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The Astrology of Politics .

I have always looked at Astrology to see what "may" happen in politics ( not that I believe in it ). This election seems so predicable, you can "guess" the predicament . A decade a go I was a ghostwriter for a publication called (1)>>Mountain Astrologer  I would write out my weekly predictions on a paper and fax them "anonymously" to a third party writer . I would assume anonymity for fear of reprisals in case any of my predictions came true . I spent from years 2003 to 2006 writing , faxing up until 2006 when I made ( or nearly made it)  on a final paper on the then Senator Obama who was jumping ahead to the Presidency . My astrological newsletter was called Times and Seasons named after an (1.2)>>old Mormon paper that on the same line of thought was edited for the  american public in the 1830s , by the way that Mormon newspaper claimed that the Millennial  reign of Christ was going to happen around 1840 ( which Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon Church believed) & never happened to the latter . So I borrowed the name of the newspaper . Condensing what I say here , around 2006 I wrote my last lines for that paper , it was about President Obama . All the "signs" looked good for him to be President . (2)>>DELL HOROSCOPE predicted a win for Obama two years before he became President . So writing about the Obama win , as I as looking at the signs , weighing in on how his chart looked from a computer software used by astrologers . (2.1)>>Obama seemed to have a long line of " retrogrades" , one prediction was that he would not make it on his first term , (2.2)>>be yes assassinated . All other astrologers also predicted what looked like a national crisis with Obama as President . So looking back what I wrote then , I was guilty of predicting  ( as well) that Obama would not make it to his first term in office . Now it's 2016 and his term in office is nearly over , I just ponder how things could change so fast that making predictions alone may not make any sense . Today we can have a few laughs of predictability. Not to undermine the seriousness of predictions . Here a Chinese master of the art predicts that Hillary Clinton will win   Master Thean Y Nang is a Buddhist Feng Shui master and Chinese astrologer based in Malaysia who correctly predicted the 9/11 attacks and the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and most recently foresaw incredibly bad luck for Malaysia in 2014 – when one of its passenger jets disappeared with all on board and another was shot from the sky over Ukraine – long before any incident occurred.According to Thean, there are two black stars present in 2016, which means that the Year of the Fire Monkey will see an increased number of international conflicts, as well a global economic stagnation and political tensions."The presence of two black stars indicates that women are having more power. There will be more women holding top management positions in financial and commercial circles as well as in politics across the world. Thus, the probability of the candidates for president in USA and Taiwan, namely Hillary Clinton and Tsai Ing-wen respectively, is very high," Thean writes in the latest edition of his annual predictions book. It’s no
coincidence that Clinton and Trump in particular stand out . It's similar to how Clinton , and Obama did in 2008 . So far, the stars are aligning as such for Clinton, whom polls show is leading rivals in both parties consistently. As for the Clinton email controversy — a months long ongoing investigation into her use of a personal email address during her tenure at the State Department —it wont matter . It's already been tried in the law courts of Congress , the hearings (committees)  to investigate Clinton . She may have been as the Washington Post says , The report’s revelations weren’t particularly revelatory: Clinton violated department policies and went further than predecessors in her use of private email, but she wasn’t the first to take this path.  (2.2)>>Trump might call her "crooked" as such , she was exposed to the public , you can't put her on trial again . Politics allows men and women to play with forces normally allocated to the gods. This is why Kings believed in their divine right as divine representatives; out of this reasoning came the sovereign immunity laws which placed them above the law. Today we have checks and balances to prevent dictatorship and the like but now the executive branch is elevated due to war. At every level we tried to prevent the distortion of the misuse of power. The biggest mistake made was to grant personhood to corporations who are a non living entities but operate freely to maximize their interest to lobbyist. This problem was not addressed in 1789 because they did not exist, ergo there are no checks and balances for the distorting power of corporations. I will only give a primary example where they are not checked. When underdeveloped countries reveal the discovery of vast natural resources and solicit corporations to help them extract oil, diamonds, etc., corporations want complete control over decisions. Since these countries are sovereign and they want to retain the decisions making power, corporations have been known to employ extra-legal means to get their way like arming opposing factions in these countries. There have been countless polls about Donald Trump chances of becoming president, but forget about the statistics — it’s time to look into the stars.Christian Ene, astrologer and tarot reader, of, has charted Donald’s natal chart as well as “his qualities and defects” and how planetary alignments during 2016 will affect the real estate mogul as he advances in the campaign. Ene’s chart has entered the 2016 elections Reddit, and has garnered interest with both Trump haters and lovers alike.Ene’s verdict —  Trump will not become president.  Trump was born under a Full Moon, Ene says, and it’s common knowledge that this kind of energy is hard to handle, and can be linked to lunacy. Explaining some of the more outlandish comments he has made on immigration and Muslims.This year, Saturn crosses into Sagittarius and Trump’s natal Dark Moon will be influenced by planetary restrictions and karma. An apparent indication that it will be quite difficult for the billionaire to activate the good side of the natal Moon, or win the election. “Instead, a powerful Dark Moon brings many problems and controversies,” Ene said.

