Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hollywood's Dark Materials ....

Holly Wood can't put out movies as they did without remaking a film , can have a goof film known  as a "reboot".Rebooted movies have appeared in theaters with a very regular frequency over the past few years: Casino Royale, The Incredible Hulk, Star Trek, a reboot every year or so. This summer that frequency has skyrocketed to ridiculous levels. Three of the summer’s biggest movies are all reboots: The Amazing Spiderman, Total Recall, 
and The Dark Knight Rises. I was a bit disappointed  with the new Superman movie called Man of Steal . Seeing the film was like  Déjà vu, yes I have already seen this before a movie called the Dark knight . General Zod was a splitting mirror image of Bane the bad guy of the Dark Knight film . The Darkness won't end there . I have noted many remakes coming out of Hollywood with the title DARK . Star Trek : Into Darkness is another "reboot" with a more darker , and violent edge into the film . What get's me is that the action films that incorporate violence these days use a lot of CGI , and most of all they  turn the actors into computer enhanced characters based more and more on video-games than live action . The basic philosophy here is that the "re-imaging" of old films that were good 20 years ago now into the classic edge as the Christopher Reeves "Superman". This  was a gentler and milder hero . Case in point with Tim Burton's Batman drew heavily from the 1960's , and 1940's was not a reboot, but a more successful rendition of Batman , and yes the Joker played by Jack Nicholson was a film stealer. You can't compare any of the "reboot" films.  The most disappointing thing about reboots, in my opinion, is that they seem to have inspire people to really, mean spiritedly bash the originals.


Movie remakes are nothing new (Siskel and Ebert were complaining about them way back in 1976), but since the world economy has become a battlefield of increasing uncertainty, Hollywood has tried to wrestle some sense of security and certainty from the jaws of chaos, by focusing on movies that feature familiar titles and brands. The theory is that fan nostalgia is its own brand of effective marketing – though that theory is getting more and more questionable with each new movie season,  most remakes pretty much suck. when these once cult classics implement CGI, they ALWAYS end up UN believable. 

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