Saturday, September 5, 2015

Crisis in Syria is really America's problem .

A Turkish gendarme prepared to carry the body of
Aylan Kurdi, 3, who drowned off
coast on Wednesday
The Crisis in Syria is really America's problem Why I blame my country . You have to connect the dots .... (1)>> Our Obama administration created the worst crisis in the middle-east . First You CAN blame George D Bush for invading Iraq . Our American prescience has made a disgusting shit pile in the Syria , and Iraq . It fueled the creation of the terrorist Islamic State . When I saw images of the drowned refugees this week I almost threw up. Just thinking that my country is behind one of the worst scenarios ever seen . Yet Washington D.C. is playing "hear no evil and see no evil ." Not a single peep From President Obama , or the State  Department .Stirring outrage that European nations aren't doing more to help those making perilous journeys in the hope of a better life on the continent. An uncomfortable truth, however, is that this isn't just a problem for Europe. It's a global problem, one in which the United States is involved,Neocons and the mainstream U.S. media place all the blame for the Syrian civil war on President Bashar al-Assad and Iran, but there is another side of the story in which Syria’s olive branches to the U.S. and Israel were spurned and a reckless drive for “regime change” have failed . American policy in the whole Middle-East is nothing but a sin . But almost from the start, Assad was marked by the George W. Bush administration for “regime change.” Then, in the early years of Barack Obama’s presidency, there were some attempts at diplomatic engagement, but shortly after a civil conflict broke out in 2011, the legacy of official U.S. hostility toward Syria set in motion Washington’s disastrous confrontation with Assad which continues to this day. Innocent Syrians are being killed in a American created civil War . I think many Americans should be outraged at this . Why no one here in America knows? Perhaps nobody else is getting the message .The U.S., Western Europe, and their regional allies in fact bear most of the responsibility for the rise of extremist groups like ISIL ( Islamic State). The U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, which Britain notably supported, was a strategic disaster. Contrary to speculation at the time, Saddam Hussein’s secular Ba’athist regime prevented Al Qaeda from operating out of Iraq. Iraq had also been supported by the West before the 1991 Gulf War as a counterbalance against the revolutionary Islamic Republic during the Iran-Iraq War. The U.S.-led invasion changed all of that. Everything is going to hell and a hand basket . Soon I think it's going to get worse , and I can just see American troops on the ground again . Perhaps Russia will get involved as a American alley . Some form of humanitarian aide has to flow.  It's going to take a while for this to happen , but many nations have to clean up the mess our American leaders have made . All these refugees coming into Europe and America  mirrors the Bosnian Crisis of 1994 , which former President Bill Clinton miscalculated , but led to a flurry of a mass immigration to the United States. Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie on Thursday tied the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Syrians to  (2)>>President Barack Obama, alleging his inaction contributed to the crisis gripping Syria and its refugees flooding Europe. He is right . "This President has allowed these folks to be slaughtered," Christie said during a campaign stop Thursday in New Hampshire. "I frankly can't imagine as president of the United States how you could permit this to happen on this scale, and now we're seeing those results. And it's much different when you read about it, and when you see it -- it becomes even more powerful." Now American tax payers must ready to pay for thousands , may be hundreds of thousands of refugees.  At the same time, some lawmakers on Capitol Hill are warning that loosening immigration rules to take them in would pose a serious security risk. For the Obama administration – and the one that succeeds it – there are no easy answers. To be sure, many of the millions fleeing civil war and terror come from countries with a strong Islamic State presence, and lawmakers have warned that applicants must be properly vetted for terror ties. (3)>> We can see the reverse situation, where the government decides to take care of the refugees at the expense of the welfare of its own citizens. The US, certain EU countries, Israel, the Saudis, and the Israel Lobby and their advocacy for war in the Middle East were responsible for this crisis.And if the United States has a hand in creating or prolonging these conflicts ( and we certainly do) then we have a moral obligation to take in some of the displaced. How ever now it's more costly in human terms.

(1)>>The U.S.’s own involvement in the Syrian conflict is telling. Early in the civil war, the Obama administration expressed its conviction that Bashar al-Assad’s regime had to go. Given U.S. antagonism toward Iran and its allies, this statement did not come as a surprise. The U.S. offered nonlethal aid to the Syrian rebels and eventually covertly armed them, going so far as to operate a training camp for rebels in northern Jordan. The Syrian rebels mutated to the Islamic State and swore alliance to Al Qaeda. While there is no account how many American weapons were shipped to aide the Syrian rebels , a vast majority of the aide went into the hands of the enemy .  But the U.S. didn’t appear to expand its direct support for the Syrian rebels beyond this point, and for good reason. When the Obama administration asked Congress for $500 million to train and equip “moderate rebels,” the Pentagon testified that it anticipated difficulties finding moderate fighters to train and arm. In plain English, this means that they don’t really exist. With IS’s victories in Iraq, the U.S. strategy of fueling the fire in Syria without allowing either side to win is finally revealing its inherent contradictions. This perhaps triggered a Civil War in Syria . (2)>>Barack Obama has said comparatively little about the refugee crisis as opposed to the US-led war against the extremist group Isis, a campaign to which he devoted a national address last year. Asked on Thursday about US plans to take in more refugees, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said there are no “impending policy changes” and that the US will continue to offer aid to Europe. (3)>> We could be paying for a new wave of immigration .  Amnesty International recently pointed out, the "six Gulf countries -- Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain -- have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees. In late spring, with the war in Syria grinding into its fifth year amid an ever-deepening humanitarian catastrophe for millions of refugees, 14 United States senators wrote a letter to President Obama urging that at least 65,000 of the displaced Syrians be allowed to resettle in the United States.

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