Saturday, August 2, 2014

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,“Made in the USA”.

Are these European Nazi's in disguise ?
There is a dangerous "threat" that soon might need serious military action .  (1) .The so-called  Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, wants to establish an Islamic state stretching from northern Syria into Iraq. And as the brutal terror group racks up victory after victory on the battlefield, more foreign fighters are considering joining their ranks. These foreign fighters are not Arabs by race , as searching for material for this post I have found that a great majority of them are from Asia , Europe  and shockingly enough (2). from the Americas. There are thousands from all across Europe in Syria and Iraq, according to some estimates. The Soufan group, a security consulting firm, believes there are around 700 from France, 800 from Russia and almost 300 from Britain. But these figures relate to people analysts have been able to track, and the true numbers may be even higher. And as ISIS's onslaught in Iraq grows, there are fears even more foreigners will be drawn to fight. Sounds crazy !?  yet unbelievable , how this madness all started You have to blame the United States of America. It all started way back when the United States was trying to topple the Assad regime in Syria, the American government was arming the Syrian rebels . The fact remains, however, that the US, the major European powers, and their regional allies all previously lent financial, military and political support to ISIS and similar groups, which have “Made in the USA” stamped all over them. They have, until now, played a significant part in Washington’s efforts to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as part of a broader effort to gain control of the region’s vast energy resources and transit routes. The United States created this "creeping terror" like it did in Afghanistan when the Soviet Union invaded that country. American arms were flowing , and training the Taliban fighters like Bin Ladin . This is just another repeat of the past 40 years . Well let ask ourselves who funded and brought the ultra reactionary ISIS movement into existence. As the author mentioned above, this ultra reactionary Islamist movement was created back in 2004 as part of Sunni insurgents fighting in Iraq against the US coalition forces. Back then it was funded by the Arab wealthy donors living in the Gulf. Later on when the so called Arab spring broke out these similar ideological forces played a decisive role in the Syrian civil war, and they were either directly or indirectly funded and armed by the US ,Turkey and the Arab regimes in the Gulf particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Moreover, what happened was that once ISIS which stands for (Islamic state for Iraq and Syria) consolidated and expanded their territorial gains in some of the eastern parts of Syria they then started crossing into Iraq, and in the process took over major cities in an effort to topple the US backed Iraqi regime of Nour Al Maliki whom is also a major ally of Iran. This move in itself brought them into direct conflict with Iran and their Shiite allies living in Iraq, and also more importantly this exposed the double standard policy of the US imperialism in using these Islamist forces as Proxy tool in the Syrian War and at same time opposing them virulently in side Iraq.

(1). ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, the terrorist Islamic group previously headed by Osama bin Laden, the son of the wealthy owner of a construction company with close links to the House of Saud. Al Qaeda was formed in the late 1980s in Afghanistan with support from the CIA, which backed the mujahedin as part of its covert war that began in 1979 against the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. (2). The United States has some historical experience. Since 9/11, 111 Americans have gone overseas to join jihadist fronts or seek training from terrorist groups abroad. Forty-seven were arrested on the way, 64 of them connected with jihadist groups abroad. Fewer than half of these returned; some were arrested abroad, some remain at large. The rest were killed—some in suicide bombings, two by U.S. airstrikes, at least two by their terrorist comrades. The most infamous American to have fought in Syria is Eric Harroun, who joined the Al Nusrah Front, and then turned himself in to US officials while in Turkey. Harroun later pled guilty to a weapons charge and was sentenced to time served.Other known American jihadists include Amiir Farouk Ibrahim, who was born in Pennsylvania on Oct. 30, 1980, according to his passport, which was found in an ISIS safe house last year. Ibrahim is thought to have been killed last year.Nicole Lynn Mansfield, an American from Flint, Mich., was killed in May 2013. She fought for Ahrar al Sham, an Islamist brigade that is part of the Islamic Front. One of Ahrar al Sham's top leaders, Abu Khalid al Suri, was also a senior al Qaeda leader and the personal representative to Ayman al Zawahiri in Syria, until he was killed by a suspected ISIS suicide attack in Aleppo in late February.

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