Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Caucus winner is........................

 After the Results came in , Ron Paul is in 3rd place . Paul's speech had nothing negative to spout , but he may have said it right.
Well as the story goes Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has ended her presidential campaign, after finishing at the back of the field in Iowa's caucuses. ... I was getting a bit annoyed with some of the rhetoric from this woman . I though at one time that she was much more intelligent than Sarah Palin , yet her constant attacks on Obama  may have driven some Iowans to dislike her, not that the Iowans are embracing  Obama , but the fact is that Bachmann 's constant fear mongering has turned people off ....OK we know about Obama , yep he's a socialist , or progressive , whatever you want to call him.  My point is lets get the country fixed . Let's get the two parties working and getting the job done for the American People Where does Ron Paul go from here? The Texas libertarian didn’t win the Iowa caucuses, of course – he finished third, just behind winner Mitt Romney and virtual co-winner Rick Santorum.But as the old pundit line goes, there are three tickets out of the Hawkeye State – and Representative Paul got one of them. So he’ll continue to ride his anti-intervention, pro-drug legalization, Fed-bashing campaign as long as his money and volunteers hold out. There are accusations that Ron Paul is a racist ? I think that most of the Republican have been biased toward Obama, biggest setback to hit Ron Paul's candidacy for president: publicity about racially charged statements and other controversial comments in newsletters published in Mr. Paul's name in the 1980s and 1990s.. Either case some of Santorum's remarks are hardly an example . The race card will always haunt these politicians anyhow.

Here is some of Ron Paul's Ideas. In this speech Ron Paul calls for:
  • Obeying the Constitution
  • Ending the Federal Reserve
  • A return to the gold standard
  • Limited government
  • Freedom
  • Getting out of endless wars around the world. Getting out of endless wars around the world . That one I am for , I can't stand it  when the country spends so many  billions on war , and can't no longer take care of it self. I am no wiser now , but Paul seems to glide through this with me , but I am no liberal.

“I wouldn’t dismiss his third-place showing. It was impressive. This is a candidate who has wandered around in single digits for years,” said veteran Iowa politics watcher David Yepsen, referring to the 76-year-old politician’s previous attempts at the GOP nomination.

“He’s on to something here,” Yepsen said, referencing the angst many Americans feel over a devastated economy and more than a decade of war in the Middle East.

Yepsen assessed that what Paul represents “doesn’t win, but it does have an impact on the dialogue of the campaigns.”

Paul’s views include a strong isolationist approach to international affairs, which would see American troops brought home from Afghanistan, the end of foreign aid to countries including Israel and the removal of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, a policy that he sees as interfering with free markets.
“The Republican party will have to undergo a massive transformation to adapt to Paul’s policies, and it’s simply not going to happen,” said University of Virginia political expert Larry Sabato.

Sabato judged that Paul’s 21% in Iowa was a ceiling – as he was likely to fare worse in many other states – in part because his foreign policy positions alienate so many Republican voters. That’s one of the chief reasons Paul hasn’t been seen as a possible winner of the GOP nomination, as well as polling in just the low single digits nationally, though he has been doing better in New Hampshire.

But Republicans acknowledge that their party is in some flux, with Iowa voters splitting almost evenly between the libertarian Paul, the pragmatic former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and the social conservative Rick Santorum, formerly a senator from Pennsylvania.


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