Saturday, July 23, 2016

King Trump , the RNC a little fascism wont hurt.......

King Trump .
America's first King could happen
if the Queen don't beat him.

The "Queen" is Mrs. Clinton .
Trump's  great speech has been riddled with accusations of painting a (1)>>"doom and gloom" America, that Donald J. Trump sketched in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. Yes Mr. Trump made promises that echo back with many other administrations who gave similar speeches .His speeches have no beginning or end, no shape, no culmination and release, and none is necessary. For the audience, his fervent incoherence makes him that much more present, for it is Trump alone who matters, the vividness of him standing there, in that moment, embodying what the audience fears and desires.  The unlikely GOP presidential nominee rejected suggestions that he give a unifying speech that reached for the center For Mr. Trump, with all the the cheering crowds , his adrenalin perked up , yea I see a little of the megalomania in American politics.Trump did something amazing. He wiped out the whole Republican establishment. His nomination shows that only the super  rich are expedient for a public office The normal people are the losers  . Though he claims to be for the people. Its impossible to believe a man with his personal history would --or even could--clothe himself in such ultra-conservative ideology, when he himself over the decades has acted lie a staunch liberal . Remember we are told to vote to lift up the banner of conservatism, Those who favor authoritarian leadership are more likely to vote for Trump. Believe me this man could deliver the goods at a costly price to the Americans . Way back in May of this year ,  the former head of construction at Trump Tower in New York said Monday she couldn't believe presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to be president."I couldn't imagine him ever doing a job where he would be beholden not to one person but 300 million," Barbara Res said in an interview with The New York Times."I think he thinks he's going to be king."Res also said that ,"I don't see him getting away with all these things that he says he's going to do," she said."This is not a monarchy; it's a democracy."I am also going to say if Trump wins , his first speech addressing Congress is not going to be well received . A prelude of what  is coming is emerging  out of the RNC . 
A Little RNC Fascism wont hurt .
Take for example . Pardon me the rhetorical  RNC speeches  sounded (1.2)>>like a fascism  rally , but Rudy Giuliani summed up how far the Republicans have fallen on their words , there pretty much blinded in their hate for outgoing Obama , thy have not  yet  to share ideas about fix our national problems , but rage has replaced their  logic . Rudy complained that President Obama has failed to identify “our enemy.” Giuliani described this enemy as “Islamic extremist terrorism.” Then he paused to lecture reporters: “For the purpose of the media, I did not say all of Islam. I did not say most of Islam. I said Islamic extremist terrorism.”Rudy goes off the rhetorical deep end. They loved it. Is this the  vision of America they  they want?  The rational here is we live a violent world that seems to be getting worse . The terrorism can't be all Obama's fault , it was around since the 1980s . It's appealing that we have to cater to fear mongering in politics ( finger pointing . I blame both parties since Jimmy Carter)  , but how its been for the last 20 years.Fiercely going off about the imminent terrorist threat facing America.He ended with, "You know who you are, and we are coming to get you."After attacks, politicians sometimes seek to capitalize on this vulnerability, turning speeches and press conferences into opportunities to rhetorically place the “nation” and cherished “freedoms” as at risk. The attack on a few becomes an attack on all. When speakers do this successfully, they are able to unite voters through a sense of shared threat. If you’ve been paying any attention to Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, you might imagine China would be quaking in its boots. Rarely has a candidate so relentlessly attacked a peaceful trade partner. Trump has accused China of manipulating its currency and stealing American jobs, and promised a 45 percent tariff on all Chinese goods—intended to devastate the country’s export-driven economy.  China's nationalistic state-run tabloid Global Times quoted scholars who were "stumped" by Trump's success.Trump’s vulgar metaphor was the fourth-most-discussed topic on the Chinese Twitter equivalent Weibo,He vowed to stop "China's outrageous theft of intellectual property, along with their illegal product dumping, and their devastating currency manipulation," and vowed to renegotiate trade deals with Beijing. Thursday night was Trump’s chance to fry Clinton. Wearing a classy black suit with a dazzling red tie, his hair whipped into a special golden souffl√©, the color of an Oscar, Trump promised to remember “the forgotten American,” saying, “I am your voice.” But he was a voice of fear and anger, a loud, screaming voice promising retribution for the crimes that have laid the nation low, including the (2)>>“terrible, terrible crimes” committed by Clinton. He shouted at the country, red-faced, for an endless 76 minutes.But, like almost all things Trump, the candidate’s use of an already familiar rhetorical trope has been more sweeping than those that came before.Having set out this black and white worldview, Trump raises the stakes again by using apocalyptic language. Trump Towers may rise high , but what about the Trump Wall? That wall is one of bigotry, hatred and divisiveness between the American people and America and much of the rest of the world. This is no small feat. But, it is a mean feat and a demeaning one for our nation and its citizens.At his rallies, after he announces to loud cheers that he will build the wall between Mexico and the United States, he asks the crowds of thousands, “Who will pay for it?” They, dutifully and joyfully yell back, “Mexico will.”For Trump, the enemy is the Muslim, whether he’s a terrorist or not.“The Muslims have to work with us… They know what’s going on. They know that [the Orlando shooter] was bad. They knew the people in San Bernardino were bad. But you know what? They didn’t turn them in,” he said the day after the Orlando shooting. ----What needs to be done? For that advice, let us channel President Ronald Reagan.
Here’s what we believe Reagan would say. 
“Mr. Trump tear down that wall.”

(1)>>"doom and gloom" . Trump painted a portrait of a U.S. under siege — by crime, illegal immigrants, Islamist terrorists and a rigged political system."Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it," the real estate mogul declared. (1.2)>>like a fascism  rally. Is he a Fascist? Trump’s movement flourishes without white hoods and burning crosses, without jackboots, gangs of thugs, insignias, patriotic anthems, without secret police or any state power at all. After all, he hasn’t won anything yet. His movement doesn’t fit any standard definition of Fascism.   (2)>>“terrible, terrible crimes” committed by Clinton. Republicans have “overplayed” their rhetoric against Hillary Clinton “in poor taste” – But from calling Hillary Clinton a bitch, to the KFC special referring to her breasts and thighs and left-wing and all of those other things. That's part of the merchandise of the RNC. We've also seen pre-printed signs saying “Hillary Clinton for prison.”

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