Saturday, September 24, 2016


This debate is going to hit the ratings .  It's also the best in exposing our politicians as to what they really are .  Ah sure we Know that Hillary Clinton has good baggage for Trump to rip out The best scenario for the Democratic party will be a Clinton vs. Trump election because at that point, when he starts hammering at Hillary, Think about it: Trump has gotten way more than his fair share of the press, while the more moderate republicans were ignored. . On the OTHER hand Hillary has good ammo to plaster Trump . The first debate for America is a history maker .In spite of the hype, these debates will have very little impact on the outcome of this election.Almost all of America will be watching this first debate to see these two contenders in action. (**)>>All Donald Trump has to do is look and act presidential. Hillary has to prove that she is physically able to perform the duties of the presidency.   It took a while move the forces at work to make this coincidence happen . The First woman candidate ever to win the nomination , the first billionaire ever to buy a public office with out ever being in a government position . I would say if you like the odds , it' s the squeaky wheel . But on Monday night, the two will stand face to face on a debate stage for the first time.The stakes are high for both candidates. Many recent polls have shown a narrow race, yes narrow enough { perhaps to repeat the Bush -Gore fiasco} , but it is going to drive the United States congress crazy. The debate is like a fighting ring , there are always punches , mud slinging proper  Either CASE , Trump is likely to attack outgoing President Obama by making (1.1)>>Hillary his punching bag . Trump floated a new idea for his upcoming debates against Clinton, proposing a debate without a moderator to avoid a “very unfair” showdown . questioning Clinton over her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state while seemingly giving Trump a pass, allowing his false assertion that he never supported the Iraq War to go unchecked. This could be the Achilles  heal as far as where Trump is going for .  For Mrs. Clinton she has some advantages of attack . One is put Trump in the catagory of the super rich , out of touch  (1.2)>>oligarch. We  already know that .In mock debates and closed-door sessions that last hours, Mrs. Clinton and her top advisers are prepping ways to use Mr. Trump’s own words against him. Campaign officials say Mrs. Clinton also must make a positive case for her candidacy while reminding voters of her rival’s most controversial comments. Trump also release his plan to beef up the military { as usual because military budget matter most } Earlier on Wednesday he called for a massive expansion of the military, including many thousands more troops for the Army for a total of 540,000 and increasing the number of Marine Corps battalions from 23 to 36. To do so, Mr. Trump said he would ask Congress to eliminate so-called sequestration caps on military spending that have forced the reduction of troops — budget limits that Mr. Trump had supported until recently. . I think a 90 minute debate is way to long for any of them both  to get through with out saying something absurd. If Hillary is as experienced and knowledgeable as her supporters state, why does she need to go into hiding for a week to prep for the debate?  Shouldn't all her leadership skills and foreign policy experience just come gushing out at a moment's notice? NOW HOW EVER the World is going to watch this debate . Russia's
Putin is going to tune in . Putin has a lot of "steaks" in this { yea , the word is like sirloin} to see what way Hillary could be cut down . I am guessing , that Russia is pro Trump . Now the People's Republic of China might be weighing in on this , how ? I think the Chinese view Hillary is easy pickings in international politics , as Secretary of the State she did miserably , aiding the { the turmoil in the middle-east } . The Communists could benefit from a President Hillary , she would not go the way of Trump on trade deals that sent American jobs overseas . She is likely to continue the status quo .Television networks and online streaming sites, including Facebook and Twitter, will carry the same feed on Monday, showing a spare debate stage at Hofstra University, on Long Island, a format that predates the blaring graphics and space-age sets that now dominate television news..  (1.3)>>I am pretty sure that something stupid is going to happen ...........what happens if she slips into a coughing fit?  What happens if there's any other medical event during the debate? Don't let that distract you ! So what to expect otherwise ? While Clinton read prepared remarks from a TelePrompTer, there was no telling what her opponent might do or say, what demographic he would demonize or which voting bloc he could alienate. It might be impossible and irresponsible to look away. Remember too Hillary will unleash countless temper tantrums  And in that unpredictability, there was power.While the Clinton camp fumed, the billionaire salesman delivered a vintage performance, equal parts erratic, insane  and yet  mesmerizing to an already confused American population.

(**)>>All Donald Trump. He might make sexist comments about women, knowing that they make up a slight majority of the electorate, by referring, perhaps, to a popular female journalist who asked him a tough question as a "bimbo" or by tweeting an unflattering photo of his opponent's wife to mock her appearance. These actions would make something like 70% of women hate him.(1.1)>>Hillary. Mrs. Clinton has been on the national scene for nearly 30 years and carries all of the baggage of those tumultuous decades: endless scandals, ethical tightrope-walking, legal dodge ball, compulsive lying, slimy blame-shifting, bunker paranoia, the systematic selling of her offices for personal enrichment and the deliberate jeopardizing of the nation’s most sensitive secrets for her family’s gain. (1.2)>>oligarch. a person who belongs to a small group of people who govern or control a country, business, etc. I consider the United States of America slowly evolving into a oligarchy . (1.3)>>I am pretty sure that something stupid is going to happen ........... what can go wrong ? I am concerned about Hillary's health . I can just see her stumbling on the platform . I admit that going on a champaign on a 24hr non stop can have unwanted effects on the body . I am assuming that both candidates are on the brink !

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