Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I feel really sorry .

Our Secretary of the State gave a vary heated glance back toward the Israeli  Minister .

Sometimes I wonder who is really the persecuted minority . Is it the Israeli , or the Palestinians  ? This last onslaught  is no example of why there should  be a "peace plan" in the Middle -East . Our nation has remains  vary indifferent toward the Palestinians , and shamefully in a vary un-American way not recognizing these people's national status at the UN makes America less a broker of any peace between Israel and the Palestinian authority .  I know it's hard for my Jewish Friends to take  criticism .  I understand that there is a feeling towards Israel because the Christian world view of that piece of land being the "holy land" and so on.Take my word , my last blog post I relented that it was Israel that fired the fist shot  , making a preemptive strike on a Hamas leader . Remember amid the Arab Spring we never did hear up until now any rockets firing into Israeli territory . It seems to me that the Israeli media is trying to portray the Palestinian's as the bad guys who use "human shields" hiding rockets in Mosques so innocents could be killed by Israeli retaliation . Remember folks the Gaza Strip is nothing but a "ghetto" by human standards , and its so over crowded with people per square inch that there are no bomb shelters there unlike those in the well off Israeli territories . Right now the Israeli -Palestinian conflict is well over due for a resolution .


What is the point of those who argue that Israel is built on stolen land. In addition to it being untrue, even if it were true it is a wasted argument. It is there now, and will continue to be there. Nuclear powers do not get dislodged. Either Hamas accepts the Jewish state or have their people live in perpetual misery. It is their choice. They and other Arab peoples could enhance their lives if they choose peace. If not, they will remain backwater locations. When the oil revenue stops flowing they will go from backwater to irrelevant wastes. The choice is their's to make. Hate or progress. Which will it be?

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