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FBI failed Orlando .

Once again , again the President addresses
the nation ........
It's incredibly shocking what happened in Orlando Florida . What is more asinine is that the government agency that  is in charge of protecting the nation utterly failed . There is vary little reaction from President Obama  other than condolences . Rather than criticizing the FBI. Up to this writing , the FBI & Media are "playing down" any outside connections . Yes, it's damage control for a failing agency .  Offering "any" { that we already know } new details Monday (1)>>on the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, FBI director James Comey defended the bureau's handling of Omar Mateen in the lead up to this weekend's massacre at a gay Florida nightclub. The shooter identified in the Orlando shooting was apparently under FBI investigation for terrorist ties for "years" according to sources .  The senior law enforcement source reports that Mateen became a person of interest in 2013 and again in 2014. The Federal Bureau of Investigation at one point opened an investigation on Mateen but subsequently closed the case when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation. (2)>>Omar Mateen's connections prior to the shootings, In 2015, after Moner Abusalha became the first American suicide bomber in Syria, the FBI investigated Omar Mateen’s connection to Abu-Salha. Abu-Salha went to the Middle East, trained, and returned to the Treasure Coast, specifically Vero and fort Pierce, to recruit. The FBI says he didn’t recruit anyone, but it’s possible he did have contact with Mateen.Then, one year later, in 2014 the FBI conducted an investigation into possible ties between Mateen and an American suicide bomber. The FBI conducted another investigation, which included an interview with Mateen, but determined that the contact did not constitute a threat at that time. Which may be an overstatement: the FBI's 2014 probe allegedly found that the  Orlando shooter had "minimal" contact with Florida al-Nusra fighter Moner Abusalha who blew himself up in SyriaMeanwhile, the Hill reported that Mateen's employment, and gun licenses, were untouched even though the FBI confirmed it had interviewed the 29-year-old three times before the shooting took place early Sunday morning.  An official said that the FBI first became aware of the suspect, Omar Mateen, 29, in 2013 when he made "inflammatory comments to coworkers alleging possible terrorist ties." In the course of that investigation, Mateen was interviewed twice, but the FBI was unable to verify the substance of his comments.This is similar to the attack in San Bernardino, California, where government had failed to notice terrorist advocacy by the woman immigrant who later killed American citizens. 
Father  of Omar Mateen may have radicalized his son .
Here  he is with a banner aimed at President
It gets even more bizarre: despite his chequered history and his numerous FBI encounters, the Orlando Police just reported that he had managed to purchase firearms in just this past week. Mateen worked at G4S for many years despite being the subject of multiple FBI investigations.  This demonstrates not only that IS has infiltrated the Department of Homeland Security, but that the other agencies tasked with keeping us safe are asleep at the switch.  Make no mistake, this is a major FBI failure. Mateen’s employer – where he worked as a security contractor!!! – provides security to more than 90% of U.S. nuclear facilities.  They also transport illegal immigrants in fortified buses.  What could possibly go wrong having an IS operative providing security at a nuclear facility?  And who is watching the watchers?  G4S failed to check the background of their security employee and the FBI failed to take action when they knew he was a threat and held a job related to national security.  It reads like a bad thriller.The father of the Orlando nightclub gunman insists that his son was not motivated by Islamist radical ideology, (2.1)>>describing the 29-year-old as  “a good son”  Remember Amed Mohamed and the exploited islamic opportunism with 14-year-old “clock boy” bomb hoax from Irving Texas and how his father was running for political office in Sudan?Well, apparently 29-year-old terrorist Omar Mateen  comes from a similarly engaged political family and his father, (3)>>Seddique Mateen , was/is running for national office in Afghanistan and not happy with the government of Pakistan., hosted a bizarre YouTube talk show. The Associated Press reported that a former Afghan officer said that the show was filled with “anti-US tirades.” In one episode, he even professes to hold allegiance to the Taliban. Seddique Mateen posted dozens of episodes of the show, which was called “The Durand Jirga Show.” Most of the videos have less than 200 views. The shows are obviously very low budget. Mateen speaks mostly in the Dari language. Bizarrely, in one of the episodes, he announces his candidacy for the presidency of Afghanistan (a year after the elections had already occurred).The Fox News reports that both Papa and son Omar were “registered Democrats” (for which you have to be US citizens). Fox and others also report that Papa immigrated, meaning that he had to be naturalized in order to be a citizen.Part of naturalization ceremony is the taking of the Oath of Allegiance to the US ???  “Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in [the] Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban are rising up.Inshallah the Durand Line issue will be solved soon,” the father said in one of the videos, according to Washington Post translation. Even stranger, hours before his son opened fire,  Seddique Mateen posted a video on his Facebook page which is called the Provisional Government of Afghanistan.  A day after 49 people were massacred at a gay dance club in Orlando, the gunman's father, Seddique Mir Mateen, posted a video on Facebook in which he said that it should have been up to God — not his son — to administer "punishment" for homosexuality.In the video, which was posted early Monday morning and later removed, Mateen said that his son's actions are not supported by Islam, but he also suggested that the victims of the attack  — the deadliest mass shooting in US history — deserved to be punished by a higher power."The punishment for homosexuality is upon God and he will decide on them not humans," Mateen said. "What he [my son] has done has shocked me... I ask God for help and guidance for all the youth to follow the true path of Islam."
The " Question of Guns".
“We have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. And to actively do nothing is a decision as well,” President Obama noted in a White House press conference. The Administration’s typical pivot toward promoting background checks, health evaluations and related registration procedures will likely not see as much air time in the days ahead – for good reason. Here is why. Of course this is about  Islamic terrorism, no one would suggest it isn’t. Of course this is an attack on America. We’ve now learned that Mateen made a 911 call and pledged his allegiance to IS. We also learn that the FBI investigated Mateen in 2013 and 2014. But how can this only be about religion and ideology and not about the gun? How can we ignore the fact that nothing in Mateen’s past prevented him from being able to buy guns legally in Florida ? AR-15 assault rifle has been linked to massacre in Orlando—  The most popular rifle in the country, it’s become a symbol for both sides of the gun control debate. If the shooter has any links to a jihadist group, however tenuous, we have the
"terrorism" conversation. Conservatives propose aggressive military action against terrorist groups abroad and warn of a deep rot within the religion of Islam. Liberals warn against jumping to conclusions and preach about the consequences of overreaction.If the suspect has no such links, we have the "guns" conservation. Liberals talk about the need for new gun control laws like background checks and argue that "something is wrong" with American gun culture. Conservatives warn against jumping to conclusions and preach about the consequences of overreaction.  And who knows what they could have found about Omar had the FBI did it's job. Do we want the FBI to arrest everyone who buys a gun that then has a report of suspicious behavior? We complain when they do it to right wing gun owners.Criminals are difficult to spot until the commit a crime. Even with all the so called government spying . This man appear to be vetted for owning a gun. he used our ways to kill so many. That does not mean the bill of rights be overturned.   So we can't say they should arrest every Muslim with a gun, unless we want to have them doing the same to us. Yes, some guns don't belong in citizens hands like the AR-15 , Sorry, but if we have rights, sometimes it means they cannot get a bad guy in time. It is very, very sad when it happens, but the alternative, mass "preventative arrest" or gun confiscation, is worse.


