't. Remember the police bombing of the MOVE house in Philly that killed many innocents, including children, and burned down city blocks; and the Clinton/Reno WACO massacre in which military and police used all sorts of heavy weapons murdering entire families. It's not the technology, but the socio/economicpolitical climate that allows this shit that matters.

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