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How I would make America Great .

Sometimes I wish I could make America Great Again .I could agree more we need to make our nation great again . But Great in what ?  We have had 20 years of disastrous decision making in Washington D.C. 20years ago it was 1997 , guess who was President back then ?  We both  had Democrats and Republicans in those decades , both have become since 1997 the dysfunctional  parties. We have a lump political system . We have a system in place now that we are not so sure of the election system was "fine tuned" as much the current administration. We have such a lack of credibility of trust {truthfulness}.Trump borrowed an idea that was dormant in the current Republican party reaching back 30 years into the past . Trump's byline logo as revealed by the Washington Post :

"Trump signed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, in which he asked for exclusive rights to use (1)>>“Make America Great Again” for “political action committee services, namely, promoting public awareness of political issues and fundraising in the field of politics.” He enclosed a $325 registration fee."
Why we are where we are and why....
It was President Ronald Reagan  who wanted to make America great again after the Carter years the economy of the nation was crippling with gas shortages , and a looming Hostage crisis in Iran . It was serious enough that the nation did require a strong leader who had been in the service of the public office . Reagan became that symbol . Ronald Reagan was a great American President he won the respect of the Russians,the Soviet block came crumbling down . We had openness {GLASNOST} , the nuclear arms race was stalled.  But Reagan was not perfect , there were problems like the Iran-Contra deal which Reagan did acknowledge  " the buck stops here ....". What was in the Reagan years was vastly different today .  We had the Bush years , the first Gulf War . We now know that this war was about oil . When American coalition troops freed Kuwait from Saddam we let our leaders deceive us  that we were fighting for freedom for another nation . Yes we freed a backward nation that was less western than Iraq under Saddam . Just to keep the oil flowing . We had the Clinton era , we must remember contrary to how great that era was , we were also lied by the Clinton's . There was NO SURPLUS , there was a growing national debt . When September 11th 2001 came , the two towers crumbled after a terrorist attack the nation was shaken and the bell is still resonating from as we have seen with the election of Obama and Trump . The attack on  the World Trade Center towers was so orchestrated  it was meant to destabilize the national economy as I believe personally,  it was more than the work of Osama bin Ladin . Any case the economy , the market system almost crashed in the wake of 2001 that September I remember the DOW dropping below 6000 , even before the September 11 attack there was some suspicious trading going on as if the {some} of the stake holders were tipped off that something big was coming . While this was going the national debt was climbing , just after troops were deployed to Afghanistan , in 2003 we also had another economic  downturn. This started with the Invasion of Iraq that cost the United States a "Billion dollars a month " . Just think a BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH ! where was the money coming from to fuel the war on Terror ? It was passed on to the American consumer.    By 2008 , Greed surfaced . Banks were supposed to help people  achieve the American dream , were now the creators of the new nightmare that destroy the the afford ability  of Homes in the nation . The financial crisis of 2008 that the private sector’s drive for short-term profit was behind it. More than 84 percent of the sub-prime mortgages in 2006 were issued by private lending. In 1998, the amount of subprime loans reached $150 billion, up from $20 billion just five years earlier. Wall Street had become a major player, issuing $83 billion in securities backed by subprime mortgages in 1998, up from $11 billion in 1994, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. By 2006, more than $1 trillion in subprime loans had been made, with $814 billion in securities issued.
Home mortgages started to skyrocket. Homes cost for example  in 2001 a typical family home even in California was below 200,000 $ . Next we were hit with increasing gas prices { approaching 4 dollars a gallon } . Groceries were going up . Next Federal and State taxes up up up ! The next blow was that wages , the national minimum wage was not keeping up with inflation .  Healthcare prices were out of control . EVERYTHING was going up in costs , all of it was tied directly or indirectly with the September 11th terrorist attack.  For the Americans it was economic terrorism by the system that was newly created by the American emerging (2)>>Oligarchy

What I Like to do for America . 

I want to see a NEW AMERICA . A prosperous America at peace , at home and abroad . If any nation on earth needed regime change and nation building its our own . The way we are now can't last . I believe in the next decade its going to crash . The year 2020 could be the changer . Unless we fix it , we are going to see America resembling something out of a science fiction movie , if Soylent Green comes to mind , it is . How we would make this nation great is to get rid of the oligarchy , the rich { like Trump} for example , the current two party incumbents who have dominated congress for decades are either controlled by the likes of Soros or Koch { the billionaire boys club} has to go . We need "real people" in congress , not the alt rich dominating our system . We have a monopoly government right now that is alien to anyone who is American. They have been in control since September 11th , 2001 . 
