Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Tuesday at Glance.

"Delegates is what it's all about," Romney said Saturday.
Santorum, though, said he's "not worried" about such organizational issues. 
"It's David and Goliath. I get that," he told Fox News. "And you know what? I know who wins in the end." 

Is it over yet? Please, just put an end to it all. Pick someone--perhaps the one that doesn't talk too much. At least then he would be able to hide his ignorance and have some sort of chance, though small it may be.The Republican presidential campaign arrives at a potentially pivotal moment Tuesday, with contests in 10 states that should provide the most definitive clues to date about the possible length of the race and whether anybody has a genuine chance of preventing Mitt Romney from winning the GOP nomination. Yet nobody knows , but a sure winner may shock every one.  I am glad that it's winding down to two , I  also believe that  the past GOP debates  had exposed the party , for what it is .A radically divided  party unlike that of Ronald Reagan era . A party pocked with extremeness . Only Newt and Romney seem sane.The Republican presidential candidates were competing Saturday for the final prize before Super Tuesday, vying from afar for delegates in Washington state's low-key caucuses.The real prize for both Romney and Santorum on Tuesday is Ohio, a key November battleground with 66 delegates at stake. Both men have been campaigning hard in the state and will continue to do so on Saturday as polls show a small but shrinking lead for Santorum .Only for former House speaker Newt Gingrich is Super Tuesday shaping up to be a do-or-die election day. He has acknowledged that he must win his home state of Georgia.

Two new polls, conducted by Quinnipiac University and Rasmussen Reports, show Santorum leading by margins of 4 and 2 percentage points respectively with Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul running far behind.In prior surveys conducted in mid-February, Quinnipiac showed Santorum leading Romney by 7 percentage points and Rasmussen had him ahead by 18.


This hold fiasco was staged by the GOP and Romney has always been their choice, it's just a matter of them getting a fill for their base to find out which issues to target that will garner votes. Newt and Perry-- scouted the opinions of the fringed right wing. Santorum- the extreme religious right (abortion, birth control), Huntsman—the Moderate Conservative, Bachman—the tea party and Ron Paul the free market Republican Libertarian, let’s return to the olden days and his son Rand Paul is living proof of that.

That’s why Romney and Paul mesh well together and Paul hasn’t been attacking him (not really). Paul and Romney think alike. Romney and Bain Capital for instance. Paul and free-markets, less government….Romney is a puppet for his backers (Koch Brothers) he will NOT represent Americans, he will represent his backers. Newt is broker than a she haint, bad credit….aw common, it’s so transparent! He knew he didn’t stand a chance. This was a staged event, the entire “circus” was. But this time…it back fired on them. The GOP needs a sanitizer to unite the base…

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