Thursday, June 13, 2013

Should Assad stay , and why?

Is he really that Bad ?
As of today the spotlight is on Syria .The news pouring in indicates   American intelligence analysts now believe that President Bashar al-Assad’s troops have used chemical weapons against rebel forces in the civil war in Syria, an assessment that will put added pressure on a deeply divided Obama administration to develop a response to a provocation that the president himself has declared a “red line.” I  want to just STOP here for a moment . Tuning in on news channels CNN and FOX give or take two remarks from senators who were interviewed it seems that the Obama Administration is upping "support" for military aide for the "rebels" .The Obama administration is attempting an overly ambitiously and subtle policy of simultaneously helping the good rebels with clandestine lethal arms and $114 million in aid even as it prepares for possible drone strikes on the bad rebels. Nice idea, but manipulating the rebel forces via remote control has little chance of success. Inevitably, aid will end up with the Islamist s and air strikes will kill allies. Better to accept one's limitations and aspire to the feasible: propping up the side in retreat. America is being drawn into a dangerous conflict . America is sending 200 more troops to Jordan to bolster its defenses  a Jordanian minister announced. US and other special forces are already believed to be based in the country. Russia is now supplying weapons to Syria  for Assad's forces to fight the rebels .  First of all just who are the Rebels? Al-Qaeda insurgents have now crossed into Syria in an effort to bring down the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad. The armed presence of the terror group raises new concerns over what factions within the Syrian anti-government coalition will emerge triumphant if and when Assad falls. I for one don't want Al-Qaeda . Why is that for no reason that beat's a logical spin is that the United States wants soo badly to get rid of Assad? It just makes no sense . But isn't Al Queda bad? Didn't they commit 911? Why is America helping them, what the hell is going on here?Welcome to reality! The Us government has been supporting Al qaeda since day one! All these "rebel risings" all over the middle east all have Ties to al qaeda, and we help train them and arm them! even before 9/11 we supported islamist terrorist groups we gave them money and resources to help prevent the spread of communism during the cold war, then they turned around and used those weapons on us.While Western countries have called for Assad to step down, Russia, China and Iran – which all back the Syrian regime – continue to advocate for negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition forces.I feel that our American foreign policy is really bad towards Syria . America is jumping to conclusions regarding helping the rebels. Assad might be right when he said : "The West has paid heavily for funding al-Qaeda in its early stages," he said during a rare appearance on state television. "Today, it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States." Mr Assad added: "There is no option but victory. Otherwise it will be the end of Syria, and I don't think that the Syrian people will accept such an option.


But do American officials really believe that the Syrian opposition is sufficiently well organized to assume full responsibility for governing? Or that the Free Syrian Army can establish security across the country? And how would the United States stop sectarian reprisals with no troops and limited leverage — or prevent those reprisals from producing a new spiral of killing? America will also have to contend with the influence of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in a post-Assad Syria. Both countries have a much better understanding of Syria and its politics, as well as ties to rebel commanders there, including some that Washington considers terrorists.

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