Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Persecuted Minorities shall lead......

Three men here have something in common in American Politics . They are all minorities !  Black , White (Mormon )  and Native American .
Since the election of Barak Obama an Illinois  African- American man with an obscure multicultural  heritage was elected by a majority of whites . The idea of the minorities gaining ground in politics , and positions of leadership may have reached its apex . WE have the first African - American President .  I was worried since Obama was elected that racist elements would march , protest . I feared the KKK , and NEO- NAZIS in full gear . Instead we had vary little from the David Dukes  types . We had a  mouthful of conspiracies from the anti- Obama right . Hardly a whimper . So this posting I write is about the persecuted minorities who will gain the PRESIDENCY .The first African-American anything is guaranteed at least a nod. You don’t even have to be first to get “first” treatment. The last two Supreme Court nominees have been women, joining a court that had already seated two women (one retired). Nevertheless, the femininity of the candidates was cheerily chatted up. When Barack Obama became the first black nominee of a major party and then the elected president, dignified notice of an historical milestone would have been appropriate. But you know what happened — the media went on an inebriated, extravagant first binge. Obama as first African - American has a lot at stake , his popularity is down , and his poll ratings show a great dissatisfaction with what he has done . His challenge is now with all probability to face Mitt Romney . Whom is a member of a religious sect that is not considered by the conservative ultra-right Bible belt as being 'Christian' . The MORMONS are Christian to the letter of the word . Yet I was fathoming a few days ago that with the election of Obama it seems to me that America got a wake up call . In other words , the first Black Man in the white house was a insult to the white purists . Africans who no fault of their own were sold into slavery , and later freed after a bloody civil war . Met years with persecution . Until Martin Luther King paved the way for civil rights . Yes in deed America has been slow on human rights issues . Now lets open our eyes If Mitt Romney is nominated and elected, he will be the first member of a highly persecuted American minority group to be so honored. Yet no one is celebrating the possibility of the first Mormon president.. Right now the DIVIDED GOP is scrambling to cater to the Southern Baptists . Rick Perry ,"Rick" Santorum and NEWT are finally calling themselves ' Christians' and paying lip to the Religious right. I enjoy the hypocrisy when politicians bow low to gain high using the Christian right . The anti- Mormon fling among the GOP could shoot them . For one thing the Mormons were a greatly persecuted ' minority' almost 200 years ago . in the 1830's and 1840's most state governors issued orders to 'exterminate Mormons' . Basically massacring men . women and children on order from the USA government. Oddly enough the Mormons are the most Pro- Americans you can find . What next ? I strongly  hope that Americans will elect Mitt Romney as much as they elected Barak Obama . Both men have things  in common . Get me it's OK if Obama wins if you consider how voter anger put him in the Oval Office . If Romney wins it's fine too . It just means that Americans have risen above their bigotry , and soon in the future we would have a  ****American - Indian for President . & most of all a 'Woman' President as well . America has a long ways to go still . Adieu!

**** WE have to remember that Black's suffered genocide and slavery . Native - Americans (Indians ) also faced extermination orders like the Mormons . The Presidency is now open to others , of whatever race as long as it remains for citizens to run .  Time will tell , we've tried to elect a woman to office three times in US History . Women in office is a hard thing to sell if you look at Sarah Palin 's attempts to buy voter approval .

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