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Trump's Mystery Woman : Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne Conway is one mystery woman  . She rides her beast Mr. Trump defending every flub he ever tweeted , spouted . Most of all she too is the Queen of the flubs . Up untill this last year we almost heard nothing about her . (1>>The Washington Post presented the issue of Trump's rather "bizzare" relationship with her . She is also quite embarrassing to Trump . 

Kellyanne Conway's very public meltdown, recently (1.2)>>caught promoting Ivanka's conflict of interests line ,sheapologized to President Trump for promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line during a TV interview, CNN reported Friday.Trump reportedly reaffirmed his support for the senior aide, backing up Conway’s claim that the president was behind her “100 percent.” A source also told CNN that Trump “hated” the word “counseled” to describe how the White House handled Conway after her comments.

Donald Trump, on very first day of his administration, is promoting fake facts.Twitter went nuts over Kellyanne’s “alternative facts.” People could not believe that the Trump advisor seriously thought what she said made sense. “Can a term be more oxymoronic than ‘alternative facts’?” one user wrote. A Twitter user joked, “I speak 4 languages, play classical piano and starred as Annie on Broadway.”  When KellyAnne revealed this back in  Jan. 22, the internet went into a frenzy. The "alernative facts" & Trump's newspeak " Fake News" items made waves with KellyAnne Conway . If he doesn’t {Trump} like actually reality, he and his advisers KellyAnne Conway and Sean Spicer
just make up their own ‘alternative facts.’  It's interesting to note that she is President Trump's spokeswoman , she rather began her long  career as a  political activist . In the 1990s, Conway, with other young conservative women Laura Ingraham, Barbara Olsen and Ann Coulter, helped turn punditry into "stylish stardom" in both Washington and cable television.In another review of the era in the capital, Conway as Fitzpatrick put it that her "broad mind and small waist have not switched places" Conway, Ingraham and Coulter, sometimes termed among others "pundettes", also all appeared on Bill Maher’s Politically IncorrectConway has appeared as a commentator on polling and the political scene, having appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NY1, and the Fox News Channel, in addition to various radio programs. She received the Washington Post's "Crystal Ball" award for accurately predicting the outcome of the 2004 election. Ms. Conway has toiled for a variety of repulsive Republican political figures, including, Congresswomen Marsha Blackburn, who, during her Tea Party-led government shut down joked that “keeping the government closed will probably help the public realize that they didn’t need it in the first place,” Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who has intimated that President Obama is an ISIS supporter, Republican Congressman Steve King, who in September released a tweet showing himself posing alongside European fascist leaders with the phrase, “Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end,” and one Newt Gingrich; a man who, among his many other ugly quotes said: “There is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us.”

Bowling Green Massacre , a real , unreal "false flag".
 Kellyanne Conway as   Daily Kos properly described her :
" To hear her describe Trump's falsehoods, contradictions, idiocies and racist lies as honest, truth-telling brilliance is such an outrageously obnoxious insult to the intelligence of anyone listening. But what adds injury to that insult is how effective her obfuscating tactics are. She is usually able to -- if not completely bamboozle her interviewer -- escape relatively unscathed." The notion of a (2)>> “Bowling Green massacre,” of course, has been in the news recently. Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, referred to it in justifying the president’s travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Conway had Bowling Green, Kebntucky, in mind, but she eventually conceded there had been no massacre there. She meant, she said, to refer to the 2011 case of two Iraqi refugees who had moved to Kentucky and been convicted of trying to aid attacks on American military personnel in Iraq. One was sentenced to 40 years, the other to life in prison. Kellyanne Conway thinks she took too much flak for citing a nonexistent “Bowling Green massacre” to justify President Trump's travel ban. She said she simply meant to say “Bowling Green terrorists,” and she later said, “I misspoke one word.” Except now she doesn't appear to have misspoken at all; she seems to have believed that the Bowling Green massacre was a real thing. Is there any "truth" to what she said ? The notion of a “Bowling Green massacre,” of course,  Conway had Bowling Green, Kebntucky, in mind, but she eventually conceded there had been no massacre there. She meant, she said, to refer to the 2011 case of two Iraqi refugees who had moved to Kentucky and been convicted of trying to aid attacks on American military personnel in Iraq. One was sentenced to 40 years, the other to life in prison.Perhaps it could be excused as a slip of the tongue. But in context, it's just more evidence of a White House messaging operation that doesn't have its shoes on the right feet. Time and again in the last two weeks, Trump's top messengers have gotten their facts wrong, mixed their messages and struggled to defend their boss.............

