Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shutting the Government down for the little guy......

The Government Shut out the "little guy" . Average Americans
With a government shutdown . In THEORY all services are closed , well not so. There was a lot of media hype about this. . Vary much like the sequester , but here is the TRUTH . A manufactured crisis. The government is still vary much running at 80 % . The 20 % part that was shutdown was 'the little guy' , the vary bottom services like your Veterans, the Social Security Precipitants (soon if they don't settle) . Parks closed , national landmarks. NASA all furloughed , and furloughed . No pay for those guys , while your congress men continue to get paid . Yes TAXES are still levied .This whole govt "Shutdown" is just a scare tactic. The White House and House Republicans have committed to talking about ways to avoid a default on U.S. debt, the first concrete sign of a potential compromise since the government shut down 11 days ago. The looming question is whether a short-term agreement to raise the debt ceiling will come at the expense of reopening the government and the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who remain furloughed.The  200,000 employees . Here is an extreme example of what was shutdown .The Drudge Report put that item on its homepage with the headline, "Amber Alert website shut down, Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’ stays up." By the next morning, the Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott had an article titled, "Obama shutters Amber Alerts as government shutdown enters second week." "Somebody, somewhere in the Obama White House or the Obama Justice Department decided to shut down the Amber Alerts, despite the system's long and stellar record of helping locate missing children," Tapscott wrote.  What is going to be on the chopping blog to a 'balanced budget' that soon will cross Obama's desk is cutting entitlements as part of a bi-partisan plan to reduce federal spending at the cost of not dealing with AHCA (Obamacare). The hardline issue is raising the debt ceiling , or paying China  Are the Democrats liars who should not be trusted? Of course. It would be silly not to understand that. Now let us go over the fine upstanding qualities of the Republicans> OOPS! None there either.  Get with the program and understand that the governments are all against their people. This is the war they have wrought - and they expect us to fight THEIR wars amongst us - not them. Right now Congress approval ratings are in the teens , and President Obama is not far he just a cut above 38 % of approval. MEANWHILE the Stock market was still about 15 ,000 DOW it hardly dipped . I suspected that the FASLE Shutdown was not going to hurt anyone who is considered rich. When you print $100,000,000,000 a month of worthless dollars and it all goes to fat cats on Wall Street who cares about this.   Now I am sure that the shutdown has created a conservative tragedy .Recently the Polls showed that Obamacare's popularity went up 20 % (contrary to the right-wing tea party logic ) on the national front. Here is the LAST Cliche to this false Government Shutdown. Nearly 80% of Obamacare Websites Still Not Fully Functional. Potential customers continuing to report long wait timesmissing data on plans and providers, and a slew of other snags associated with the websites. 


Let's START talking about "freezing" the Salaries of Congress if the FALSE SHUTDOWN continues , here is a good estimate how much our elected officials earn by the way:
The Savings to the TAX payers would be phenomenal .
Senate LeadershipMajority Party Leader - $193,400Minority Party Leader - $193,400House LeadershipSpeaker of the House - $223,500Majority Leader - $193,400Minority Leader - $193,400A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.Shown below are the current annual salaries for the top elected and appointed US government officials, along with the annual salaries for these officials in 2000 or 2001.
Executive BranchPresident of the United States2013: $400,0002000: $200,000
Note: The president's salary was increased from $200,000 to $400,000 in 2001. The president's current salary of $400,000 includes a $50,000 expense allowance.
Also See: Presidential Pay, Compensation and Benefits
Vice President of the United States2013: $231,900 effective March 27, 20132000: $181,400
Legislative Branch - US CongressRank-and-File Senators and Representatives2013: $174,0002000: $141,300
Also See: The 10 Wealthiest Members of Congress
Speaker of the House2013: $223,5002000: $181,400
House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders2013: $193,4002000: $156,900

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