Friday, September 11, 2015

Syria, Russia and Kerry.

The Syrian crisis , and the obvious arming of the "so call democracy rebels" by the United States in my mind created the Islamic State of Levant . (***)>> The American foreign  policy was for the complete overthrow of the Assad government.  In some ways I am ashamed that my own country has engaged in such a disastrous conduct by advocating the overthrowing of foreign  governments. This is how hard working Americans are seeing their tax dollars spent . Yes , shipping arms to Syrian Terrorist mislabeled as "freedom fighters" . The news right now reports that Russia has entered the game , now they are sending arms , troops and advisers to try to help the Assad government fight the rebels , and the Islamic State . PERSONALLY I said ' Thank Your Mr. Putin". (1)>>  Russia is doing EXACTLY what America should have done in the first place . It should have supported Assad against the Syrian rebels who are linked to  al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, al-Nusra front . All of our American leadership has done is double dealing and treachery . Selling weapons to rebels who intern are allied with ISIL , who are shooting and killing with American made weapons . What a despicable viscous circle  With the new "Obama induced" cold war of words with Russia (3)>> John Kerry warned Russia not in get involved.Now YOU  with intelligent scruples are scratching your heads on this one? How can we tell Russia to back off Syria when our illustrious hypocritical American government has been  involved in  (5)>> Syria by destabilizing that nation to such a point that now we have all these (2)>> refugees fleeing ? It's sicking . BUT those are HARD the facts . Americans WAKE UP!As Americans we are just getting our media (4)>>  induced explanations to this crisis.US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed his concern over reports of Russian military activities in Syria, (oh ho ) warning that it could fan more violence, ( what about our American involvement ?)  a state department spokesman said.Spokesman John Kirby told reporters in the US on Wednesday that Kerry made clear in a phone call to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that if the reports were true "it could lead to greater violence and are not helpful at all" to efforts by the international community to end the conflict. Currently after two news broadcasts from some of the big networks are popularizing a false notion on American minds that its because of " Russian involvement" . The west has to point the finger and blame someone else .US questions Russia over moves in Syria, who questioned US about their moves in these so called Muslim countries? The west funds one rebel group after the other and then use them as a cause to invade, they did that in Afghanistan, Iraq.The arming of Syrian rebels by the west lead to the the creation of IS. Their interference in Iraq, Syria, Libya only brought only disasters, these countries were in more better state before the west made its "move". And by the way, Russia doesn't cares about US warning. Putin is planning to focus on the fight against “terrorism” in his speech later this month at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Russia will also host a ministerial-level meeting on the sidelines about fighting extremism, which it defines as including all the groups fighting the Assad regime, including the U.S.-backed rebels.

Show me the legality of the war in Syria. Syria is an independent and Sovereign country, under what authority of the U.S? 


(1)>> The Russians have a naval base, the Americans would have done the same to "protect their interests". If the west is seeking a political solution why are they and their pals still doing bombing raids? Who are they negotiating with? America would have had the upper hand against IS had it supported Assad , but obviously President Obama had to draw a "red line" with Assad , and side with the rebels.(2)>> refugees.  Russia is doing this at the behest of the EU and the US although they may say otherwise in the media, the exchange will soon be the quiet easing of sanctions on Russia and also a "blind eye" policy to what happens in Ukraine. WHY? because the US and NATO has failed to contain this problem and it has now arrived on their shores in a shock wave of refugees, refugees that will cost them dearly financially and refugees that could be a security threat in their countries but mostly, refugees they can't turn away.It makes extremely good sense to allow the Russians a free hand to literally wipe out every armed faction and be left with only Assad. Sadly this does say one thing very clearly, the US and the EU are more worried about themselves than the Syrian or Ukrainian people.(3)>> John Kerry. The US secretary of state appeared to say on CBS News that America has to negotiate with Syria’s president about a political transition in the war-torn country. But later the State Department clarified that John Kerry wasn’t referring to Bashar Assad. "But to get the Assad regime to negotiate, we're going to have to make it clear to him that there is a determination by everybody to seek that political outcome and change his calculation about negotiating,” Kerry said on Sunday. Kerry was speaking on the fourth anniversary of the start of the civil war in Syria, which started as peaceful protests against the Assad government, but descended into violence claiming more than 210,000 lives. The US has been supporting the Syrian rebels, who insist that the Syrian president should be ousted. In January, Russia and the US organized the Geneva-2 peace talks between Assad’s government and the Syrian opposition. However, after two rounds of negotiations, no agreement was reached. This April, Moscow is set to host a meeting between the two sides of the conflict.(4)>> The Propaganda in the USAAccording to certain elements of the US media, Russian soldiers are everywhere. At this stage, the moon is probably the only place you are safe. Then again, maybe they are readying copy which 'proves' that the Russians are hiding on the dark side. Or perhaps even they believe that such an accusation would be a bridge too far.Russian military personnel have always been in Syria. Moscow has a base there. Furthermore, Vladimir Putin has hardly hidden the fact that his government has fulfilled defense contracts with Damascus. That would require trainers on the ground. (5)>>The “destabilizing” remark can’t pass without comment. The US has trained and armed foreign militants in a bid to overthrow Syria’s government. It is currently illegally bombing the country. Of course, this helps to fuel the migrant crisis in the EU. (***)>>  No. the USA's war on terror is what has made America less safe. Additionally, continuously poking a bear in the eye also makes one less safe. I will suggest that it is the USA's foreign policy that makes American's less safe. Sadly, America will reap what it has sown. You sow corruption you reap corruption.

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