00. Make America a real Democracy . Have multi-parties . For almost 100 years our system has been dominated by "two parties" . While we may argue that China and its communist system is a one "party" nation . Ours is divided into two parties that since 2008 Washington D.C. has been dysfunctional. We , who ever voted had hard choices , the idea of the "worst of the two evils" did translate to it .Donald Trump had won. Indeed, an awareness seemed to be setting in that his was a legitimate, new approach — an awakening — to governance in the new millennium; unbeholden to the past, unbeholden to anyone. The glass had been shattered. The nation can't afford electing a showman as much as having a woman .  The primary, immediate reason we need a third party is for races down the ballot, as a mechanism for Republican candidates to survive the fierce downdraft of the Trump candidacy at the top. For the longer term, it’s also necessary to provide a base from which to either wrest back control of the Republican Party after the Trumpenburg goes up in flames, or to build a new constitutionalist party from its ashes. Independents—people who don’t identify with one of the two major parties—are the biggest and fastest-growing group of US voters.Support has never been higher for a third party: According to a Gallup poll, 60 percent of Americans say that America needs a major third political party because the "Democratic and Republican parties do such a poor job of representing the American people." That is the highest level ever recorded since Gallup began asking the question a decade ago.
1. Getting rid of the oligarchy will be the fist step . (2.1)>> The WALL STREET machinery of the super rich has not created wealth for  everyone as it was intended to do so has on many occasion brought the nation on its knees . It’s really hard to tell the difference when one looks at the markets today to see any real difference from that of the floor of any casino. Wall - Street is a form of Federal gambling that robs Americans of wealth they deserve .
2. (2.2)>>Realign the Banking system . Banks used to be a part of creating the American Dream . The term "savings and loan" . As an American institution , banks should not be ripping off Americans , and in particular driving up prices of home ownership . Banks and Predatory lenders were a subject of a few years ago . President Obama's bank bail out saved the banks but did nothing to address affordable housing . Prices for homes across the nation continue to skyrocket . The driving market also has looped apartments , housing that were once affordable to unbelievable rent increases based on "market values" . In essence people will continue to struggle to pay the rent & mortgage .   Changing how the banking system works will enable every American to own a home.
2.2. Raise the Minimum wage . Wages have to keep up with the cost of inflation . The federal minimum wage was introduced in 1938 during the Great Depression under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was initially set at $0.25 per hour and has been increased by Congress 22 times, most recently in 2009 when it went from $6.55 to $7.25 an hour. 29 states plus the District of Columbia (DC) have a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage. 2,561,000 workers (or 3.3% of the hourly paid working population) earn the federal minimum wage or below. Proponents of a higher minimum wage state that the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is too low for anyone to live on; that a higher minimum wage will help create jobs and grow the economy; that the declining value of the minimum wage is one of the primary causes of wage inequality between low- and middle-income workers; and that a majority of Americans, including a slim majority of self-described conservatives, support increasing the minimum wage. 
3. Another shackle Americans have is the burdensome (3)>>Tax system {IRS}. Tax-deadline season isn’t many people’s favorite time of the year, but most Americans are OK with the amount of tax they pay. It’s what other people pay, or don’t pay, that bothers them. Just over half (54%) of Americans surveyed in fall by Pew Research Center said they payabout the right amount in taxes considering what they get from the federal government, versus 40% who said they pay more than their fair share.
