Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Congress kicking the can down the road.

Big Capitalists Bring down their own
The madness that has become Washington D.C.  with the shutdown shows that our nation may nearing another "crisis" of self implosion .That is more catastrophic than all the terrorists around the world .America's enemies must be laughing. But most of the world is just baffled, mystified at the sight of the world's most powerful country tangled in a crippling web of its own making.The first American government shutdown in 17 years weakened the dollar on Tuesday, sending it to an eight-month low against the euro, but otherwise left equity markets firmer while U.S. Treasury bonds fell. In all my life watching the political Washington D.C. ramblings over the last "decade" .  It's never like this , worse since 2001 September 11th . Just what is wrong with our  government ? Is this just the sign that our political system is at the point that its' just kicking the can down the wrong path? I am pretty sure now that the fractions behind the anti-Obama movement within the Republican party want to sabotage President Obama making him look as incompetent as ever. However  They're all a bunch of idiots who can't work together to get anything done. It's a sad state we're in, but I often ask Democrat or Republican as to which side are they on on Capitol Hill? We have finger pointing . I find  many faults with the Republican's on the Hill . Their hard line so called conservatism has broken down the government . While I also find the President Obama's own unwillingness to negotiate with the Republicans may in the end , making him the "fall guy" in the long run for system failure .A small band of extreme right-wing politicians couldn't win the debate, or the vote, or the legal argument over health care, so they decided to close down the government instead. A system that allows that to happen is dangerously flawed and in urgent need of repairs. There is also a BIGGER JOKE . Appearing in the White House Rose Garden on Saturday, President Obama apparently experienced a revelation. He acknowledged there are constitutional limits on his power, something he has heretofore mostly ignored while issuing executive orders, bypassing Congress on appointments and deciding which parts of the Affordable Care Act to follow and which to delay or ignore. President Obama has invited congressional leaders to discuss the government shutdown and debt limit, the White House announced on Wednesday. and likely inconsequential — strike. "The President will urge the House to pass the clean CR to reopen the government, and call on Congress to act to raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills we have already incurred and avoid devastating consequences on our economy," the official said. The POLLS and their percentages don't lie . They tell us what is going down , but numbers also show how much America lost it's faith in it's government. Numerous polls show the Republicans taking a bigger hit than Mr. Obama or the Democrats over a shutdown, at least before it began. A Quinnipiac Poll released Tuesday shows 72 percent of Americans oppose Congress shutting down the government in an attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act (ACA), even though almost half of the public doesn’t like the new health-care law. Republicans in Congress have only a 17 percent job approval rating, versus 32 percent for the Democrats, the poll reports. Obama’s job approval rating isn’t stellar – 45 percent  – though it could be a whole lot worse.

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