Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 6th approaches!

It's time to vote suckers , again!

Regardless of who wins, roughly half the nation will be wailing about the end of days being nigh.Political commentators in France and Germany registered surprise at Obama's underwhelming performance, saying the election could be much tighter as a result."Obama showed a lack of desire to be president, which could put him on shaky ground as a presidential candidate," said liberal German news magazine Der Spiegel."It's now clear that to get back into the White House the U.S. president needs running shoes, not flip-flops."That is something Obama has sought to exploit in the past. In the run-up to a G8 meeting at Camp David in May, White House officials firmly pressed their European counterparts to rally behind Obama's policy initiatives, according to those involved."It was like all of the G8 apart from Russia and Japan were expected to be part of the Obama re-election campaign," the chief of staff of one European leader told Reuters at the time. Being fair both Obama and Romney are both roosting , both rich , and it matters not who get's in the White-House . America at the moment is unfix able.
Regardless I believe that my own crystal ball poll. After reading news item after news item . President Obama still faces odds . #  His "record" is a bit sorry , you might give him credit for trying , but he has been acting like a lame duck president for the last two years , no budget , we also have a fiscal cliff were are heading and while the unemployment rate is at 7.9 %  it could jump back to 8.4 or higher because all the jobs that have been created are all Holiday jobs rather than permanent .Here is my predictable poll . This can go either way for each candidate .  Here goes it.

Obama 49.1  Romney 50.4 
Sorry my Liberal Democrat friends . This race is vary close . Now with hurricane Sandy blowing up some election prospects for Mitt Romney , there has to be a word of caution . The hurricane may have disrupted voting back east to a point that Congress may have to intervene like the Bush- Gore fiasco of 2000. 

Here is my comment on a few of them that are critical .
I am going to lay it  straight to my readers about the wonderful state that I live in . First it is the worst one in the union . It has high taxation , big time spending and waste . Gov. Jerry Brown wants to raise taxes for seven years , by then he'd be long gone . 
Propositions 30 . YES , BUT  I don't think it's going to pass , and yes I voted for it as much as I hate it, its money for schools or else . Last I read some of the details  of the tax increase out of the Governor's mouth indicate that some of this tax money may be not all for schools , while being interviewed on KPIX  Jerry Brown seems to have played with words to include the entire California infrastructure tied to this Proposition in a due or dire tax increase . The warning from Jerry is that if he does not get his tax plan there would "catastrophic" cuts everywhere ..... what? I thought this money was for schools , what has Prop 30 have to do with cutting social service ? It beats me here  . The Governor's scare tactic is may be working . The polls show a steady increase of voter approval . MEANWHILE Prop 38 another confusing schools tax seems to be dipping , I would  NOT have this Prop 38 pass . It would tax everyone including the VARY POOR! I hate to say this if both Propositions 30 & 38 pass we will be  screwed . The last "decade" our payroll taxes have gone up , and up ! and the state deficits have gotten BIGGER and BIGGER!
Prop 32: Political Contributions. @
I cast a NO VOTE simply on the grounds . Instead, it's a virtual Who's Who roster of the rich and powerful, a lineup of bankers, investors, venture capitalists, executives and other wealthy individuals, many of whom have a history of funding conservative causes and have been active participants in the power game in Sacramento. And apparently, they want the game to themselves, critics say. The State Union that I belong to is trying to keep this Paycheck option out . My guess is if it passes we Union members still have an option to stay in a union regardless , and NO matter what union I belong to . The UNION  it is still powerful enough to lobby because Money walks !
Prop 33: Auto Insurance Rates  YES , and NO comment.
 * Prop 34: Death Penalty Repeal  NO !
Say goodbye to the Death Penalty in California if this proposition gets a majority yes-vote from voters. If this happens . Serial killers and COP killers would get away with murder . Though no has been executed in years the penalty must remain as a safe guard to protect a civil society .
Prop 35: Human Trafficking/Sex Offender  NO
Prop 35 would introduce much stiffer penalties for convicted sex and labor traffickers, in addition to expanding the definition of human trafficking. Give me a break did not we have LAWS already that cover such offensives ? 
Prop 36: Three Strikes Law YES
Prop 36 would amend California's Three Strikes Law to shorten the sentencing for some nonviolent offenders. I heard of a story that a homeless man was arrested for stealing a slice of Pizza was sent back to prison for life without parole.
Prop 39: Multistate Business Tax NO
Prop 39 would change the way multistate businesses pay taxes in California. The increased revenues would benefit schools and help pay for clean energy retrofitting and alternative energy programs in California.
Prop 40: Redistricting NO
Prop 40 is a referendum on California's newly redrawn state Senate districts, but the original proponents are no longer seeking to reject them.

 # The Obama record stands for it's self.  3 years battling Congress and Republicans , 2 years pushing "healthcare" . 1 year Killed Bin-Ladin . 3 years budget battles and NO BUDGET . 1 year spent most of his time campaigning .While more Asian Americans support President Obama than GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, roughly a third of Asian American voters are undecided statewide and nationally, according to new reports.“It shows that Asian Americans are a population that is still very much up for grabs,” said Karthick Ramakrishnan, the director of the National Asian American Survey and a UC Riverside political scientist.Nationally, 45 percent of Asian Americans are likely voters, the NAAS poll of more than 3,000 respondents found. Of those, 43 percent said they supported Obama, 24 percent said they favored Romney and 32 percent said they were undecided. Obama sure enough has the Latino vote and the Gay vote , but Women are still divided .

 * If Californians pass Proposition 34 next month and repeal the state’s death penalty, it won’t necessarily be the last word.Supporters of the November ballot measure to abolish the death penalty in California would rather talk about dollars than death, hoping to focus voters’ attention on the costs of capital punishment. Their opponents would rather talk about the American Civil Liberties Union.“THE ACLU IS THE PROBLEM,” the No on Proposition 34 committee proclaims in capital letters in its state ballot pamphlet argument, whose signers include former Gov. Pete Wilson. Prop. 34, its opponents argue, is part of “the ACLU’s agenda to weaken public safety laws.” And while the civil liberties group claims that the death penalty system is dysfunctional and expensive, Wilson and his cohorts say, “it’s the ACLU and supporters who have disrupted fair implementation of the law with endless delays.”

 @ Prop 32, which the unions are freaked out about because it would limit labor’s chief weapon for influencing the state’s politics – political donations – by preventing unions from using automatic payroll deductions from their members.
The same restriction would apply to corporations, but as the League of Women Voters said — this measure would hurt one side more than the other for reasons explained there.
So what’s the connection between the donor — the Des Moines, Iowa-based American Future Fund — and the billionaire conservative financiers the Koch brothers? Because of opaque campaign finance laws, tracing the money is a challenge.

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