4.   (3.1)>>Reform the immigration system . The next thing is the worst thing ever made up. The so called lie that America was  " a nation founded on immigrants " . We have been taught that for so long in our nations 200 years of history,the TRUTH is shockingly twisted but true . Our nation was founded on a gun barrel . The first colonists from either England or Spain came to conquer , displace native populations . They brought  slaves both of African and Irish origins . The FALSE IMAGE of the PURITAN PILGRIM was how they got us to believe that our nation "embraces" refugees and so on  . IN the MARXIST sense of the word , people were being exploited in this last 40 years as the main cause of  problems with our immigration system . We have have Mexican illegals crossing the boarders for hundreds of years { after all parts of America were Mexican territory in the first place } but many of the "good" illegals came to become part of this illusion,  the American dream only to find themselves  working wages so low that no white American would do them . That is the first shame of out immigration system . This system created economic poverty . While we have people more affluent lining up to become legal citizens like Asians, Indians { east Asians    for examples who have cash in their hands to be sworn in as new citizens . BECAUSE they can afford to become Americans , the others either have to carry "GREEN CARDS" to work only to be double taxed into the system .  We have recently seen the Travel Ban as ridiculous as it is it not a first step on immigration reform . WHY this FIRST ?  The president’s travel ban disproportionately targeted Muslims, although he and White House officials have said it was not a “Muslim ban.” During the campaign, Trump proposed to bar all Muslims from entering the country, and as president, he said he would be willing to make exceptions for Syrian Christians while continuing to bar Syrian Muslims. Now the excutive orders rolling setting off mass deportations of a certain specific persons sounds like down right racism . President Trump said in a laughing out load kinda way that he "wants to get rid of bad dudes......." .  I am against deporting and separating  families as I wrote before . The root of the problem is best explained from this quote  :

" The first challenge to immigrating to the U.S. legally is that there are only a few categories to obtain a worker visa to legally work in the U.S., including for fashion models of "distinguished merit and ability". There are a limited number of temporary visas for agricultural workers from certain countries. There are work visas for highly specialized positions, however no visas exist for many of the traditional industries where undocumented immigrants work, such as the construction and restaurant industries. When a mother or father wants to migrate to America to give their family a better life, a legal process, a line doesn't exist for the types of jobs they seek. As George Bush in a 1980 Republican presidential debate said, "We've made illegal some kind of labor that I would like to be legal." { see } 
5 .  (4)>>Real HEALTHCARE REFORM.   Right now the Republican party is in a fix . Trying to replace Obama-care . The reality should shift from a market based system to Universal Healthcare for all citizens . Rather for profit business which our healthcare system is based .   According to the Micheal Mooore film Sicko, almost fifty million Americans are uninsured while the remainder, who are covered, are often victims of insurance company fraud and red tape. Furthermore, Sicko points out that the U.S. health care system is ranked 37 out of 191 by the World Health Organization with certain health measures, such as infant mortality and life expectancy, equal to countries with much less economic wealth Interviews are conducted with people who thought they had adequate coverage but were denied care. Former employees of insurance companies describe cost-cutting initiatives that give bonuses to insurance company physicians and others to find reasons for the company to avoid meeting the cost of medically necessary treatments for policy holders, and thus increase company profitability. 
6.  A Sound Foreign Policy .Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton vowed Friday that he would
work to "ensure that America after long years of drift and defeat returns to a conservative foreign policy" that is based on American exceptionalism in "an often hostile world." Our nations  foregoing  foreign policy has been a 50 year catastrophe , it's laced with "cold war" hawks . John Bolton helped create the worst foreign policy we have seen in recent decades .   In more recent years, the United States supported rebels fighting the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. We supported Kosovo’s violent secession from Serbia. We supported South Sudan’s violent secession from Sudan. The former’s tribal atrocities today are edging towards genocide. We have created havoc throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia with our wars in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and against al Qaeda and ISIS globally. We assisted in the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, which precipitated Russia’s annexation of Crimea and a de facto partitioned Ukraine. The middle-east since 2001 has been flowing with blood and American dollars . American support for Israeli expansion of settlements seems almost contrary of any humanitarian support for the Palestinians . Its a shameful record . We have to undo the idea that America can police the world , our nation has no business to tell other nations how they should govern . Sadly our own military budget is tied with aggression against other nations rather than to defend our own liberties . Let turn that around , look for more constructive dialog rather than creating the mess of the world .
7.  Ending the WAR on DRUGS and the War on Terror.  Despite over a trillion dollars spent, the
arrest and imprisonment of millions of Americans,  and cities that have been turned into virtual war zones,is particularly evident with respect to the “war on drugs” is a failure . Its also linked to the war on terror . Trillions of dollars wasted over invasive plants . I am not talking about hard drugs that do need to be prohibitive . Why is it that Tobacco whose drug nicotine seems to more accepted as "safe" for human consumption { despite warning labels } and Marijuana  seems to be more dangerous ? Both are derived from plants . Nicotine is poisonous  , and addictive . While there are  so many contradictions by our drug policy . Its time to change it . The WAR ON TERROR is basically the same war with a different name . When September 11th came , the United States took offensive fight to invade Afghanistan . We were all taught that it was to fight the Taliban , get Osama bin Ladin who was a fugitive there ?  Do we really believe the official story ? Do you all think that it was something a bit more ? How about it was a large scale invasion by our government to wipe out Opium. The Taliban had their cash crop that fueled Al- Qaeda with money . Obviously Bin Ladin was not even in Afghanistan ! , he was living in Pakistan before some Navy Seals supposedly killed him { do you believe that too ? } I don't . Any way its the same war with a different name. Its so costly , if we STOP both war (s) - spending , we could pay Collage tuition for every American child for a definite time . So think. 
