Monday, May 7, 2012

Presidents on Recessions

Obama wins the nomination from the Democratic Party , while his first term in office has not produced any lasting results to the American economy  .
History has marvelous pointers to what's ahead .Despite facing such vaunted opponents as boot-as-hat wearer Vermin Supreme — an early favorite among the Democratic Party's small but active boot-as-hat-wearing contingent — incumbent President Barack Obama managed to clinch his second presidential nomination last night after securing a majority of his party's delegates with wins in the Washington D.C. and Maryland primaries. Though Obama's road to the nomination this time around was noticeably smoother than it was in 2008, it was not completely free of potholes. Obama's viability was severely tested in Oklahoma, for example, where he lost nearly a third of the vote to crooner Randall Terry and possible California Gold Rush participant Jim Rogers. Nevertheless, Obama is now assuredly moving on to the general election, which is expected to be slightly more competitive. President Obama did inherit an economy from Bush that was chronic  and war situation that may not had been his own making . Yet did Mr. Obama make it worse than it was under Bush ? I am going to say it  this way to the readers Obama tried to fix it , and in the long run fumbled it . From 2007 to 2010 Obama had the prime opportunity to to muster the Democratic troops into action , since the House and nearly the floor of Capital Hill was under Democratic control . President Obama pushed his over belated and confusing Health Care Affordable Act  first , and many months were squandered  debating the Bill and ignoring the Federal Budget which should have been passed three years ago . It's hard to make my case for the man for a second term . I would jumped if he done a Job's bill first to address the nations Unemployment rate . Health Care reform should have been addressed with a national debate first , and a Congressional debate second. I believe this would have made it possible for a bipartisan working conditions that are now impossible since the takeover of Congress by the Republicans .If you were a true Obama believer during the 2008 campaign, the address Tuesday had to have a hollow ring when listened to against the backdrop of three years of actual experience under an Obama administration The $787 billion stimulus didn’t stimulate. There weren’t any shovel-ready jobs. Obamacare, unpopular on the day it was enacted, is even more unpopular today. Rather than thousands of new “green energy” jobs as promised in previous State of the Union addresses, in 2011 we got instead a half billion dollars worth of Solyndra going down the drain. Instead of topping out at eight percent as promised by Obama, unemployment went considerably above that ceiling where it stubbornly remains. And as if these disappointments are themselves not bad enough, they are made worse for having played out against an unprecedented and truly frightening explosion in the national debt. . Perhaps Obama tried to save the Home Owners from foreclosure .An expansion of a previous refinancing program, the Home Affordable Refinance Program, which only applied to homeowners with government-backed mortgages, Obama's new plan would also cover loans issued by private mortgage lenders, the Associated Press reported.Roughly 1 million Americans have already refinanced under HARP, but because about half of all mortgages in the U.S. are owned by private lenders, the number of homeowners eligible to take advantage of the program was limited. Currently more than 11 million homeowners owe more on their mortgage than what their home is worth, according to some estimates.
 For his part, the President’s personal popularity is unparalleled. Fully seven-in-ten voters approve of him personally, including a solid 56% majority who approves of him strongly. Obama’s strong personal approval outpaces Romney’s overall approval (55%); only 29% of voters strongly approve of Romney. Obama’s approval transcends traditional gender, age, racial, educational, and ideological divides—even earning the approval of 43% of Republicans. Romney has far less crossover appeal, still nursing the wounds of a particularly nasty primary battle—including among such swing constituencies as moderates Today, the vote is driven by Obama’s job performance ratings (48% approve, 48% disapprove) much more than his personal approval. Ninety-two percent of those who approve of the President’s job performance vote for him; 92% of those who disapprove of his performance vote for Romney. Among those who are unsure of the job he is doing, 40% vote for Romney, 30% vote for Obama, and 30% are undecided. The way for Democrats to win is to make this election a clear choice.

