Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NSA's leaks . A reality .

 Edward Snowden, may have given more than
 just "secrets" by compromising American
Well It's finally been reveled who was leaking all the top secret stuff were not supposed to know about.WASHINGTON — Calling America's spying capabilities "horrifying," a 29-year-old former CIA employee revealed himself Sunday as the primary source of unauthorized disclosures of highly classified U.S. telephone and Internet surveillance systems that were among the intelligence community's most closely held secrets. Edward J. Snowden gave them his consent to reveal his identity as an analyst for the National Security Agency, which is America's largest spy organization and conducts cyber-spying. Both papers have published a startling series of top-secret documents in recent days.The exposure of the secret programmes has triggered widespread debate within the United States and abroad about the vast reach of the NSA, which has expanded its surveillance programmes dramatically in the last decade. US officials say the agency operates within the law. "My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which was done in their name and that which is done against them," the Guardian quoted Snowden as saying. WELL it might seem a bit ODD that SOME at FOX NEWS are defending this guy . Yes , it's all dandy that Snowden "revealed"  something that every educated American should have known since September 11th 2001. The Government of the United States has been conducting a vast program of intelligence gathering . Yes, yeas... we have been spied on by Uncle Sam for years . I believe that we have  been  under the radar since the 1990's when President Clinton was in office . The point here is putting Edward J Snowden on the "hero's" list is so miss begotten.  I can't believe Glenn Beck   , Rush Limbaugh ,  or Micheal Moore   . The fact that Snowden lived in Hong Hong which practically he lived within China .A lot of people in the US media are asking why America's most famous whistleblower, 29-year old Edward Snowden, hied himself off to the city state of Hong Kong, a wholly owned subsidiary of the People's Republic of China, to seek at least temporary refuge. There is so much on my speculation if he had any connections to the recent "hacking" into  U.S. Defense  systems recently? of course Snowden is beginning to look like a defector now . He's going to Russia . Russia offed him political asylum , yes they need him too .What is stunning is the timing. Now that the USA is about to denounce China for reckless stealing of military information, here it comes this "freedom fighter" to say it's all the same. Very suspicious.


The two U.S. programs we learned about from Snowden’s revelations are (1)Boundless Information, which allows the NSA to examine huge amounts of communication metadata around the world to look for trends, and (2) a secret list of potential targets abroad to hack as a way to preempt some threat against the U.S.

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