Thursday, November 15, 2012

How "they" Helped Obama win again!

The Obama win fosters curious propaganda .
There has to be a drawing line  to this recent Newsweek cover . I am sure that the aim is to present President Obama as victorious politician , and to compare him with   Napoleon? The Obama dream team from the start had created propaganda as well as some 'racial' overtones as we see here . The Newsweek cover also has a above caption reading ' GOP : YOUR OLD , YOUR WHITE , YOUR HISTORY !' The Republicans today are in a similar position to the Democrats ca. 1970. The extremist fringe is triumphant and will be content to lose election after election as long as they stick to principles no one else holds to be valuable. They need their own Bill Clinton right about now. But they really aren't ready for such a figure. REMEMBER . Newsweek is also the same magazine that told boldly for Obama to HIT THE ROAD and publicly endorsed Mitt Romney for President. A divided America has given President Barack Obama a second term: an extraordinary result given economic fundamentals that should have doomed the incumbent, according to the usual rules of electoral gravity.Scotching fears of drawn-out legal wrangling over disputed ballots in dead-heat races, the result became clear soon after the polls closed on the west coast. After billions of dollars in campaign spending, many thousands of vicious attack ads and unprecedented interventions by deep-pocketed outside groups, the balance of power looked remarkably similar to how it did a day before. Mr Obama is on course to lose just two states that he had taken in 2008, Indiana and North Carolina. Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and the Democrats kept hold of the Senate. Yes I BLAME the REPUBLICAN'S for Obama's re-election . FIRST from the vary start we have had the Anti- Obama right wing NEWS media  like FOX , and to name the TEA PARTY as examples that for the last four years pushed so much of their propaganda which fostered on LIES accusing Mr. Obama for being a Marxist . All this hype made Mr. Obama look like a martyr , it helped him win his obvious publicity , as well as his forthcoming notoriety as America's first African American President .   I voted for a Romney win . Here is why I did that . First I can't see Mr. Obama surviving a second term  , and getting this country back to any economic recovery . Our United States government for one is run by the Big Business Gangsters who have already sold out Congress on both Party Lines . Secondly if in the next four years Mr. Obama can't turn things around remember vividly how commentators spoke of the "extinction of the Democratic Party" after the huge Republican victories in 2004. Coincidentally, that was the year when Barack Obama entered the public consciousness. Politics, like economics, is cyclical. The Republicans will adjust. Likewise, the Democrats will preside over failures. Here also is why I am endorsing other political parties outside of the Democrats and Republicans .If Obama honors his word, assuming he is a Democrat in the true sense of the word, (for as far as the public are concerned he has won by a mere 1.9%) he will try to work with Romney. Rather than try to govern a divided nation, this would be logical, realistic and honorable. Was this a win is the question many ask? Wall Street reacted strongly to Tuesday’s election results with a broad selloff. As the deadline looms over the fiscal cliff, worries of possible debt downgrades remain in focus. After the election, small-businesses know the Affordable Care Act will stand, and tax increases for those making above $250,000 are likely. Now that the 2012 race for the White House is in the books, the spotlight on Wall Street is shifting from a major political question mark to a more monumental fiscal one. How Obama’s win could change America! Then, can we steer clear of the fiscal cliff by January? There seems to be more questions then answers. When Obama has inherited the seat it he kitty was empty then it is our years and we still are not sure if he can re-fill the run the next four years and get the coffers filled up as this was before the 2000?

ON THE NEWSWEEK COVER : While Napoleon Bonaparte did help create key civil and economic reforms, the ruler, through legal trickery, crowned himself France's emperor in 1804. He was also a warmonger, reinstated slavery in the country's colonies, often ignored treaties and laws to obtain his goals, and he sanctioned the institutional plundering of conquered regions, resulting in the deaths of millions. How exactly is this a great cover? Newsweek editors look like they're once again creating propaganda for the government. I'll never, ever join the Republican Party, but for a party that prides itself on being "inclusive" and "colorblind," the Democrats keep stirring up racism to create division. Isn't President Obama part-white? It's pure evil to teach someone to hate themselves for their skin color. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, " I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Well, let's ignore that uniting promise; it doesn't help sell magazines.
Romney called his loss to Obama a disappointing result that he and his team had not expected, but he said he believed his team had run a superb campaign. He said he was trying to turn his thoughts to the future, "but, frankly, we're still so troubled by the past, it's hard to put together our plans for the future 

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