Saturday, May 26, 2012

Media hysteria.Left & Right.

The News Media has begun to change sides . Mitt looking more positive to the public , while Obama is teetering.

The Media has now begun the shell game of endorsement . Recently Newsweek and Time magazine seem to be doing bio's on Mitt Romney mother, Lenore the focus of the Time magazine article titled, "The Mother of the Mitt Campaign." The article features rare pictures of a 23-year-old Romney and his mom as they hit the campaign trail while he was a college senior. The story tells how the young Romney traveled to every county in Michigan in a blue truck with a Lenore logo on it. The Story in Time magazine is obvious propaganda to help  Romneys image  after the bulling story .  If I am not getting it . The news media  Now seems to be shifting towards the right  The portrait of Obama now in the media  is of a struggling President  . The message for Obama is "Get your act together, buddy, before it’s too late!"  Just a few weeks ago, the conventional wisdom was that the President was virtually unbeatable: game over. Now many media savants and political insiders have spotted an alarming wobble in his victory march back to the Oval Office. “Obama Stumbles Out of Gate,” blared a Friday morning headline on Politico, home base for political junkies of all stripes.In attempting to rally the base and raise money, Obama has moved from one issue to another over the past few weeks. Surely, he needs to articulate a clearer vision of where he intends to take the country and how he intends to kick-start a slowing economy. While Obama is not gay , the media ripped him when he decided to support gay marriage The Newsweek cover that slapped a rainbow halo on the man it called “the first gay president”. It's important how the public perceives a candidate regardless of his or her support of a political issue , but Obama is now being criticized by the same media that made him President of the United States . The Media hysteria has begun. There is another indicator, however, and it is far more reliable. The left-leaning media is getting hysterical, launching over-the-top attacks on Romney and moving to protect President Obama as they see the public turning away from their man.


Here are two questions from the ABC News/WaPo poll:

Q: Regardless of who you support, which candidate do you trust to do a better job handling the economy? A: Obama: 46%, Romney: 47%
Q: Regardless of who you support, which candidate do you trust to do a better job creating jobs?
A: Obama: 47%, Romney 44%

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