Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ahmed's TIMELY Lawsuit .

Did Ahmed Mohamed's homemade clock ,
create all the rage in the
name of a hoax?

There is a good way to make money in America . Ahmed's father may have planned it all.

With the whole media buzzing with this story : (1)>> Ahmed 's Clock . I could no help it but to say something .  This story for me is a good example of how to become a celebrity , and get lots of money sent to your bank account . How to do this ? , easy just perpetrate a hoax . As the media goes in this country . The "conspiracy" media needed a 'hero' , or needed to make a hero . So comes Ahmed is a lovable kid who was victimized by a bigoted " Islamo-phobic" American society. (2)>>The spectacle constructed around him has served both the liberal establishment, which wants us to (believe) cower before the White Guilt cudgel, and Muslims, who want us to let our guard down to facilitate their next major terror attack. The narrative of the put-upon 14-year-old Muslim who was so clever that he built a clock, but who was punished by bigoted Texans when he brought it to school, has been used exceedingly aggressively to advance these objectives. It's hard not to think that there is anything but "suspicious" about little Ahmed's clock .Was Ahmed, if he’s a victim at all, a victim of racism, Islamo -phobia, or of school’s anti-male zero-tolerance disciplinary policies? That the kid didn’t make a clock at all. He made something look as bomb-like as possible, on purpose, and brought it to school. All his teacher told him was, don’t walk around with it in case it worries people. But Ahmed did that anyhow. He took it to another class where the alarm went off, making that teacher suspicious, just like he knew it would. Then he was passive aggressive with the cops, who immediately pegged him as a hoaxer. What if, just like  (3)>> his dad, a crazy fake sheikh who ran for president of Sudan and who participates in incendiary stunts, he’s a media hound? Honestly There are many interwoven things in this story. First the school may have over-reacted , but on the one side there is something suspicious about the whole event , if you connect the dots it leads right to the boys father . What the media did not say is that Ahmed , is about when he took the device to his next class. He had NO battery backup on the alarm clock, just the AC power cord that was originally with the alarm clock. This means he physically plugged the device in the wall and set the timer to go off IN THE CLASS, purposely. "It obviously doesn't look like a bomb" line is absurd. If Ahmed (or anyone, for that matter) tried to take that clock into the White House on a tour, what do you think the Secret Service would do? If he tried to take that clock on an airplane, how do you think the TSA would handle it? Would those responses be justified? If so, they why isn't the security response at a school justified? Also, does a pressure cooker "look" like a bomb? Is the average person familiar with what actual (not movie prop) bombs look like? My guess is "No."

The truth it seems is that Ahmed was not arrested because his teacher thought he had a bomb. He was arrested for violating a Texas law making it illegal to bring a “hoax bomb” into school. But the arrest appears to have been orchestrated by Ahmed’s family who understood the law and knew how to troll for a reaction. Except most of the facts were wrong. He didn’t build the clock, and the school had reason to believe it looked like a bomb. Not to mention, his engineering teacher flat out instructed him not to show anyone else, and if you have to attempt to make something look LESS suspicious to take it to school - you just dont take it to school . In a big enough world, improbable events occur. Yes, it could be that the son of a multi-millionaire presidential candidate and attention whore happened to be wearing a NASA shirt on the same day he was arrested for showing his suitcase clock to several teachers, and that the arrest made him so sad that his family started taking joyful selfies.Or it could be a public relations coup by an attention-hungry father ?.

(1)>> Ahmed 's Clock .  The kid didn't build a clock, Radio Shack built the clock. The kid just moved the internal workings of the store bought clock into a 8" briefcase looking pencil box.Anthony at Art Voice has taken down the situation thoroughly (link via Sean Davis). Anthony did his homework, studied the photos, and found that the clock Ahmed allegedly built, was originally sold at Radio Shack. Pictured is the clock Ahmed put into a case to bring to school: a Micronta 63 756, sold by Radio Shack. That’s right, Ahmed didn’t even bother to remove the silkscreened logo and part number Micronta printed onto the circuit board. Anthony also points out the other killer element: Why would you put a clock in a pencil case? It has a lid, that closes, meaning you’ll never actually be able to read the display. Anthony’s conclusion logically follows: 
Because, is it possible, that maybe, just maybe, this was actually a hoax bomb? A silly prank that was taken the wrong way? That the media then ran with, and everyone else got carried away? Maybe there wasn’t even any racial or religious bias on the parts of the teachers and police.
(2)>> The spectacle.    It's funny how people applaud for a kid that didn't do anything special (he's 14 y/o FFS, not 4) because he is Muslim. Any other 14 y/o white kid would be ignored, but this kid is hailed as the new Tesla. (3)>>  his dad, a crazy fake sheikh,  Ahmed’s experience perpetuated by his ‘hoax clock’ will have a lucrative ending. Shrug…perhaps that was the intention all along, not the nefarious scenario I outlined of above.Although, deception is deception, regardless of the motive behind it, and Muslim Islamic apologists including Ahmed’s father; Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed are deceptive to their core. It is also being reported that in addition to the prayer vigil and the presidential invitation, Mohamed has reportedly been offered internships and jobs by numerous companies, including Twitter and Facebook.Many are pointing out that the incident seems a trifle staged to fit the agenda of the groups pushing to publicize it, such as the Muslim lobbying group The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).A little digging has revealed that Mohamed’s father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, is a known activist who has engaged in several stunts to call out what he has perceived to be anti-Islamic activity. The New York Daily NewsOne of the earliest instances of the standout citizen making national news was in 2011, when he sensationally stood up to an anti-Islamic pastor and defended the Koran as its defense attorney. That mock trial at a Florida church ended with the book’s burning, to ElHassan’s claimed shock. In an interview with the Washington Post at the time, the devoted Muslim said he’d take on Rev. Terry Jones’ challenge because the holy book teaches that Muslims should engage in peaceful dialogue with Christians. And now the plot thickens. In what has become one of the most egregious of the faked hate narratives, the bomb hoax clockster has a family with a history of supremacist stunts. Also in 2011, ElHassan debated Robert Spencer on “Does Islam Respect Human Rights?” Clearly, he was trying to score against a famous “Islamophobe” and thus win a name for himself.  ElHassan has been looking for publicity and chances to fight against “Islamophobia” for a considerable period. In 2010, and again this year, the busy dad was nominated and ran for president of his native North African country from his home in Texas.“Mr. ElHassan is no stranger to adversity and experienced hardship firsthand, and during his lifetime has cultivated a deep sense of humanitarianism, tolerance and patience,” his latest campaign’s website read.He further credited a Sufi spiritual leader and mentor in Africa for inspiring him with “wisdom and leadership.”Today, ElHassan serves as a mentor at Jack E. Singley Academy High School in Irving and also as the vice president of the National Reform Party in Sudan, the Gazette reported.

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