Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flip- Flop .

Moreover, the President was receiving pressure not only from his gay and lesbian supporters but also from a broader progressive community of Democrats for whom marriage equality has become an important test. The President is going to run for reelection and ask for people’s votes because of his leadership qualities as compared to those of Mitt Romney. That narrative was not sustainable while he maintained a muddled position on civil rights.

Sure Enough Politicians play the game of Flip Floping . Joe Biden opens his mouth in support for Gay Marriage . Obama goes and does the same  flip. Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage is an election-year boost to his liberal base that comes with some risks. Obama, after all, had good reasons to resist this shift up to now. Those had everything to do with his reelection, rather than his personal feelings on a matter that many Americans (and presumably the president) have regarded for some time as a civil right. .The move is likely to hurt him in the South. One in three Southern swing voters are strongly opposed to gay marriage, a recent Pew Research Center poll found.  Just this week, North Carolina, which Obama carried narrowly in 2008, approved one of the toughest bans on same-sex unions in the country. If the switch on same-sex marriage ends up costing him states in the fall, North Carolina will be the first place to look. It leaves  Mitt Romney who fought the legalization of same-sex marriage when he was governor of Massachusetts, said Wednesday that his stand on that “tender and sensitive topic” had not changed.“I have the same view that I’ve had since running for office,” the presumptive Republican nominee for president told reporters at a campaign stop in Oklahoma City .But if the election is close, small things will add up.  Obama was forced into accelerating a step he preferred to avoid after Joe Biden blurted out his support for same-sex marriage on a weekend talk show.  The vice president’s departure from the company line only served to make Obama’s reluctance look more calculated — at further cost to his already badly tarnished reputation as a different kind of politician..

Regarding Same Sex Marriage, it was never endorsed by the Roman's in Ancient times , it was an all too taboo subject to the Ancient Romans  and a public disgrace  . On this subject line I feel that Obama is after every vote he can so he would get a second term . He's got all the Women for sure , the Young adults and the Gays . He lost most of his Senior Citizen support . I don't care for Same Sex unions . If the State Can't Recognize Polygamous Unions   . Why should it bother recognizing a Wedding between two Men? . A further statement the Government needs to stay out of the Bedroom .The historical argument made stating that the purpose of marriage is procreation also needs further examination. The Aristotelian argument isn't the first and original thought on the purpose of marriage. If we want to look earlier to Plato and Socrates, they posited that the purpose of marriage was procreation for the purpose of the state (i.e. raising an army). The element of the "mutual support of spouses" didn't appear until the works of John Locke. So with the fact that these (what we can understand to be) "core values of marriage" did indeed not used to be as such. Locke was also one of the first to support that a woman has as much right to void a marriage, as both members of the contract must be on equal footing.

Overall, the one TRUE "foundational" element of marriage is that its facets have changed over time, so to make the argument that another change destroys the entire thing is completely unfounded because it is not exactly the stoic social institution that it appears to be.
Every single time a vote has been placed in front of the citizens in any State that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman, it is approved. It happened again yesterday in North Caroline. It happened twice in California. Obama has just guaranteed himself a terrible loss in the elections in November. Most African-Americans despise homosexual marriage. This will go down in history books years from now as a terrible error of judgment by a sitting USA president who lost by a landslide.  

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