8. (5)>>Affordable Housing  & Education . America has an affordable housing crisis.and homelessness and lack of opportunity. It seems we would much rather talk about how to make more millionaires than how to make fewer poor children. I want that every American have affordable  and decent housing . There is no excuse for homelessness in this pretty rich nation  . Poverty could easily be snuffed out if we put American money back into the nation , not spend it fighting stupid wars . With the federal deficit growing at 20 trillion , we have to take care of America's needs . To be a more perfect nation , we have to give back the American Dream that is eroding thanks to the oligarchy The term ‘affordable housing’ is used in many different ways by policymakers, politicians, and the property industry,while still meeting other basic needs like food, transport, electricity, health care, education and so on. Housing costs of up to 30% of income are usually said to be ‘affordable’ for very low, low or moderate income households. Currently, that means income levels of around $24,000 for a very low income individual to $120,900 for a moderate income couple with two children. This is vary much related to education , or the "lack there of ..." with out a home children are at center stage with problems at school . STRANGELY ENOUGH , In 2001, globally the US ranked 15th in Reading, 14th in Science, and 19th in Math. The steady decline of our current pubic school education system is evidence by global education rankings that now show the US students are 24th in Reading, 25th in Science, and 40th in Math achievement. also of note how the military has it's claws on our children . The reauthorization of ESEA by President George W. Bush was known as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. ESEA was reauthorized on December 10, 2015 as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by President Barack Obama. The ESEA also allows military recruiters access to 11th and 12th grade students' names, addresses, and telephone listings when requested. Yes you read that right  ! I think we need to get this out of our education system .

Ever since September 11th , 2001. Like I said I want a prosperous America . Trump trademarked:
“Make America Great Again” back in November 2012. Six days after Obama was elected to a second term. For some people, “great” might mean a time when jobs were plentiful or paid better. For others, “great” might mean a time when taxes were lower, or when the U.S. was more respected in foreign relations. And yes, for others, “great” might mean to “take back” the country from whatever is making it less than great; again, however, everyone is going to have a different diagnosis for what is ailing the country, just as lots of people voted for “change” in 2008 without being in agreement as to what changes they wanted to see, the American dream in a sense that everyone can make it in America. Should blossom again ! {HOPE}.


(1)>>“Make America Great Again” . Trump began using the slogan formally in November 7, 2012, the day after Barack Obama won his reelection against Mitt Romney. He first considered "We Will Make America Great", but did not feel like it had the right "ring" to it. "Make America Great" was his next inflection, but upon further reflection, felt that it was a slight to America because it implied that America was never great. After selecting "Make America Great Again", Trump immediately had an attorney register it. (Trump later said that he was unaware of Reagan's use in 1980 until 2015, but noted that "he didn't trademark it".) On November 12 he signed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office requesting exclusive rights to use the slogan for political purposes. It was registered as a service mark on July 14, 2015, after Trump formally began his 2016 presidential campaign and demonstrated that he was using the slogan for the purpose stated on the application.   (2)>>Oligarchy. One definition of an oligarch, according to the Northwestern University political scientist Jeffrey A. Winters, the author of “Oligarchy,” is an individual with enough money to employ the protection of what he calls the “wealth defense industry.”  (3)>>Tax system. Not surprisingly for a country born out of a series of tax revolts, the American system of public finance has always been weak and fragmented. The Constitution granted Congress the power to “lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare.” But for its first century, the federal government subsisted on a meager diet of import tariffs, revenue from the sale of public lands, and excise taxes on things like liquor, sugar, and legal documents. More direct taxation was episodic, cobbled together to raise revenues for wars with France (1798) and Britain (1812) and dismantled just as quickly when the emergency had passed.The key issues here (for tax politics and for the relationship between taxes and inequality) are the distribution of the tax burden and the capacity of the tax system to raise revenue. The distributional question, as we look across our own recent history and across the experiences of our international peers, revolves around both the rates at which taxes are paid and the kinds of taxes (sales, income, corporate) that we rely on. The capacity question, in turn, involves not just how much revenue we raise but what we do with it. Who pays and who benefits? (2.1)>> The WALL STREET machinery . I hoped in 2008 that it would crash . It's the only way America can find redemption from it's own greed . HOWEVER , Pres . Obama bailed out  WallStreet in his infrastructural