Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jerry , hold on that 3 billion dollars!

A state with money is a little like a mule 
with a spinning wheel. No ones knows how they
 got it and dang if they know how to use it. -Lyle Lanley
A long time ago . The State of California had a surplus of 20 billion dollars to be exact ( some say it was  $12.3 billion )  .The New York Times reports the state is expecting a surplus between an estimated $1.2 billion and $4.4 billion dollars. This surplus comes just three years after the state was in a $60 billion deficit.  During the Gray Davis era of governorship . The sate had huge surpluses of money.  Back then we had much lower taxes than we do now , but the spending was just beginning to get out of control . Well the Governor Davis plan like Jerry Brown's plan was to to boost spending on education . As usual the California Department of Education has no money . Gov. Davis said back then ,  he would resist the "siren song" of special interests seeking to enlarge the budget with permanent spending. "I will stand up to anyone who tries to convince the Legislature that they should spend most or all of this money in ongoing expenses." Jerry Brown This year, with the state receiving billions of dollars in new revenue from temporary new sales and ** income taxes and an improving economy, Brown declared that all of the extra money would have to go to schools, the single most popular form of government spending. By law, most of the surplus revenue goes to public schools and community colleges because of the Prop 98 funding guarantee. The LAO estimates “only several hundred million dollars” will be left for other general fund programs. I urge restraint on the Governor to spend any surplus until the state get's it's surplus back to the level it was under Gov. Gray Davis  . I am sure everyone  wants a piece of the pie. The Education system want's pretty much all of it . California's own budget,  half of it occupies education spending , and next to it  ##10 billion a year on 'illegal immigration' . If all else there is that 90 billion dollar high speed light rail train that still has not gotten on track . Yes, California the state with all the broken roads that need repair............... " a penny saved is a penny earned"- Ben Franklin.


** Bloomberg reports its possible more than expected high-income residents sold their investments last year to avoid an increased tax rate. California has the highest federal tax for those making a million dollars or more at 13.3%.

## hosting America's largest population of illegal immigrants, California bears a huge cost to provide basic human services for this fast growing, low-income segment of its population. A new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) examines the costs of education, health care and incarceration of illegal aliens, and concludes that the costs to Californians is $10.5 billion per year.
Among the key finding of the report are that the state's already struggling K-12 education system spends approximately $7.7 billion a year to school the children of illegal aliens who now constitute 15 percent of the student body. Another $1.4 billion of the taxpayers' money goes toward providing health care to illegal aliens and their families, the same amount that is spent incarcerating illegal aliens criminals.

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