Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saving BIGBIRD ! China .

Saving BIG BIRD is a high priority now!
Mitt Romney's comments on Wednesday that he would cut government funding to PBS and fire Big Bird sparked outrage and mockery on the web, with President Obama joking on the stump that he didn't know Big Bird and Elmo were driving up the federal deficit. Obama supporters even chanted "P-B-S" at the president's Friday rally in Virginia."These are tough times with real serious issues," Romney said at an event in Van Meter, Iowa. "So you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving Big Bird. I actually think we need to have a president who talks about saving the American people and saving good jobs and saving our future and also saving the family farm."  The folks at Sesame Street are miffed by an Obama campaign ad featuring the 8-foot-2-inch star of the children's TV show. The ad mocks  ## Romney's debate pledge to cut funding for PBS as a way to cut the deficit. Sesame Workshop has asked the Obama campaign to pull the ad, reports USA TODAY's David Jackson. Saving BIG BIRD may be a serious issue with educators . The MAJOR problem is not the yellow bird in it's self . I grew up watching this six foot fella myself . Now when it comes to home,  much as a nation are we borrowing  from China to subsidize cultural programming here in America . That should be funded by our dollars . A year ago the Chinese Press blasted American borrowing “The U.S. government has to come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone,” Xinhua, the state-run news service. Mitt Romney's attack on PBS's funding may have drawn a major line .  Mitt should have been a bit more clear .  Criticism from Chinese officials a year ago  over the U.S. debate on the debt ceiling have been muted, though in July China’s top military officer suggested the U.S. would be better spending less on national defense. State-run Chinese media outlets have been less reticent to blast U.S. policy. China, which now holds at least $1.16 trillion in U.S Treasury securities, is the U.S. government’s largest foreign creditor. Xinhua noted that China’s role as a leading lender to the U.S. gives it full right to critique the missteps of the world’s largest economy.The editors of the New Hampshire Union Leader agreed."The non-profit [Sesame Street] made more from product licensing ($47 million) in 2011 than it got from the government. It listed assets last year of $411 million -- just $24 million shy of the entire 2013 federal appropriation for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
"Obama says we should continue borrowing from China to fund an organization that is rolling in cash and does not need any government subsidies. Romney says that makes no financial sense. No matter how cute Big Bird is, Romney is right," they wrote.


It seems that some Americans are happy with the fact that Americans owe China a lot of money and cannot repay it. However, please note the following facts:
(1) Thousands of American companies are operating in China. Their value is MUCH higher than American debts held by China. If China wants, China can tax those American companies or directly confiscate them to get back the money owed by Americans. Well, if Americans do not care about their credit and reputation, neither do the Chinese.
(2) The fall of the US is what China wants. Having a war with the US? It is too risky and too costly. Now, China only used some billion dollar debts to successfully achieve the goal of letting the U.S. down. What a cheap and safe way to kick the U.S. down from the No.1 of the world.  When the US dollar loses its value, China will be able to use Chinese yuan to pay a higher salary to American scientists and engineers to work for China. China will be able to reap a lot of benefits from the down of the U.S. Now thousands of American professionals in the Wall Street and the Silicon Valley are heading towards China to work for their new boss.
(3) American political system paralyzes the development of American economy. No politician wants to make any concession to save American economy. Let me cite an old Chinese saying: American politicians do not even want to pull a hair to save the world. An easy solution for the U.S. is taxing the wealthy people and reducing the social welfare payment – but nobody wants to do both. So we are happily watching the U.S. sinking. The Chinese dreamed of this day 50 years ago but we never expected that it comes so soon. Many thanks to democrats and republicans, you kill the future of Americans and help China to be the No.1 of the world!
## :The House Appropriations Subcommittee for Labor, Health and Human Services passed a funding bill in July 2012 that would put CPB on a glide path towards self-sufficiency. The CPB has been funded through advance appropriations in previous years. This year, the bill does not provide an advance appropriation for CPB for fiscal year 2015. To encourage CPB to operate exclusively on private funds, the bill rescinds $111.3 million of the fiscal year 2013 advanced appropriation, and $222.5 million of the fiscal year 2014 advanced appropriation.

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