Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Sanctuary Cities" are a crime ......

The dozens of (1)>> "sanctuary cities" bills that previously failed all sought to do one thing: prohibit local police departments from adopting their own policies regarding the handling of unauthorized immigrants during their normal course of duty. We all know that the finger pointing has begun in SFO. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee said Monday he was “concerned” about the release of an illegal immigrant with a criminal record who killed a woman last week but defended the sanctuary city policy.  The man arrested and charged with the killing of a 31-year-old woman on San Francisco’s Pier 14 had been deported five times and had a more than 20-year history of run-ins with the law — including just months before the latest incident that landed him in jail. “I am concerned about the circumstances that led to the release of Mr. Sanchez,” Mr. Lee said in a statement. “All agencies involved, Federal and local, need to conduct quick, thorough and objective reviews of their own departmental policies and the decisions they made in this case. Charges should be brought against the officials in San Francisco who allow this policy to continue and not cooperate with federal officials in getting rid of these illegal, criminal fleas. They are as much responsible for this woman's death as the piece of illegal slime we kept letting back in this country and they should be held as an accomplice to the murder for they surely were.The law enforcement agencies are going to investigate themselves? For more than two decades, San Francisco has been considered a sanctuary for people in the U.S. illegally.The city's sanctuary law prohibits city employees from helping federal authorities with immigration investigations or arrests unless required by law or warrant. That said, the ordinance does not prohibit local law enforcement from informing  (2)>> ICE that they've arrested someone in the country illegally for a felony offense or who has prior felony convictions.In 2013, Mirkarimi's office started turning over fewer people under arrest to federal immigration authorities for deportation.Mirkarimi on Monday stood behind the city's sanctuary law as a way to fight crime and promote trust.His office routinely ignores such federal immigration requests unless backed by an active warrant. He said ICE was aware of San Francisco's policy. San Francisco City and County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi recently told  CNN's Jake Tapper the city's sanctuary policy for illegal immigrants "makes us safer." "It makes us safer," Mirkarimi said. "I firmly believe it makes it safer. We’re a world-renowned city with a large immigrant population. And of that population is a population that is also here undocumented. From a law enforcement perspective, we want to build trust with that population. And our sanctuary city and other attendant laws have allowed us to do that." There are a plethora of reasons why police agencies have instituted the policy of avoiding immigration questions during routine police work. Last year in Houston alone, it was reported that the city's police department failed to follow up on nearly 20,000 criminal cases that had leads due to a shortage of officers. We currently check immigration status in our county jails, and report to federal immigration authorities the criminal element after arrest. But police in the field simply don't have the resources to take on the additional responsibilities of immigration enforcement. We should focus the efforts of our police on stopping dangerous criminals and allow our federal officials to focus on immigration. These laws and policies make illegals immigrants safer. Americans aren't safer. Literally, if this idiot and the people that run SF were more concerned about the legal citizens that live in the city instead of people that shouldn't even be here, the murdered woman would be alive. 

(1)>> These problems were evident when the Sanctuary program started back in mid-2000's. Kamala Harris, currently state Attorney General was instrumental in implementing the policy. Almost immediately you had a violent illegal alien gang member who had been shielded, Edwin Ramos, murder a father and two sons, the Bologna family. And San Francisco officials did NOTHING to change the policy.California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a former San Francisco district attorney who is running for U.S. Senate, cautioned that when it comes to immigration, "our policy should not be informed by our collective outrage about one man's conduct."(2)>>ICE directors have historically taken heat from both sides of the aisle. Republicans accuse them of deporting too few undocumented immigrants, while some Democrats have said they are deporting the wrong people. I have zero problem with immigration, provided it is LEGAL immigration. To sneak across the border or deliberately overstay your visa, does not give you ANY rights, except the right to be deported - or at least that is how it should be.

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