With President Trump in his fourth full week in office, the upheaval inside the administration that West Wing officials had optimistically dismissed as growing pains is now embedding itself as standard operating procedure.Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday struggled to answer basic questions about why White House officials may have known for several weeks that national security adviser Mike Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail yet failed to act. Flynn resigned late Monday after revelations that he had discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador a month before Donald Trump became president. { I don't believe it . I think Trump knew } (3)>> So what up with FLYNN? Among the most intriguing was a New York Times report the morning after Flynn’s resignation, explaining that the former three-star Army general and head of the Defense Intelligence Agency was “grilled” by FBI agents “about a phone call he had had with Russia’s ambassador.”   It was unclear why Flynn misrepresented the conversation, which was reportedly recorded and transcribed by U.S. intelligence agencies—a routine practice for calls involving foreign diplomats, and one that Flynn should have known. It is also unclear whether Trump or other members of his administration were aware of the contents of the call. Conway why, mere hours before Flynn's resignation, she had claimed on MSNBC that the national security adviser still had the full trust of the president, even though he should have known about the issue for a month. “You’re saying that [misleading Vice President Pence] was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but the White House knew about that last month when the Justice Department warned the White House that General Flynn had not been completely honest in characterizing that conversation with the Russian ambassador.  
With Flynn out there seems to be a serious credibility issue with the Trump administration . AS recently as his Press Conference this week  which is in my view a disaster .In theory, the press conference was called to reveal the name of the all-important labor secretary nominee. In a hastily-called Thursday press conference carried live on national TV, President Donald Trump was completely off the map. He declared that a nuclear holocaust started by Russia and the U.S. would be “like no other.” Harkening back to campaign mode, he railed against the “dishonest” media, asserted he would never comment on foreign policy specifics to the media, and declared that the country of Russia was “fake news.”The Washington Post fact-checks what it describes as 15 "dubious claims" from the conference, including Trump's claim that he had the "biggest electoral college win since Reagan." Trump had a total of 304 electoral college votes, which ranks sixth in the eight elections since Reagan's 525-vote 1984 landslide. Only George W. Bush won with fewer than Trump. "I was given that information," Trump said when a reporter challenged him on the statement. In a style Trump has rarely employed since the campaign trail, the president took questions on a slew of different issues from a wide range of reporters and answered with candid clarity in a conversational tone. The press conference lasted more than an hour and 15 minutes, sending Twitter aflutter with virtually every new line. Mr. Trump grew increasingly angry..............some Trump aides provided the New York Times with a portrait of the president as a moody adolescent.


 (1)>>The Washington  Post.  This article reveals the strange relatonship between
I wonder which part of Mrs. Conway's
body is President Trump
pointing to ....?
Conway and Trump {} . Conway is like Trump in that her values, opinions and rhetoric can turn on a dime dependent on the situation. Early stages of the primaries she echoed all the same concerns over Trumps lack of experience, position flops, etc. But when he waved the scratch under her nose. Being familiar with Conway's tactics, my guess is that she would have used the "best defense is a good offense" ploy. 'You want to talk about lies, let's talk about Hillary's lies.' (she's actually said things just like that) 

(1.2)>>caught promoting Ivanka's . Conway came under fire on Thursday morning for saying in an interview on “Fox and Friends” that Americans should “go buy Ivanka’s stuff.” She was responding to the president's attack on Nordstrom after the company announced that it would no longer sell the first daughter’s products in their stores."Go buy Ivanka's stuff, is what I would tell you," Conway said. "I'm going to give it a free commercial here. Go buy it today.”Those remarks led two of top lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee to send a letter to the Office of Government Ethics requesting that the office review her conduct and hand down a disciplinary action."Conway's statements clearly violate the ethical principles for federal employees and are unacceptable," Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) wrote in the letter. "The White House's reported decision to counsel Conway supports this decision." (2)>> “Bowling Green massacre ". As the nonexistent terrorist attack manufactured by Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway makes headlines, we look at an actual threat by an extremist in Bowling Green, Ohio. In 2012, an FBI raid uncovered a full arsenal of assault rifles, firearms, body armor and ammunition amassed by the suspect, who prosecutors later determined was planning to carry out mass killings. But the suspect is not a radical Muslim. He is white supremacist Richard Schmidt, who federal authorities say was planning targeted attacks on African Americans and Jews. Investigators found a list of names and addresses of people to be assassinated, including the leaders of NAACP chapters in Michigan and Ohio. Schmidt was sentenced to less than six years in prison after a federal judge said prosecutors had failed to adequately establish that he was a political terrorist. He is scheduled for release in February 2018. Schmidt’s case isn’t the only one involving terror threats by a white supremacist that received little coverage by mainstream media. (3)>> So what up with FLYNN? National security adviser Michael Flynn allegedly discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the United States before President Trump took office. Flynn at first denied he had any conversations about the subject but has since backpedaled, now claiming he has no recollection. I wonder how far back in Trump's campaigning days  does this go  ? What is missing is a reference to Trump. In all the discussion the news seems to miss the fact that just after Trump gained power several Russian computer espionage agents were charged with treason and giving aid to a foreign power ( doubt it was a coincidence. First, in a Dec. 29 phone call, Flynn secretly hinted to Russia’s ambassador that sanctions imposed by President Obama—to punish Russia for intervening in the presidential election—might be relaxed once Donald Trump took office. Later, Flynn told Vice President Mike Pence and others in the administration that in that phone call, he hadn’t discussed sanctions with the ambassador. Then, on Jan. 26, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates presented evidence of Flynn’s deception—based on U.S. intelligence transcripts of Flynn’s calls—to Trump’s White House counsel, Don McGahn. Finally, on Thursday, a day after firmly denying he had discussed sanctions with the ambassador, Flynn conceded that he “couldn’t be certain.”

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