Saturday, July 11, 2015

America Hacked!

Can it be REALLY possible that our nation's network structure is so vulnerable ? How can this happen ? The NEWS today is alarming , yet as a American I be first to caution to blame the Chinese. If the Chinese government did it , for what purpose ? I am going to give you the explanation as to why this in probability did happen . (1)>> Hacked - you mean the fact that Chinese residents; at home in China who were hired by the Gov't contractor and provided "Keys to the Kingdom" root access......The US should stop trying to lecture other countries while doing everything it accuses them of, perhaps? Oh. not really what ya call hacking, more like walking the front door of your own office and logging on!  So the story line ran today that More than 20 million people had their personal information stolen when Office of Personnel Management (OPM) servers were breached by Chinese hackers last year, sources close to the agency are reporting. It was reported that Social Security numbers were also stolen . I find that hard to believe that any one Chinese government official would want Social Security numbers on American citizens . It did not seem to me that the Chinese did it .
The News here is obvious  In a statement, OPM said hackers stole the Social Security numbers of 21.5 million people, including 19.7 million individuals who applied for a background investigation. Though not attributing the attack in public to China, investigators have told Reuters that their prime suspect is a team tied to that nation’s Ministry of State Security. The evidence includes a specific piece of malicious software and the use of a stolen digital certificate, both of which had been seen in only a small number of attacks that had been tied to the same group. Question I argue is , are the Chinese going to assume the identities of the 20 or so million by sending another  human being over from China to inhabit the bodies of those American's who had their ID's stolen? Like The Invasion of the Body Snatchers ? It sound outlandish , but our nations fear mongers are at work . Here is what Experts fear the stolen information could be used by the Chinese government to blackmail, exploit, or recruit US intelligence officers, compromising the success and safety of agents operating at home and abroad. If the Chinese government is behind the hack, intelligence officials believe information may have been stolen because China is creating a giant database filled with Americans' information. For what reason? We have no idea.Or, if the hackers are working independently, it's possible that personal information is more valuable than credit card numbers on the black market.
So if China did,  it's  our American government  to BLAME.
 So Lets US assume that China did hack into the our national grid . The biggest cause of this is perhaps our government "deals" with China . One of the biggest problems is sharing of Technology with  China , and outsourcing jobs to that country has been "leaks" to our technology . Give for example (***)>> APPLE INC an American company that uses China to build its IOS technology . If the Chinese are building our computers , sure enough they  are stealing our technology , and hacking into our system . The United States-China science and technology relationship is shaped by a central paradox. Reducing climate change, preventing pandemics, and developing new energy sources are all challenges that require global solutions. Moreover, the science that will be the foundation of any technological fixes is increasingly collaborative, spanning different disciplines, institutions, and geographical locations. At the same time, science and technology are an essential component of national economic competitiveness and military power.As a result, China and the US are collaborators as well as competitors for talent, new ideas, market share and prestige. Managing this paradox requires the US to maintain scientific strength at home and deepen ties to emerging science powers, while simultaneously pressuring China on its mercantilist technology policies and cyber espionage.Swapping technology for access to the Chinese market has always been a two-way gamble. Beijing risks that the global tech giants will end up dominating China’s market at the expense of nascent local players, with the upside that in the long run the transferred technology will help local firms improve and compete with global leaders. On the other side, global tech giants are betting that the technology they transfer will never be enough to turn local upstarts into true rivals.China now has an information technology industry that is equipped to match — and beat — the global leaders. This is what happens when you spend all your time spying on your own people instead of paying attention to real threats.

(1)>> HACKED. The US itself conducted industrial spying on greater scale as revealed by Mr. Snowden, not to mention the brain drain from developing nations for decades. Now the Chinese turned the table on the US, and now suddenly the wolf cry a foul. Just as the article said, the Chinese are getting better in technology and spending more on R&D. Pretty soon they will care more about the intellectual property themselves. Every single person who had applied for government security clearance — whether they were federal employees or not — in the last 15 years had their sensitive background information stolen when the database storing their personnel files was breached by Chinese hackers last year. Remember our government is letting  US know now!(***)>> Why Apple's products are 'Designed in California' but 'Assembled in China' Look at the back of your iPhone, or your iPad, or on the bottom of your Mac. You'll see the following words embossed somewhere: "Designed by Apple in California. Apple Inc. used child labor in the making of its products by employing 106 underage workers across 11 facilitates in 2012, an internal audit revealed. According to a report, the company also discovered wage problems and forced pregnancy tests.Apple’s annual ‘Supplier Responsibility’ report, which includes nearly 400 audits, 72 per cent more than in 2011, reviewed sites where over 1.5 million workers make some of the world’s leading products, including iPhone and iPad. Curiously  FORBES magazine summed it up here by
  "No nation has understood the stupidity of America’s trade policy more clearly than post-Mao China. On the one hand, American leaders have thrown the U.S. market wide open to Chinese exports. On the other, they have ignored Beijing’s in-your-face blocking of virtually all advanced American exports to China. The United  States has been by far the most serious victim of  Chinese protectionism."

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