Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where's the Amber Alert?

Missing Teenage girl proves how helpless law enforcement is for the missing. Clueless .

A young teenage girl goes missing . A search party is scrambled hoping to find Sierra LaMar, she  as lately  reported by authorities may have been abducted. Just where was the Amber Alert? I don't remember hearing one on TV or the radio , but I might be wrong . Something is a bit twisted here . If I were a psychic I would have used cadaver dogs at her parents house first . Follow a trail. The fact also that Sierra's father is a registered sex offender too gives a bit of a bizarre twist to this tale.  Did she get into a car with a Male friend she knew. Not trying to be insensitive to this , but remember Scott Peterson ?Investigators are now saying they believe whoever abducted 15-year-old Sierra LaMar mostly likely knew her or, at the very least, was acquainted with her. What's more, they said her kidnapper was probably familiar with the area near her Morgan Hill home where LaMar was last seen on March 16.Investigators, who have searched all nearby bodies of water, said they do not believe her kidnapper planned this in advance; this seems to have been a crime of opportunity, NBC reportsPolice tell reporters this morning that witnesses claim to have seen a girl who looks similar to LaMar hitchhiking along Holohan Road in Watsonville on Sunday. A witness called 911 yesterday to report what they had seen: A girl, wearing all black, with backpacks, get into a black truck on on East Lake Avenue.The girl reportedly got into a black "lifted" pickup with a work rack. The driver of the truck was a white man in his 20s with shoulder-length blond hair, investigators said.  The truck was last seen about 4 p.m. heading toward Airport Boulevard. Police went out to the scene, but found no clues that might lead them to the girl.

Last week, police found the Morgan Hill teen's Juicy purse on the side of the road just a few miles from her house. Inside, folded neatly, were a pair of her pants, underwear, and a San Jose Sharks shirt that LaMar's mother believes her daughter was wearing the morning she was last seen. Police set up a roadblock the next day, quizzing drivers about what they might have seen the morning of March 16, when LaMar supposed to be walking to her bus stop for school.

If you have any information about Sierra LaMar please call (408) 808-4500 during business hours, (408) 299-2311 after hours, or the anonymous tip line at (408) 808-4431. Text messages can be sent to (408) 421-6760. E-mail tips to


The fact that her purse was found with her clothes "folded neatly" inside is incredibly creepy to me. Unless she was OCD and a neat freak, I don't think she would have done this.
I'm still shocked that this school, and many high schools in the Bay Area, do not notify parents of an unexcused absence right away, once the first period/class is missed. Universities, because of Virginia Tech, now have automatic warnings sent to email, voicemail, and by text message, if there is any sort of the crime that occurs on campus. This was a child, not an adult, that did not show up. Something needs to change, because if her mother had been notified within 2 hours that her daughter had not shown up, and from their records no one called in to excuse her for being sick, I imagine the mother would have called police asap, as she did when she found out her daughter did not come home. Whoever took her had 10+ hours, and enough time to dispose of her purse and cell phone in 2 different places. I know it's high school, but these are teenagers, not adults. I would want to know ASAP if my child missed a class and it was not excused or expected.....There are too many missing children and its 80% parents fault.Kids less than 10 are mostly kidnapped, kids between 14 - 17 run away the most. The parents must teach their children when they were young on two things : 1) Always go in a group min 2 people for safety, never get in a car of strangers, need to let your without let parent know who you are going with especially at night. 2) Teach the kids if they are mad go to a relatives home ( cousin, grandma ) not to a friend because many times they bring bring more problems.

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