Monday, March 19, 2012

Clooney's Cause.

Even in the times of silent films, stars appealed to political figures due to the public’s admiration for them. While I applaud anyone who is willing to commit selfless deeds to better society, few make an actual difference. George Clooney, who has committed himself to helping the Sudanese people, could make a real change in U.S. foreign policy
Actor George Clooney has been a political activist for a long time. He was recently arrested outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington for protesting the country's blockage of food and aid from entering the Nuba Mountain area of the country. George Clooney also raised his voice against the maltreatment of Sudanese by their own government.
According to reports, George Clooney's father was also with him during the protest, and he was also arrested. George Clooney's father, Nick Clooney, 78, is a journalist who is an ardent activist himself. I find that courageous that Clooney stood up , and made his stand to speak out. The "problem" is that our own Government flip flops it's policy  regarding whom it want 's to "help" . America Can't be the police , and be every where . As it is now . It has been a bit too late for Sudan , our American dollars have been squandered on Iraq and Afghanistan to "rebuild" those countries , while turning a blind eye on the rest. I would encourage Mr. Clooney to go to Congress make his plea , before our troops are sent to Syria or to gave battle to Iran.


Here is some data on Sudan , I thought it might interest the readers . You might like to know how big Oil is involved through China "China has a $20 billion oil infrastructure in the Sudan. They get 6 percent of their oil imported from the Sudan. And the South Sudan has the oil and North Sudan has the refineries, and North Sudan was taking that money from the oil and not giving it back and buying weapons to hurt the South. So about six weeks ago, the South said, ‘OK, we’re done.’ And they shut off the oil," Clooney said in a CNN interview..

It has also been reported that the Sudanese government has blocked relief efforts to help the starving Sudanese in the region.
"What’s going on right there is exactly what we saw in the beginning of Darfur," Clooney said. "All three men charged with war crimes at The Hague are the same three who are now bombing indiscriminate innocent civilians with Antonov planes with 300-millimeter Chinese rockets.
It has now switched from being a humanitarian cause to an economic burden for China and the United States. Since China has lost its oil imports form Sudan, it will find them somewhere else, which will cause global prices to increase and affect gas prices here in the states.
This allows U.S. officials to gain diplomatic support from China and ultimately put pressure on the Sudanese government.


George Clooney seems to have one of the most charitable hearts in Hollywood, and, alongside his current mission to stop the human rights atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan, he focuses much of his energy on helping those suffering from poverty.
Clooney famously founded Not On Our Watch with his Ocean’s 11 co-stars Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt, and producer Jerry Weintraub. The organization’s main goal is to stop the genocide occurring in Sudan. Clooney has visited the area personally, and spoken with victims of rape and torture. His charity has donated millions of dollars to help those suffering in the region, with much of the funding going through the United Nations World Food Programme.
The Ocean’s 13 leading man offered his company at the movie’s première and private after-party for an auction supporting Realizing the Dream. This non-profit seeks to continue the legacy and work of Dr. and Mrs. King in wiping out poverty and injustice.
Clooney has been known to give generous donations to homeless people, is a supporter of Bono’s poverty-fighting ONE Campaign, and is also on the Board of Trustees for the United Way.
George donated $25,000 to writers during the 2007 strike.
Clooney took part in the America: A Tribute to Heroes charity telethon for victims of 9/11.
Clooney visited the Nuba Mountains with ENOUGH Project to document atrocities of the Sudanese government on its own people, and testified about it before the US Senate Committee, days before getting arrested at the Sudanese embassy in DC in a peaceful protest.

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