Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cleaning out Congress

 Congress resembles a hierarchy with the vary wealthy in control while the people on the bottom struggle. Our Nation has 'evolved' into this less than 50 years.
In Greek mythology, one of the labors required of Hercules was to clean out the Augean stables. These stables, which belonged to Augeas, one of the Argonauts, had housed over a thousand cattle for over thirty years without ever being cleaned. The task of cleaning them in one day, which Hercules had promised, was thought to be impossible. But by using his wits, Hercules succeeded at the task by rerouting two rivers to wash out the filth .Where is our modern day Hercules when we need him? We have some "stables" in our nation’s capital that have become filthy over the past thirty years. Perhaps our Hercules could clean out those stables by rerouting the Potomac RiverSeems lately we hear over and over again how it would be a great idea to “clean out the Congress.” It’s so very easy to agree with that but there’s a vicious problem with that crusade. We’re a nation owned and operated by BIG corporations and their bed fellows BIG government politicians that call themselves progressives and or conservatives, Democrats and or Republicans, better defined as the “Duopoly.” This nation is operated on greed, extortion and bribery. The duopoly owns and operates the media, ballot access and the national debate forum.

So, having recognized those facts as the facts they are we minions are availed with only one possible winner in the political scenery and that’s an assured member of the BIG government duopoly. They capture all of the BIG money from the BIG money folks, they own the ballot access formula, the media and the national debate system. Thus, cleaning out Congress of BIG government Democrats only assures that Congress is refilled with BIG government Republicans. So, the only change we’ll ever get is the faces and party labels on the congressional replacements. Whoever they are individually, they’ll waste our money, overload us and our children with debt, kill off our youth in unconstitutional foreign wars and diminish our individual liberties.

So, go ahead and replace Congress. Been there, done that and it gets worse with every change. All you’ll do is continue the musical chairs stupidity..


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