Saturday, March 10, 2012

Big Earnings for Schools Chief.

Xavier De La Torre, new Santa Clara County Superintendent... ( Socorro Independent School Distr ) Mkes more Money than the Governor of the State of California , Jerry Brown.

I for one would have nothing to BLOG about this weekend for it happened that the Mercury News printed a news story that  headline read  : "New Santa Clara County schools chief's salary: $299,500" . I am amazed that in the plight of our local public schools that struggle yearly for budget related issues,  the county hires a man with a large salary . Somebody I know said to me , ' Hay this guy makes more money than the Governor of the state  of California!. **'Xavier De La Torre, 48, was confirmed Wednesday afternoon as the county's top educator. He will be paid $299,500 annually, plus receive a $12,000 annual auto allowance and, with at least a satisfactory performance in the first year, $20,000 more toward purchase of pension credits. His salary will rise automatically every July by the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for the Bay Area .The silver lining for budget hawks is that the new superintendent's salary will be less than what incumbent Charles Weis is being paid: $332,600.. Yes this is still way out of bounds with the continuing rational of budgets in the state . If you look at Most school Districts nearly a thousand of them for the last decade or two have been cutting many of their programs in Stu.   State of California  continues it';s struggles to raise money for k-12 education . Local School Districts are about to cut and plan ahead for possibility of huge cuts as they nail bite through the May revise and Jerry Brown November Tax increase.  

One Person agrees with me on this .
"This is absurd, totally absurd," said Angie Cardoza, a former member of the Santa Clara County civil grand jury, which issued a critical report two years ago of school superintendent salaries.
"In today's economic times, when we're cutting back on teachers and cutting back on education programs, it's difficult for me to comprehend," Cardoza said.

Lorraine D'Ambruoso
Executive Director California Language Teachers' Association San Jose made this point as I quote :
"This shows an amazing lack of consideration for the sacrifices that these educators and so many others make on a daily basis." She's right !

 It's  is a vary bad political move for the Public Education system for paying out such large sums to their County Superintendents . In the Coming months with schools facing serious budget issues , this example will turn likely the voters who would support the Governor Tax to save k-12 funding away .

**De La Torre is also being offered a $1 million home loan, half at 2 percent and half at 3 percent interest rates. The board will also advance him $25,000 for moving expenses. Wow , tell me if the average family would be able to get a home lone these days with out the notion of paying off and owning a home with a 30 year fixed mortgage.  De La Torre can at least live in a million dollar mansion .In addition, the board extended Weis a $1 million housing loan, half interest-free, and the other half at 3 percent. Although he purchased a residence in San Jose, Weis maintained his permanent home in Ventura County. 
Here's some data to compare :

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger $17,681.56 $212,179
Lieutenant Governor $13,261.17 $159,134
Superintendent Compensation

What school superintendents around the Bay Area and the state make, including their salary, bonus, auto and technology allowances, and extra annuities.
Name District Compensation
Charles Weis Santa Clara County Office of Education $332,600
Xavier De La Torre Santa Clara County Office of Education¹ $311,500
Carlos Garcia San Francisco Unified School District $293,000
John Deasy Los Angeles Unified School District $275,000²
Sheila Jordan Alameda County Office of Education $238,888
Anne Campbell San Mateo County Office of Education $217,944

¹ Starts July 1; amount doesn't include up to $25,000 in relocation expenses
² Contracted salary was $330,000 but took a voluntary reduction

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