Friday, October 12, 2012

Second Debate Analysis.

Joe Biden laughed his way to a debate win , while Ryan looked nervous .
Well with the second debate out . Here is MY analysis of the whole Vice -Presidential debate . As shocking as it may seem Joe Biden won the debate . Please don't accuse me of being a Liberal I am not.  I was waiting for Paul Ryan to plaster Biden , but as I listened  to the debate . Paul Ryan himself appeared 'twitchy' , nervous and confused .Ryan's explanation of his tax plan seemed out right confusing even to me . Paul Ryan was at his catch -22 , he looked just as bad as Obama did when he debated Romney . Joe Biden is a great speaker , his aggressiveness on answering questions posed to him , made him look more credible . My mustering here is that although if we lived in a different timeline  a President Joe Biden would have done a better job . This is not the last hurrah here . Biden has  his weaknesses . As a speaker Biden is know to say what he means no matter how silly it sounds as gaffs may go , but this time that laugh fell with Ryan . Unlike Paul Ryan , Joe Biden has a lot of political experience that goes way out  . Pres. Obama , and Mitt Romney . As politics goes with Paul Ryan are just 'baby' like . No perfect here  choice folks. Even some Democratic supporters criticized the behavior  such as liberal film critic Roger Ebert, who tweeted: 'Joe! Stop smiling and laughing!'But other Biden fans were pleased with their man's performance - strategist Hillary Rosen said, 'I think he genuinely thought that Ryan’s attempts to nitpick and cast aspersions on the administration’s foreign policy was laughable.'Body language experts were unimpressed by the grinning. I'm sorry, but people who think Ryan won the debate just didn't watch it or didn't pay attention to anything being said. Ryan almost exclusively posed dumb personal stories and "zingers" that had little to do with anything, but were clearly prepared and rehearsed by his handlers. He's not a good actor and you could tell. Biden, on the other hand, is always going to be Biden. He has a big mouth, but he says what he means, which is why he's both a fantastic and awful politician. Fantastic in that people feel he is genuine, awful in that he occasionally offends voters. I thought the best moment of the night was Ryan talking about how Obama offended Israel and Netanyahu by going on The View instead of meeting with him and Biden says something to the effect of, "I've known Bebe for 29 years! We talk all the time! Bebe was not offended by the president." That, to me, was a "I knew Jack Kennedy and you're no Jack Kennedy" moment. Don’t be fooled. With this performance, Biden did himself a lot of favors Thursday night. And if Obama should lose this November, “Bazooka Joe” might make a more credible candidate in 2016 than Hillary Clinton fans thought he would just 24 hours ago.


If I had a choice . I would have a President Mitt Romney and a Vice President Joe Biden . The First   
 ( maybe not ) bi-partisan elected Presidential team . Goodbye Obama , and Goodbye Ryan.

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