The Book of the FUTURE.

If there is any book you should have that "accurately" predicts world events , this book nails it better.Out of 20 chapters, only 5 deal with actual eventualities for the new millennium. The rest describe formations affecting the new millennium and how these configurations manifested in historic events in the past.This account of modern history as seen through the lens of astrology charts our evolution from social enslavement to individual freedom. Meece scans the vast landscape of human destiny to detect the larger astrological rhythms of the future.Horoscope for the New Millenium has an amazing amount of info which i have found in no other astrology book of any kind.Its lists of outer planetary cycles are useful beyond measure, especially considering what is going on in the world these days. Mr. Meece gives us not only the Modern Humanity Chart (Neptune conjunct Pluto, 1892), but what your own natal contacts to that chart can mean for you. The Revised World Order Chart of 2030--Saturn and Uranus in Gemini-- is interestingly included for consideration.This book covers art, economics, politics (the U.S. chart--using Lynes' version for 4:47 pm--is well-covered and presented in comparison to the Modern Humanity Chart), Revolutions and their outcomes, Holy Wars, and so much more. The historical info/dates alone would be informative for the non-astrologer!As in the other reviews here listed, i agree that many of his predictions are already being born out, this being 2004, while, of course, some predictions are now moot--Gore ain't the prez, as it quirkily turns out. ( Pretty much of this book is found at this website ) Not many astrologers look deeply into mundane historical astrology and the evolution of humanity. This is a in depth look at the major planetary cycles and how they have affected the unfolding of human potential. Now that we are in a period of accelerated human evolution, his book is a very timely addition to our understanding of our present historical situation and potential future. It will be a stretch for many who are not deep in there understanding of Astrology, but is is a stretch well worth making. his book was amazing! For anyone who's interested in learning what the future will hold . . . even those who don't believe the idiotic horoscopes that appear in the daily newspaper. Eric Alan Meece rises above zodiacal simplification and superstition-based astrology to elevate astology into a science and an art. He explains, with remarkable accuracy, the several astrological factors, from sun sign to moon sign to outer planets, that correspond with personality traits. Astrology revolves all around archetypes, and assigning them to celestial bodies and periods of time. His discussion of the different generations, each with the expected corresponding astrological combinations at time of birth, is a must-read, and his description of different generational waves is so true it's scary. Meece convincingly shines insight onto famous paintings in a way that archetypally connects countries around the world, body parts, and the four elements. Even skeptics (NOT cynics) will find inspiring matter in here.

Epilogue .

Astrologers are excellent astronomers - planetary positions for astrological software are calculated directly from data from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Predicting when signs will be in the sky can be done with math. The personality traits arbitrarily assigned to positions of things are not mathematical.Mankind is far too complex a psychological being to be categorized by a mere 12 signs based upon the position of the sun alone.  (See WILLIAM STICKEVERS blog on his predictions. )

