Thursday, October 25, 2012


High gas prices , High Taxes , and more Taxes . OK Jerry . I think people are seeing through
the gimmick.

I am about to howl , and do my best at ranting on the anti-tax thing. You think as a "public employee" I am going to give them ( Prop 38    )  54 dollars more ?  Gov. Jerry Brown took on the air waves today .  Speaking his ultimatum. Meanwhile The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is up with its second radio advertisement against Gov. Jerry Brown's November ballot initiative to raise taxes, comparing Brown's tax campaign to street robbery.
"Hey, lady, hand over your purse or the schools get it," a voice at the top of the ad says.

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Their even trying to tax low income people with this burden .  We are getting so "screwed" with taxes in the state of California . I can't believe that our Governor would sink so low on the education thing to hold schools hostage just to raise taxes . It's not just people who make  $ 250,000  a year , there going to tax . It's you and me . I fear that both Props 30 and 38 would pass together . As much as the 1/4 cent tax is , it looks meager by standards , but we have raised taxes for education during the last decade . We have a gas tax that in part goes for education as well as taxing smokers , and property taxes . I guess I can ask is where is all the money going ?  Proponents of Prop 38 say that these funds will skip Sacramento and go straight to local school districts, where parents and teachers will decide how to spend the money. It's also the only tax initiative that would deliver new funds to local schools. Yes On Prop 38 advocates claim that the average tax burden for incomes between $25,000 - $50,000 would be just $54.-----Well . ---Prop 30. Championed by Gov. Jerry Brown, Prop 30 would increase taxes on wealthy Californians (those who make over $250,000) for seven years.  Yet something is a bit off here . The CTA ( California Teachers Association ) is call calling for a NO VOTE on Prop 38. It might benefit the Teachers if they voted for Prop 38 rather than Prop 30 . Critics aren’t buying Brown's Proposition 30 . They say Democrats are bluffing and that the “trigger cuts” amount to a scare tactic that lawmakers will never enforce, while Mr. Brown insists he will follow through with the reductions. The governor and the Democrat-controlled legislature, they warn, will face irresistible temptations to use the revenue from Proposition 30 for their pet projects, not for the state’s schools. I guess the 90 billion dollar high speed rail .  That's the ultimate example of Sacramento's waste, lies (how many times has the price gone up?), and being completely out of touch with fiscal reality. So, Californians are ready to send the message to Sacto: "Live like we do; live within your means!"

MOVING on to another Topic Today that Caught my ear was the First and foremost because there’s no element of surprise here. Colin Powell announced his support of Obama . Powell is Obama's Trump card . How can this make a  difference ?  The National Polls show a vary " Dangerously" close numbers , and it shows a great deal of the national divisions in a two party state of America . Powell could have been the next Pres. if it were not for his mistake in the WMD fiasco. Meanwhile Sen. John McCain said on Thursday Gen. Colin Powell has “harmed” his “legacy even further” by endorsing President Barack Obama and defending his foreign policy. “All I can say is: Gen. Powell, you disappoint us,” McCain said Thursday on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends.” “And you have harmed your legacy even further by defending what is clearly been the most feckless foreign policy in my lifetime.” This RACE is close as ever , I would not be so shocked if we have a repeat of the Gore- Bush 2000 tie ? What happens if the electoral vote ends up in a 269-269 tie? From a total of 538 electoral votes, at least 270 are needed to win the White House. The current configuration of battleground states with places such as Iowa and Colorado being hotly contested means that in a number of outcomes, Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama could tie at 269. In one tie scenario using the current battleground states, Romney carries Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada, but Obama wins Wisconsin, Ohio and New Hampshire.  In this kind of scenario, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution says that if no candidate gets a majority of the electors, then the House of Representatives chooses a president from among the top three vote-getters.  This would be done by the newly-elected House, not the current one. There is a narrow scenario in which neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney would get the 270 electoral votes required to win. For that to happen, Romney would need to win Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Nevada. And Obama would take Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New HampshireIf Obama were to win the White House via an electoral vote majority while losing the popular vote, it would be the reverse of 12 years ago. That was when agonized Democrats saw Al Gore garner over 500,000 more individual votes nationally than George W. Bush, even as the Republican won by one electoral vote more than the 270 minimum, after the Supreme Court halted a recount in Florida.But the GOP also points to another possibility outlined by political analysts: Romney and Obama ending up tied, with 269 electoral votes apiece, and the election settled by the House of Representatives — currently under the control of Romney’s fellow Republicans.

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