rebuild saved the billionaire club . I remember when Obama was talking about " SPREADING THE WEALTH"  which get got criticized by the alt-right as being a Marxist . No right wing media said that he was spreading the wealth among the rich by saving Wall-Street , no not Joe the Plumber , the little guy struggling . In 2008, Obama raked in millions upon millions in campaign cash from Wall Street, and Nancy Pelosi’s husband made his bones as an investment banker. AMAZINGLY   ENOUGH we now have Wall Street Billionires running the country under TRUMP. (2.2)>> Realign the Banking system. The next crooked system is our Banking institutions it was also founded by old guard Rockefeller's who planted the new FEDERAL RESERVE into the already existing Oligarchy . The banks take your own Money every time you deposit money into what we assume to be "your account" . WHY DO YOU THINK that the FILTHY RICH  {examples} LIKE MITT ROMNEY & some American Congress men and women of both parties ,  and DONALD TRUMP have so called banking accounts in foreign countries . Anyone ever heard of SWISS BANKING ?  . You see they KNOW that our banking system is a crooked not even our rich enough Congress members won't put money in American Banks . BUT the Little guys and gals will do it to keep the monopoly existing . (3.1)>>Reform the immigration system .   We need immigrants , but we don't need to give out handouts . I am going pick a bone on this , but it's no excuse that a Syrian refugee get free housing , stamps etc . I have seen hard working Americans who can't even get SSI , but yet the government has been giving away billions to one group of people , while crapping on another group of people . No government  here has helped poor Blacks or Latinos . We also have Native Americans starving on reservations .  (4)>>Real HEALTHCARE REFORM.   Right now the Republican party is in a fix. The Republican party is never going to replace Obama-care since it caters to the for profit system . Much of Obama-care is made of  lobbyists who signed in to make money . Politico has gotten its hands on a leaked copy of a Republican health care plan. It's a discussion draft of a bill that's a couple of weeks old, but it still provides a good idea of what Republicans are thinking these days. Here's a summary of Sarah Kliff's summaryObamacare spends roughly $100 billion per year on subsidies to make health coverage affordable for the poor, and even at that premiums are too high for many people and deductibles are too high for almost everyone. Handwaving aside, there's no way to produce a plan that's even remotely useful with any less funding than Obamacare. That's just reality.If the funding is sufficient, we can all have a good time arguing over continuous coverage penalties, age ratios, essential benefits, and all that. If the funding is insufficient, it's all just whistling in the wind.Republicans are so late on this if you do the math . The Affordable Care Act sacrificed affordability in order to get more people insured. Prohibiting companies from denying people insurance because of pre-existing conditions, for example, opened up access to everyone, but it also made insurance more expensive for people who were healthy. Similarly, requiring insurers to offer a comprehensive set of benefits meant that low-cost plans offering only catastrophic coverage were no longer allowed for most people, which meant higher premiums for everyone. President Trump has promised to insure more people at a lower price, but it’s not clear how he could make that happen.Now, Republicans who have promised for years to repeal and replace the ACA are tasked with balancing winners and losers, coverage and cost. In the END is not Universal Healthcare .(5)>>Affordable Housing  & Education .Here is the state of things. Since 2000, income has either declined or stagnated for all but the very highest income households. The households with the lowest incomes experienced the greatest change, a change that was all downward. This happened at the same time as housing costs have risen precipitously. These facts are not in debate. As a result, the number of households that are "Housing-Cost Burdened" (paying more than 30% of their income for housing) has ballooned, plunging more lower-income households into homeless, and causing middle-income households to slip down to lower-income status. For the lowest wage earners, their housing cost over 80% of their income in 2014. & Education.  According to Teacher Leadership: The Pathway to Common Core Success“As studies show, formal partnerships between unions, administrators, and teachers help improve student learning, which is the ultimate goal of the Common Core,” the report states. “Giving teachers a voice in the implementation process allows them to see value in continuing with the Common Core for student success.”  I think Common Core is going into the dustbin since the New Sectary of Education Betsy DeVoss came . There is so much double talk on education reform . I THINK ALL TEACHERS work HARD and deserve recognition for their service . School choice has been tested, and the results are bad.  Vouchers have no accountability component. They are a free give-away to private hands without any accountability factor. What public schools need is a revamp in how they are managing student discipline. The decay of student discipline is a major factor in school failure.  Public schools also need fewer administrators and more money towards materials, be it standard school materials, art materials, computers, software, and things of that ilk.

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