(1)>>   Mountain Astrologer . is a bi-monthly English language astrology magazine, written for professional astrologers and astrology students of all levels.  On America’s political stage, this scenario plays out through two established parties where most citizens connect the Democratic Party with liberal ideas and the Republican Party with conservative ideas. The truth is, since campaigns cost a fortune, the majority of elected representatives end up essentially forced to perform major legislative favors for those who fund their campaigns. The result is that both parties now largely serve the interests of the very wealthy, that is, the corporations. Since the Clinton era, both parties have delivered “the goods” to their highest paying sponsors. (1.2)>>old Mormon.Joseph’s prediction that some of “the rising generation” would not die before Christ came is consistent with his prophecy in 1832 that the generation living at that time would not all pass away before the Missouri temple was built. Both predictions pointed to the end of the nineteenth century as the time when the Saints could expect the Second Coming. Joseph’s cryptic and puzzling-sounding reference to “two days, etc.” and “2,520 years” is an allusion to a popular interpretation of Leviticus 26:28 in the light of Daniel’s prophecies. That popular speculation theorized that a period of two and a half “days” of a thousand years each, or more precisely 2,520 years (seven times 360 days, with each day representing a year), would culminate in the Second Coming. At this point Joseph was apparently using the same methods of calculation promoted by the Millerites but coming up with a different end date, that of 1890. According to Joseph, too many things needed to happen before the Second Coming for it to occur in 1844 or even shortly thereafter.  In 1844, the year of Joseph Smith’s death, another major event took place in the history of American Christianity. Ironically, this other event involved another man from upstate New York, named William
Miller. (2)>>DELL HOROSCOPE. Honestly this astrologer admitted he was wrong about Obama losing the 2008 election.  Astrolgers faced a problem with Obama , yea , his actual birth date . Since no one really knew where and  the "birth-er " debate boiled over . However, a few weeks after the conference ended the Obama campaign released a copy of his birth certificate to the public, and it had a conspicuously later birth time of 7:24 pm on it.   There was something perplexing about the fact that Patry had been given a slightly wrong birth time for Obama from someone, As perplexing, albeit minor, as this was, the sense of relief that astrologers had over finally having a confirmed and accurate birth time for Obama was enough to cause everyone to quickly forget Patry’s announcement and move on with studying the election.  There were still some questions about the authenticity of the newly released copy of the birth certificate, since it was a digital reproduction rather than a scan of the original birth certificate, but this never seemed to turn into a major
Here is my attempt at writing
the "future" . My TIMES &
SEASONS was a daily
almanac that I used to fax to
Mountain Astrologer . I hope
they burned all copies of
issue (
the “Birther Controversy” that happened a year later in the summer of ’09 does count). 
 (2.1)>>Obama. Obama had captured the imagination of the disillusioned and potentially rebellious US populace. AGAIN this is "recurring" . It's vary similar , as the American populace seeks alternatives to the political system . This is also evidenced by his natal T-square in fixed signs with Mercury (Leo) opposing Jupiter (Aq) with Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th House at the focal point. The T-square by transit to Obama’s natal sun at 13 Leo on Election Day from the Scorpio sun and North node in Aquarius is activating a potential solution for the economic scenario that emerged with the September 08 planetary configuration. Once elected, Barack Obama had  inevitably experience diminished support from his own liberal base as the shine wears off and he faces the necessity to balance futuristic goals and humanitarian concerns with the legacy of war, debt and economic constriction. A dramatic source of this disillusionment will occur if Obama persists in pursuing nuclear power as a viable energy source. The Plutonian shadows of Nuclear energy are nuclear weapons and nuclear waste. Addressing the challenges of potential Armageddon and toxic radiation of the environment are necessary before nuclear energy can be implemented safely.(2.2)>>be yes assassinated. Between 2008 and 2012 a handful "predictors" feared that Mr. Obama would be assassinated because he is the first African  American President. As much as the would psychics , there were real credible threats .  In 2009 the Secret Service stated that the volume of threats against Obama was "comparable to that under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.  U.S. President Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, made a ghastly statement when she stated to the Secret Service" Just tell me when - where to run". This statement clearly infers that an assassination of her husband involving the Secret Service is just around the corner. Mrs. Obama's statement indicates that the White House is leaking future assassination insinuations in an attempt to prepare the American public for what is about to transpire.     (2.3)>>Trump might call her "crooked" as such . Donald Trump has decided to dub her “Crooked Hillary.” This isn’t quite true: Though investigations into her activities have occupied much of the past 25 years, her accusers, from Whitewater to Benghazi, never really get the goods. But what Clinton has been is nearly as problematic as being crooked: Hunkered Hillary. At the first sign of conflict or accusation, Clinton circles the wagons, shuts her mouth and instructs those around her to do the same. This generates a whole lot of smoke, even if there’s no fire. Her secrecy elevates the accusations — whatever the accusations are.  According to this character, Clinton's only problem is excessive caution because she has been under  excessive fire and attacks for all these years. he apparently accepts this Clinton narrative that Colin Powell's use of private email systems somehow justifies her behavior, but this a ridiculous argument because he did not employ his own email server, and security savviness in the State Department advanced considerably from 2005 to 2009. A really relevant question unasked is how much the State Department spent on IT operations, and especially computer security during this period. Clinton simply ignored any security considerations, and the potential security consequences of doing this. This weak excuse that she did this for personal convenience, and she now acknowledges this mistake, is absurd. What is more inconvenient, going through the effort of establishing a email server or simply asking the appropriate people in her own department whether what she planned on doing could be a security problem. She made no effort to do this, and this really challenges the appropriateness of her becoming the President. 

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