Friday, October 5, 2012


Let's "expose" the suffering Middle Class Americans !
Get me here folks . I have heard enough of the petite bourgeoisie of the Media about the MIDDLE CLASS . Just who are they ? Certainly enough they are not you or me , but they are the next step to the highest paid Americans Washington, politicians, spin-doctors and pundits are fighting over how proposed tax cuts and other policy proposals will affect various income groups, and their favorite is the middle class. That's right, you and me? Maybe not.Well, not rich and not poor. One of the simplest explanations I've seen is all adults with annual household income between about $40,000 and $120,000. BUT wait ! Any one earning 40,000 $ a year is not NO LONGER considered Middle Class but part of the Poverty Class thanks to the high cost of living . So after listening to both the Democratic Convention, the Republican Convention, what do we know now about how Romney defines middle class and how Obama defines middle class? Both the Democrats and Republicans spin their language , and use the term that has nothing to do with anyone who earns 50,000 a year . In their eyes your nothing but a poor dirt farmer in comparison to the CEO's & CBO's  that make over 120,000 a year . Of coarse you , YOU are not MIDDLE CLASS if you are a Teacher that earn's close to 60,000 to 80,000 a year . You are POOR because of the nature of the nations economic inflation . You make ends meet , and barely make it all on the account of the rising costs of living . So if you make just about 110 ,000 to 150,000 or HIGHER you can probably afford a house and fancy car . Yes , buy the time you reach this paragraph . You would have just opened your eyes to know that you are not as rich as you think , but your NOT ONE OF THE MIDDLE CLASS!.Now maybe Romney is talking about the penalties that uninsured people would have to pay under Obama's health care plan, or maybe he's talking about Obama's proposal to increase taxes on households making over $250,000, in which case that also says something about who Romney includes in the middle class.


While a household making over 250k seems fairly well off, many small business owners that have not incorporated file taxes as individuals. While the business is likely to gross over 250k, the take home pay for the owner is nowhere close to that. I believe this is what Gov. Romney means when he doesn't want taxes to be raised on those earning 250k /year. Under the soon-expiring 'Bush tax cuts' as well as excise taxes in the affordable care act, these households and small businesses will see taxes go up, which means the cost of goods and services or their small number of employees may change for the worse!

Vice President Joe Biden said the middle class has been “buried the last four years,” not the most artful statement coming from the No. 2 in the administration in charge during that time.--- What a Crock of Sh**, you know that rich just got richer if you make about 150,000 $ a year.
In fairness, this is the same cutoff for “middle income” that Barack Obama has used in talking about the Bush tax cuts. $200,000 is also the cutoff that the Tax Policy Center used in finding that Romney’s tax plan will raise taxes for the vast majority of Americans. Economists who have criticized the TPC study, such as Harvard’s Martin Feldstein and Princeton’s Harvey Rosen, focus on this element, with Feldstein arguing that $100,000 is a more appropriate cutoff and Rosen admitting that it becomes much harder for Romney’s plan to work without raising taxes on middle-income people if $200,000 is the cutoff than if $100,000 is. But what does a more reasonable definition of “middle class” include, and what does that class look like? And what does the tiny portion of the population that isn’t middle-class under Romney’s definition look like?

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