Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Jerry Brown's slow  plan  means BIG TAXES on us all

You are all going to bail out CALIFORNIA with superficial taxation that will never solve the states budget problems . Remember  Indian Gaming how  Gov. Schwarzenegger in his first term  went  after revenues from Tribal groups having casinos , money was squeezed from the native Americans .  Since 2003 taxes in California have crept up , since many voters were pressured into approving "bonds" to pay off deficit after deficit .But faced with the prospect of withering budget cuts and deficits that stretch through at least the middle of the decade, that may be about to change.A near glut of initiatives that would raise taxes are being aimed at the November 2012 ballot. A group of Republican and Democratic business leaders and former state officials calling itself the Think Long Committee for California is drafting an initiative to raise $10 billion by expanding the sales tax to services, while reducing personal and corporate taxes. Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, and legislators are negotiating the details of an income tax surcharge on the state’s top earners and for a sales tax increase that in its latest form would raise $6 billionIn addition, labor unions want voters to approve even bigger sales and income tax increases, and environmental groups last week proposed an initiative to close a business tax loophole that they said would produce $1.2 billion for education and energy projects.
There are so many plans out there that some Democrats are warning about tax initiative gridlock on the ballot.
It is highly unlikely that all these initiatives will qualify for the ballot, and Democrats say they are working to make sure that not all of them do. Not incidentally, California’s formidable network of antitax groups is not about to be caught off guard and is confident about beating back the efforts at the polls.

And yet they’re willing to spend 18 million dollars on tuition so illegals can have in-state status.  Absurd.18 million, the state budget office has just said it will cost 65 miilion and will continue to go up.  But he wants more taxes so he can spend it on the illegals, who don’t pay taxes no matter what anyone says California is facing a projected $13 billion shortfall over the next 18 months. With tax revenue running behind projections, the budget passed last summer calls for automatic spending cuts after the first of the new year to higher education, public schools and some social services.“The combination of income and sales tax hikes would raise about $7 billion and expire in 2016.”In a state that is almost $30 billion in debt, the only thing the Democrats can suggest is raising taxes on the “wealthy” and then raising sales taxes on everyone.  But they never want to address the problem of overspending which has caused their financial mess.Why is it that the only solution for the Democrats seems to always be raise taxes?

 GOP lawmaker tears up Jerry Brown Budget.

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