Monday, October 7, 2013

John Boehner's Hard LINE.

John Boehner's hard line is  from a script , on
a few occasions he is right , and also wrong.
STEPHANOPOULOS this Sunday interviewed Speaker of the House John Boehner . I have oftern heard Boehner speak many times in other "interviews" . What I found about him is he so SO HARDLINE that he just won't give a straight answer . John A. Boehner stood his ground on Sunday alongside the most conservative Republicans in Congress, insisting that the House would not vote to finance and reopen the government or raise the nation's borrowing limit without concessions from President Obama on the health care law. At the point I agree with some of  what Boehner said regarding the "debt limit" which has to be addressed by both parties . I sincerely reject the notion of shutting down the government on one single issue, Obamacare (ACA) is the right thing to do at the moment . I am for a Re hauling of the entire American system that also includes Health Care , but simply stating that the ACA is the only alternative to healthcare in the country is wrong . The reality is that while Obamacare may be politically viable (just barely), it is not economically or functionally viable. Texas and a few other states won't enforce it from the start, and the rest of the states won't enforce it at some point when it completely crashes. The feds will try to rob private accounts to pay for it, which will result in an avalanche of lawsuits in all states. It's the worse mess federal government has ever created.With his hard line, Mr. Boehner reaffirmed that the stalemate with the White House over the six-day-old government shutdown was now compounded by an even more economically risky fight over raising the government's borrowing limit by Oct. 17 to pay for bills already incurred.  with all this "The fact is, this fight was going to come one way or the other," Mr. Boehner said on the ABC News program "This Week," adding, "We're in the fight."The chronic parrot that John Boehner often repeats himself from a hard-line script book . Pres Obama also sounds like a parrot too when he said publicly that he would not "negotiate" any options on Obamacare which is simply stupid on the part of the President of the United States. President Obama still has not addressed the sequestration . Which the government is still jerking around , and has not solved .The whole debt ceiling debacle is a joke. We still have $185b-200b revenue coming in and about $225B+ going out. so do we just stop the revenues and put it in cans and dig a hole in the backyard. Scare tactic! keep the government shutdown until we come to an agreement to reduces pending or at least when revenues = outflow. Another spin by the Administration. Congress does not have the responsibility/obligation to raise the debt ceiling, they have the AUTHORITY to do so, AT THEIR DISCRETION.Mr. Boehner challenged Obama to "call me he's got my number." I am sure Boehner wants to end this whole mess, Boehner says he is listening to the American people, but the American people appear to be quite clear in their opposition to both the government shutdown and not raising the debt ceiling.


The issue of the debt ceiling is the worst "debacle" in American history . Experts agree that failing to raise the nation's debt ceiling by Oct. 17, when U.S. officials say the government will run out of money to pay its bills, would gravely wound the economy, and perhaps even throw it back into recession. Because Treasury bonds and the dollar are cornerstones of the global financial system, meanwhile, the shock wave would be felt around the world. Not one want's a deficit of 17 trillion dollars . John Boehner is right on the cue on this , our nation has to cut it's spending , produce a viable spending plan that reduces the debt . As you were almost not aware since it was slept under the rung  back in 2008 when President Bush left office our national debt was just under 8 Trillion  dollars , because of the 2 wars and "Less than two months into President Obama's second term, new numbers show the national debt increased by more than $6 trillion since he took office. It's the largest increase to date under any U.S. president. During the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, the debt soared by $4.9 trillion.President Obama's spending efforts in the first four years the national debt has shot through the ceiling . So if "raising the debt ceiling" can save the nation , also not cutting debt can also wreck it. While the White House and Senate Democrats said they would push a $1 trillion bill that would authorize borrowing for a year or longer, they suggested they would accept a short-term bill, perhaps lasting only weeks, if necessary to avoid a default. How long can America borrow ? Now do you all understand.

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