Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sneaked Diplomacy .

Obama's sneaked into Afghanistan to Praise the Troops and Sign deal with a 'weak and corrupt Afghan Government '. Was it all just a publicity stunt?
English Word : Diplomacy (from Latin diploma, meaning an official document, which in turn derives from the Greek δίπλωμα, meaning a folded paper/document) is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. 

Obama probably pulled the greatest stunt ever seen   . Yes , Obama thanked and re-thanked the troops , yes our Armed forces deserve more , but Do you remember when Bush flew on board an aircraft carrier and announced  "Mission Accomplished".  Let's be clear: Flying abruptly to Kabul to announce that the end "is now within our reach" against a backdrop of military vehicles on the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death is nothing like landing on a carrier bearing a "Mission Accomplished" banner to say you've whupped the Iraqis.. As President Obama's top aides were at pains to stress, there were compelling strategic reasons for him to go to Afghanistan that had nothing to do with 2012 politics.Or is it? But facts are facts and they can't be papered over. Like the fact that his withdrawal from Iraq was not his choice. He tried to avoid it.  The US military got booted out. In Afghanistan the war is far from over  despite Obama's unilateral declaration. ISAF has been unable to shift any of its declining forces to the east where they are needed to halt Taliban encroachments because the south is still unspecified,  the Afghan security forces are worthless and the Afghan government is totally corrupt.The 0bama regime is not even subtle about this being a campaign commercial. How much of the US is going to swallow this bilge as 0bama signs away tens of billions of dollars of US aid to an Afghan regime that is going to end up being a future Dictatorship?  The Meeting with Karzi and the signing of an agreement is the sure sign that more US dollars will go to the Karzi government . Obama stated that there will be no US bases , but America has had bases in Kabul and various parts of Afghanistan for 10 years . Reducing the troop numbers won't actual mean that America will leave .The Strategic Partnership Agreement sets the stage for a US military presence in Afghanistan well into the future, with an as-yet unspecified number of US troops remaining in Afghanistan to support the Afghan security forces and carry out counter terrorist operations  .That will still leave about 65,000 US troops in Afghanistan – a number that could remain stable until after the November election..What strikes me about Obama's speech was how many times he called himself "Commander in Chief". Not out of disrespect for The Man , I feel that he was trying still to get credibility with the American public that he is in charge  .Mr Obama should take credit for getting bin Ladin; if he hadn’t ordered the operation it never would have happened. His level of courage is at least as high as the SEALs who went on the mission, for he was ultimately responsible and would have been impeached if it had failed. Not one active duty SEAL has criticized the President’s comments-don’t you think that they would have spoken out if they disagreed with him? 


Obama called it the “good war” and Iraq, the “bad war”… then, he gets into office and takes credit for Bush’s withdrawal agreement from Iraq, and bungles the withdrawal so badly, Maliki doesn’t even take his calls or attend the final handover ceremony. Next, he sits down with his generals and refuses ALL of their advice on Afghanistan, literally writing his battle plan on six sheets of legal paper and ordering his generals to execute it. Of course, it fails. So now, Obama is going to Afghanistan to negotiate our terms of surrender and withdrawal – and will take credit for leaving, but not for the failure that preceded it… and, of course, ignoring all the women in Afghanistan that will now be oppressed again by the Taliban. They will have to wear veils again, give up their jobs, and not be allowed in public. The fact that he and his minions will try and spin this as some sort of success, is as sickening as it is expected.

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