Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's Next. Newt, Romney & California.

American politics is going to take a twisted ride soon . With the GOP debates smacking down . There is going to be two who might face Obama . And one of them win or lose the White House. Honestly paying attention to the debates is turning me off . I find that the contenders attack each other in various vicious was . I jumped for joy when Newt in the last debate rose to the occasion to challenge the question of his marital infidelity when it was tossed at him . Newt's ex -wife accuses the former speaker of trying to live in an open marriage . The accusations  are serious enough for a laugh , since Americans who have voted for far worse in the past as far as elected officials with two or three exes . In the Past US Presidents have had mistresses , and prostitutes  as I have read  my history . The hypocritical media digs its claws in drawing on the moral crusade . Meanwhile Gingrich's win recasts a race Romney seemed to be dominating just one week ago, when he had been declared the winner of the first two contests and was leading the polls in South Carolina. The past week has been one of the worst of Romney's campaign: He stumbled in the debates, at one point receiving a smattering of boos for equivocating over how many years of his tax returns he would release, and was stripped of his Iowa win after a recount. Romney, whose net worth is estimated at up to a quarter of a billion dollars, also acknowledged that his effective federal income tax rate is roughly 15 percent, lower than the rate paid by most Americans.


Gov. Jerry Brown gave his state of the state speech . He's urging us on to accept his tax hikes  , and he wants a go ahead with the light rail .Republicans who last year blocked a similar effort by Brown in which he asked the Legislature to put taxes before voters, said they remain deeply critical of his approach, which calls for $5.4 billion in cuts, mostly to schools, if voters reject the taxes. They said California’s economy is already improving, and with tax receipts rebounding, the state can avoid such tax increases..Brown’s proposal aims to raise income taxes on individuals who make $250,000 a year or more and boost the state sales tax by half a cent. The governor also said the state needs massive investments in mega-projects such as renewable energy, education, high-speed rail and water — all of which are exceedingly expensive.The governor's call for immediate action on high-speed rail, and for the Legislature to authorize $2.7 billion in bond funding that would be matched by about $3.5 billion in federal funding to build the first phase in the Central Valley, probably will meet strong opposition from Republicans and may even receive pushback from Democrats who are growing increasingly skeptical of the project.The estimated cost of the bullet train has ballooned to nearly $100 billion. Earlier this month, a peer-review group appointed by the Legislature to give advice on the project criticized it has having inadequate funding and as lacking a definitive business plan. The group advised lawmakers against spending the money.


In my last couple of postings I was accused of  promoting Mitt Romney. Sure enough I knew how rich he is , and have said that ONLY THE RICH seem to afford to run . However Obama is no better , he may not be as wealthy as Romney , but sure Obama is rich enough that he was able to climb the ladder to the seat of a senator .  Regarding my state California . I am not voting for NEW TAXES , and I am sorry . We are taxed and taxed and the state has tried this before with Gov. Davis before the "recall" .If CA is broke, where did we get the money for illegal immigrant Cal Grants?Gov. Jerry Brown took ownership of California's controversial high-speed-rail project on Wednesday in his State of the State speech, forcefully defending the plan that has received blistering bipartisan criticism in...To compare the high speed rail with the Panama Canal and Bart is ridiculous.Think for a minute, If the rail idea was such a great idea and investment why wouldn't someone like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison or Donald Trump build it and make a fortune on it.The reason they don't is because it will not be a profitable venture and it will be another boondoggle that ends up costing the taxpayers billions while providing poor and useless service.Brown is hot on the idea because he has the business acumen of a pea and is simply doing what the union cronies tell him to do.

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