Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Face off .

Don't point the finger at me Ma'am !
President Obama arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Arizona yesterday and was met by one unhappy person: the state's Republican governor, Jan Brewer, the Arizona Republic reports. In what was described as an animated discussion, Brewer and Obama went head-to-head over her book, Scorpions for Breakfast.
They were both talking over each other at various points when Brewer pointed her finger in the president's face. He then walked away in what appeared to be the middle of their conversation. The White House said that during the encounter, Obama said he was looking forward to continuing to help the state's economy grow, but he felt that in her book, she'd given an inaccurate depiction of her previous meeting with him in the Oval Office.Here what funny is Obama is the President and not the King and this chick is a Governor of a states and she not a Federal appointee and her state has a immigration problem the federal government will not take care of. But black so care about Obama and how he is treated but there are 7 million illegals working in the country and in the last 20 year there has been 20 million illegals have come to the country and 20 years before that was another 20 million as Reagan gave amnesty in the 1980's.

Blacks have been most affected by the cheap labor these workers that hide in this society and don't have the cost incurred as American workers to employers. But blacks put up against people who don't have the same rights as a citizen, and cannot go to complain somewhere, and will work all hours under any condition because they are here illegally, yet American workers are called lazy because they will not work under the same condition and without benefit and some protect under the law so fingers, arms and legs remains with the worker and not in some piece of machinery.

So this chick put her finger in Obama face while he got his foot up our azz, it hard for me to get angered when Obama want to cut a deal with the banks for pennies on the dollar, as even the VP Biden son who is the Attorney Gen of Delaware and does not support the deal Obama want to do, because the deal does not prosecute anybody or pay enough to fix the wrongs that occurred with the making of loans, servicing and securitization of loans.

The finger pointing should be in Obama's face about people losing their homes because they were sold bs or either they were effected by the widespread jobs losses caused by the bad lending. However Obama's solution is to give the average home owner that has a bad loan $2,000 dollar, as the amount is in reference to what? A lost $150,000 home, or a mortgage rate that has adjusted to 16% and will remain there until the loan is paid off does not sound like that great of a deal when the difference between a 10% rate and 4% rate of today is $216,000 more over the course of 30 years, while Obama offering $2,000 only 1% of what people are being cheated out of. The Chick got the wrong finger pointed!

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