  It's no surprise that the Historical data shows us that Republicans have run the country during a recession .The public will be flooded by a GOP tsunami of rich-funded propaganda intended to make them forget what the last eight-year failed Conservative Republican regime did to the American working class, our military, and the world. Notice that Bush-Cheney are NEVER mentioned in Campaign 2010 or so far in 2012, which speaks loudly. They want you to forget the Wall St. subprime loan fraud meltdown and the Bush Great Recession we are living with today--the $15 trillion taken from Americans' household wealth--the four million jobs lost during the last half of 2008, the 2.5 million jobs lost before the ARRA stimulus was even passed, the 740,000 jobs lost in 1/09, the Bush DOW at 7,949 left behind, the two, unpaid-for wars, combined at 20 years that have killed and wounded our soldiers and saddled America with lifetimes of war bills, suffering for veterans and their families, and costly VA healthcare projected to cost $5 trillion.The so-called "liberal media" never mentions that one reason there are so few jobs is that, besides the economic collapse of Wall St. with the lost jobs and closed businesses, that under Bush-Cheney, five million manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas. You don't see the newtworks listing or pointing out companies who ship offshore, no mention of the corporate tax dodges like Apple who made record profits and paid just 9% with tax dodges and overseas shelters. Notice that Republicans always complain about high corporate tax rates of 35% yet only an few small business actually pay the top rates not General Electric or Exxon-Mobile who pay no federal income taxes.The media also NEVER mentions that it was the housing market that has brought America out of previous recessions though but are not available now. Under Reagan, which the GOP love to tout, he took a National Debt through Carter of less than $800 billion and tripled it with government-created jobs and defense contracts and massive tax breaks, while cutting welfare and social programs--all of which benefitted the few at the expense of many. GHW Bush added to the National Debt and GW Bush more than doubled it, again, with their massive military spending and war profiteering which the Republicans and Romney want to keep going for the few while cutting programs for the poor and needy, women and children, and elderly. They and their spiritually blind, rich wannabe disciples are morally bankrupt and a huge opposition to Pres. Obama is not policies, which have benefitted the working class, but racism and bigotry. Fortunately, thre is a God that knows all about it.

start end months President Party Number Months into term when started
1899--1900 recession 6/1/1899 12/1/1900 18 McKinley Republican 32
1902--04 recession 9/1/1902 8/1/1904 23 Roosevelt Republican 24
Panic of 1907 5/1/1907 6/1/1908 13 Roosevelt Republican 80
Panic of 1910--1911 1/1/1910 1/1/1912 24 Taft Republican 9
Recession of 1913--1914 1/1/1913 12/1/1914 23 Taft Republican 33
Post-World War I recession 8/1/1918 3/1/1919 7 Wilson Democrat 64
Depression of 1920--21 1/1/1920 7/1/1921 18 Wilson Democrat 80
1923--24 recession 5/1/1923 6/1/1924 14 Harding Republican 26
1926--27 recession 10/1/1926 11/1/1927 11 Cooledge Republican 49
Great Depression 8/1/1929 3/1/1933 55 Hoover Republican 5
Recession of 1937 5/1/1937 6/1/1938 11 Roosevelt Democrat 49
Recession of 1945 2/1/1945 10/1/1945 8 Roosevelt Democrat 142

Recession of 1949 11/1/1948 10/1/1949 11 Truman Democrat 42
Recession of 1953 6/1/1953 5/1/1954 10 Eisenhower Republican 5
Recession of 1958 8/1/1957 4/1/1958 8 Eisenhower Republican 56
Recession of 1960--61 4/1/1960 2/1/1961 10 Eisenhower Republican 87
Recession of 1969--70 12/1/1969 11/1/1970 11 Nixon Republican 11
1973--75 recession 11/1/1973 3/1/1975 16 Nixon/Ford Republican 58
1980 recession 1/1/1980 7/1/1980 6 Carter Democrat 37
Early 1980s recession 7/1/1981 11/1/1982 16 Reagan Republican 7
Early 1990s recession 7/1/1990 3/1/1991 8 Bush Republican 19
Early 2000s recession 3/1/2001 11/1/2001 8 Bush Jr Republican 3
Late-2000s recession 12/1/2007 6/1/2009 18 Bush Jr Republican 83


263 Total Months


61 Total Months

Republicans Led 17 of last 23 US Recessions

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