(1)>>on the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. So far since Columbine , these "shootings" have been labeled the "Worst Mass Shootings..." The shooting would be by far the deadliest in the past 34 years. Mother Jones has tracked and mapped shooting sprees over the three decades since 1982. The magazine counted 62 mass shootings from 1982 through 2012, using the definition of 4 or more people killed in a public space in a seemingly indiscriminate killing. The magazine updated its numbers to include three or more people killed for calculations starting 2013, and since then there have been 18 more mass shootings through February of this year, not including the Orlando killings.In most cases, the Mother Jones staff found, the killers had obtained their weapons legally. (2)>>Omar Mateen's connections. The FBI interviewed Mateen again in 2014 about a potential connection with suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha.Vero Beach Bomber who attended the same Mosque. The FBI director described his agency’s first contact with Mateen, who died in a gun battle with police Sunday, as a 10-month preliminary investigation that was triggered when Mateen claimed to coworkers at the private security firm that employed him that he had family connections to al Qaeda as well as mutual acquaintances with the Tsarnaev brothers, who carried out the deadly Boston marathon bombing. (2.1)>>describing the 29-year-old as  “a good son” yet left-wing media outlets twist themselves into pretzels trying to absolve Muslims and their ideology from any responsibility. MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing yesterday to a national security expert: "The father of this individual said his son witnessed two men kissing in Miami and that that enraged him. What do you make of that?" National security expert: "if that's true, then we have to shift to looking at this as a hate crime instead of a terrorist act."   (3)>>Seddique Mateen. Mr. Seddique Mateen the political candidate is also a prolific user of social media and has reams of U-Tube footage broadcasting his political ideology.FACEBOOK HERE  U-TUBE HERE –  In addition, the jihadist’s father was a frequent visitor to Washington DC and the U.S. State Department.  – SEE FULL STORY HERE 

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