Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The TAXMAN cometh.............

He's got a lot on his mind . It's Higher Taxes , are You willing to pay them?

Brace yourselves for higher TAXES . I can't believe that Gov. Jerry Brown is using the oldest ploy for voter sympathy : Education to raise your  TAXES - Introducing a measure of optimism into the state's dire fiscal situation, Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday that his 2012-13 budget would increase education funding and that the outlook for schools would remain strong — if voters pass his initiative to raise taxes.. It seems to me that the Educational system is held hostage by overspending by the state , and lack thereof funds . We were all told that education lost billions of the last decade, but it all seems strange that Prop 98 funding levels have been increasing over the years  giving K-12 funding between 56 billion and 62 billion a year while our Community Collages are faced with increasing fees and much less money than the state pays for k-12 funding . For a state like California that is so hard pressed to have a good educational system , it's bankrolling Collage education by having less graduates than any state.California used to be a State of wealth creation, but now is a State of wealth consumption. This results in such illustrious distinctions as having over 30% of ALL welfare cases and 10% of the total population.California now faces a $13-billion budget deficit. But December revenues were strong enough that the state dodged automatic cuts that could have trimmed a week from the K-12 school year.Education is the biggest item in the state budget, and the spending plan the governor will release next month assumes billions in additional revenues from passage of his tax initiative.If the measure fails, Brown said, more drastic cuts would be needed to state programs.
The governor said that along with education, water policy would be at the top of his priority list in the new year. To that end, he said, he was open to moving a $12-billion water bond off the November 2012 ballotThe governor also lamented that he had been unable to get the four GOP votes necessary to present voters this year with his plan to extend higher sales, vehicle and income taxes."I did think asking voters to vote on a tax was profoundly different than raising a tax," Brown said. "It turned out that those two notions are conflated in the Republican mind.".

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